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Scientology Sea Org Member Taryn Teutsch Engaging in Fake News to Attack Leah Remini’s Show & Her Father Mike Rinder

Why is Scientology Sea org member Taryn Teutsch standing next to Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey at the recent YWCA GLA awards event? Lacey’s office is investigating multiple sexual assault allegations against Scientologist Danny Masterson. Taryn posted the photo on her twitter page alongside her attacks on her father Mike Rinder and Leah Remini’s show Scientology and the Aftermath.

Taryn Teutsch is a Scientology Sea Org member and the daughter of Mike Rinder. Taryn’s recent tweets suggest that she appears to be the front woman in an OSA operation designed to get her father fired from Leah Remini’s show Scientology and the Aftermath. This would not be the first time Scientology’s psycho-terrorist Office of Special Affairs tried to get Mike Rinder fired from a job. Read the story of what OSA did to Robert Almblad for giving Mike a job selling a new clean ice technology. Taryn never mentions this in her fake news.

Taryn Teutsch’s strategy is very transparent: She has recently appeared at women’s events. At one of the events she falsely portrayed her father as a man who assaulted her mother. Taryn’s mother is Sea Org member Cathy Bernardini. On her blog and tweets, Taryn asks Disney CEO Bob Iger to fire her father Mike from Leah’s show due to assaulting her mother. But that’s only part of the story. Taryn’s larger goal is to follow her boss’ David Miscavige’s orders and help get Leah Remini’s show taken off the air. Taryn’s real goal — as is that of Scientology — is censorship. Scientology’s demands its free speech while viciously attacking those who use their free speech to expose Scientology’s many evils including the use of child labor.

Taryn’s role is that of an aggrieved daughter. However, what Taryn is lying about, what she is withholding as she spins her Scientology treachery, is the actual story of an ill-conceived and poorly-executed OSA operation in 2010 that she herself participated in. Taryn hopes that people of goodwill — in many cases women who are themselves victims of rape — will take her wholly deceitful account at face value and not search online for the actual details or the police report. Taryn seems to be cynically playing on the sympathies of sexual assault and harassment victims in yet another sleazy Scientology Fair Game operation.

Here’s what really happened: Mike Rinder escaped from Scientology in 2007 with nothing but the clothes on his back and began a new life. He was publicly speaking out against the human rights abuses of the Church of Scientology and exposing Scientology brutal and sadistic leader David Miscavige. Scientology began a vicious campaign of Fair Game against Mike that has not let up for twelve years now.

In 2010, Mike Rinder took his then fiancee, and now his wife, Christie Collbran to the doctor for a nutritional consultation. Christie did these consultations on a routine basis. While Christie was inside the doctor’s office, Mike stayed in the parking lot to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. He was standing next his SUV making phone calls. Suddenly, Mike found himself in a parking lot surrounded by a veritable lynch mob of angry Scientologists and their private investigators. The lynch mob included his ex-wife Cathy and his daughter Taryn. Mike picks up the story at his blog:

Cathy (my ex-wife); Taryn, my daughter; 4 senior church executives (Jenny Linson, Guillaume Lesevre, David Bloomberg and Sue Wilhere) — all from Los Angeles; along with my brother, Andrew who lives in Australia were despatched by David Miscavige to “confront me” in the parking lot of a doctor’s office in Clearwater, Florida.

I did not approach them or seek them out in any way.

Two PI’s followed me to the doctor’s office, along with these 7 people. They rolled in in 3 cars. To a parking lot not visible from the main road, in fact a considerable distance down a private road and at the back of a suite of doctor offices.  With the 2 PI’s observing from a distance, all 7 of them descended on me as I was talking on the phone waiting for my now wife who was at the doctor. I was aimlessly walking around in the parking lot while engaged in a phone conversation.

You will note that I asked that the police be called. Not my ex-wife claiming an assault.  The Pinellas Count Sheriffs interviewed the people who did not run away (the 2 PI’s, Jenny Linson, Guillaume Lesevre and Dave Bloomberg literally jumped in cars and fled the scene as soon as 911 was called and before the Sheriffs arrived) at the time of the so-called assault and they concluded these people had followed me and that the grazes on Cathy’s arm were “incidental contact” as I was trying to walk away from her and the others who had flown thousands of miles to seek me out. In fact, they issued a Trespass Warning on my ex-wife and the others as a result of this incident. But of course none of this information appears in the church “Dead Agent” material.

It’s all there in the Sheriff’s report Mike posted at his blog:

The Sheriff said there was “incidental contact” only as Mike was trying to get away from an angry group of people. The case was summarily closed. What we actually have is an eight year old event that Taryn Teutsch is spinning into a web of lies in a classic Scientology Fair Game campaign against her father Mike Rinder and Leah Remini’s show. This disgraceful conduct is to be expected from Scientology — but it gets worse.

In her latest Fair Game foray, Taryn ran in front of the cameras and tried to hijack Denim Day 2018 here in Los Angeles and turn the event into a propaganda attack on her father. Taryn is seen below standing behind the “Justice4Mom” banner holding her #FireMikeRinder sign.

The photo Taryn posted at her hyperventilating blog makes it appear that the entire Denim Day event was all about her. This leads us to ask what Denim Day is actually about; here is the official statement from Denim Day’s website:

For the past 19 years, Peace Over Violence has run its Denim Day campaign on a Wednesday in April in honor of Sexual Violence Awareness Month. The campaign was originally triggered by a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the justices felt that since the victim was wearing tight jeans she must have helped her rapist remove her jeans, thereby implying consent. The following day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim. Peace Over Violence developed the Denim Day campaign in response to this case and the activism surrounding it. Since then, wearing jeans on Denim Day has become a symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes about sexual assault. In this rape prevention education campaign we ask community members, elected officials, businesses and students to make a social statement with their fashion by wearing jeans on this day as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual assault. — DenimDay.Org

Denim Day is a 19 year old movement whose goal is the prevention of sexual assaults against women. The Church of Scientology has absolutely nothing to do with Denim Day. However, in this year’s Denim Day event in Los Angeles, Scientology Sea Org member Taryn Teutsch injected herself and Scientology into Denim Day. Taryn disgracefully ignored the victims of sexual assault to whom Denim Day is designed to draw attention and support. Taryn turned Denim Day into another dishonest Scientology attack against those who speak out. Disgusting conduct.

This is not the first time Taryn has attacked her father. She has previously written letters to ABC 20/20 and Deadline Hollywood complaining about her father. Taryn also had made several hate videos about her father that are awash in the same lies she is still peddling. There was no domestic abuse Taryn; there was only “incidental contact” when you and your mother and fellow Scientologists ambushed your father in a parking lot. Tell the truth Taryn! And for the record: Leah Remini’s show offered to interview Cathy Bernardini, Taryn, and her brother Benjamin on camera. All three declined through their lawyer.

Memo to Taryn Teutsch: The real abuser in Scientology is David Miscavige. The real victim is his wife Shelly Miscavige who has not been seen in public for twelve years. Taryn, if you cared for the well-being of women you would ask David Miscavige why he locked away his wife. You would ask if Shelly was okay. Have you done this?

In this next photo we see Taryn hogging the camera again with her giant sign as she attempts to hijack Denim Day on behalf of Scientology:

In the tweet that appears at the opening of this article we see Taryn Teutsch tagging #ywca_gla. This is the YWCA chapter of Los Angeles. Stealing a page from fellow Scientologist Joy Villa’s playbook, Taryn is now, apparently, networking at women’s events. In the space of two weeks  Taryn appeared at Denim Day and then the YWCA event. Taryn appears to be positioning herself as a woman’s rights activist. This is bizarre when we consider the fact that Scientology is a Master Race group that calls humans “homo saps” and “wogs.” Scientology has no regard for human rights whatsoever and uses four unconscionable contracts in which Scientologists sign away their legal and civil rights

In my opinion, there may well be a ploy at work: Scientology is using Taryn Teutsch to infiltrate women’s groups in an covert effort to attack Mike Rinder and Leah Remini’s show. One of Scientology’s main tactics is to infiltrate groups of all kinds. The other tactic Scientology uses is called “safe-pointing.” In this tactic, Scientology spreads love and money around to influence various organizations. Scientology’s favorite is the LAPD, a police department that seems to be in bed with Scientology:

Taryn may be multitasking and engaging in both Fair Game and safe-pointing as it suits David Miscavige’s needs on any given day.

In Taryn’s next tweet from the recent YWCA Phenomenal Women event in Los Angeles she is seen hugging Denim Day/Peace Over Violence Director Patti Giggans; does Mr. Giggans realize Taryn is a Scientology Sea Org member on a mission that seeks to ultimately destroy her own father and Leah Remini’s television show by use of a demonstrably false narrative?

I wrote to Denim Day and asked for a response to this matter of Taryn using her blog and photos to co-opt the real meaning and purpose of Denim Day; Denim Day has not responded as of this writing.

Taryn Teutsch can try to spin an eight year old event to fit her fake Cult narrative, but the Sheriff’s report says otherwise — and Leah’s show is entering its third season.

The 2010 Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office report is offered here for the reader’s examination; please hover your mouse over the document to invoke the page up/page down controls at the bottom of the document:

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  1. Thanks Jeffery. These groups are becoming more and more aware of the tactics used by this church. Thanks for informing them.
    (As an aside, I find it interesting that david miscavige believes that Leah’s show is bringing the church down. He will never be able to see that it’s he who is bringing the church down. What a loon.)

  2. So sad that it has come to this. I am praying that the day will come for realization of how these incidents are damaging and that being re-united with family will be a joyous occasion. Peace to you and your entire family my friend. God Bless

  3. This behaviour is atrocious. It is very possible that is a distraction to OSA’s moves to control the judiciary, and law enforcement and the legislatures.
    As a additional side note and based on Scientology’s history of efforts over the decades to manipulate the police and judges, I wonder if there isn’t a third prong being used in a coordinated OSA program to unduly influence people like Pam Bondi Florida’s Attorney General and in this case LA DA Jackie Lacey.
    Specifically a target on any of those programs would be to insert false information via those associates close to the above mentioned persons.
    There is, I believe, more than sufficient historical evidence that such programs are underway currently and in alignment with Hubbard policies to bring the governments under scientology (control).

  4. If Scientology would spend as much time doing good as they do doing evil it would be amazing. Go Leah & Mike for all the good you are doing.

  5. What kind of monster uses the internet for horrific slime and smear on his own Father and Brother. The hate and revenge proves all the posts that Miscavige is no better than a Mafia PR hit man.

  6. Scientology really messed up my life. I still have their commands running through my head 12 years after getting out. Every time I tried to get out, I was made to be wrong and had to do a handling. Seeing how I was when I was in for 28 years, I was brainwashed for sure. I am going after them one day and sue them. My youth was robbed and am still and currently surrounded by life situations that are really messed up that are directly related to being in for years. I am not scared anymore to speak my mind.

  7. It’s comical really. Like now we’re all gonna listen to her and hate on Mike…yeah, ok. Fire him!. What? Is she nuts? Lol. Such a bunch of weirdos. Poor Mike. He has to admit this is his kid, but sadly he’s part of the reason she’s the way she is.

  8. I think Leah and Mike are putting out more good than than the hate that Mikes daughter is putting out. They are doing great things. Keep it going Leah and Mike!!

  9. If scientology were really a loving croup, they would counsel Mike’s daughter. I’m praying that more peoples eyes would be open to the cult of scientology. Go Leah and Mike. You’re doing God’s work.

  10. It truly is sad. Scientology just turns people into sociopaths who have zero empathy or remorse for the horrors they KNOW they are causing in so many people’s lives and ripping families apart.
    The fact that they don’t care is appalling.
    So glad I am completely out since 2003 (except for every piece of mail I still get daily from them).
    Glad Mike and Leah are causing them to go to such drastic measures but sad they have to endure the continuous Fair Game tactics.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Having LAPD in there pockets is no surprise at all! They’re probably the most corrupt department in the U.S. and Mike’s daughter needs to realize that when all these attempts she’s making to destroy her father fails, she will be put through the same things as her father was at the hands of truly the devils son (David Misgavige). And I would love to see that piece of shit put his hands on me and get his ASS whooped by a woman. Rot in hell where you belong David.

  12. I’m sorry for Mike. It’s got to be painful despite the circumstances. Hang in there. Us wogs know she is acting psycho. We all love you and Leah.

  13. Again she can try but that’s all Its going to be is trying because she’s not going to suced though because Leah Remini’s is a much stronger person then Taryn. Scientology turn people into monsters they turn people against there families. They end relationships they don’t turn people into loving people they turn them inside out.

  14. Stay strong Leah, and Mike and all those who are fighting to regain there lives! We are behind you! GOD is on the throne!

  15. Obviously none of them ever really watched Leah and Mike’s excellent show. The fact that they don’t cooperate speaks for itself, they have no defense. What they are doing is sooooo transparant, it is hard to believe how anyone can still fall for their suppressive practices. WAKE UP Scientology people , EDUCATE YOURSELVES, THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Tom Cruise, i cannot watch any of his movies, I boycot them, how can you still take him seriously???.
    He and other celebrity scientologists are becoming the laughing stock of the world.
    Glad to see that in the Netherlands they have become a vitually non existant movement (we don’t like things that cost a lot of money 😄). I remember the poor sob who was recruiting in the center of Amsterdam for years. He was somewhat of a local jester, everybody who shopped there knew him and was laughing at him a bit, or felt sorry for him… He tried to lure me several times, it was really a bit pathetic. Now they moved out of the city center and you never hear anything about them. Never heard of one concrete good thing they are supposedly doing for the world. It is just stelling books and workshops, nothing else. Of course religious organizations don’t have the power here as they do in America. Luckily..

  16. As I read this…and remember reading about her attempt to alter what actually happened with Mike and the intimidation crew that came to bully him earlier… I wondered if this young lady actually knows what the actual truth is anymore. Not only about THIS story but life in general.

    This is a perfect example of how scientology brain washes people!

    How old is she? When did she ever experience the actual world?

    She is a scared rat in a cult that wouldn’t lift a finger to help her if she needed it (and her FATHER most likely would).



  17. Leah and Mike. Keep exposing this cult. You both are amazing and very brave! Thank you!

  18. Thank you for all the indept information. We watch Leah and Mike’s show and applad and addmire their desire to enlighten, inform, and bravely go where others have hid! Keep up the wonderful work. You are helping peope by exposing this joke of a church. I want to know when our president is going to step in and ask to have church status for tax purposes removed from this organization. Now, Trump, now. This organizaiton is another form of terrorism.

  19. David miscavige should be put in jail he’s a crook and abuses people!!👎

  20. Isn’t Jackie lacey the da who is deciding weather or not to charge scientologist Danny Masterson for several counts of rape and assault? Wouldnt her hanging with scientologist taryn be conflict of intetest?

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