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My Reply to Scientologist Tad Reeves of STAND

Scientologist and STAND member Tad Reeves released a YouTube video today in which he claimed that Leah Remini’s show was making it so dangerous for Scientologists that he feared for the safety of his family. As Tad has blocked all comments — his video is a “one way flow” where he talks and all of us are supposed to listen — I am replying here at the Scientology Money Project.

First let me say this: Oh please! Give me a break Tad. You’re such a drama queen. Seriously. You’re running what LRH called the “Dangerous Environment Racket” where none exists. I’m not buying your act and I’ll tell you why.

The fact is that if anyone has anything to fear it is from Scientologists. Two innocent people have been murdered in cold blood by Scientologists in the last five years. Dozens of people that I personally know have been Fair Gamed, spied on, stalked, harassed, and intimidated in the past ten years. When we add in Anonymous and many others who have spoken out, the number of people Scientology has practiced Fair Game upon is well above one thousand in the past ten years. So please stop your insufferable victim game. It is truly nauseating.

2011: Scientologist and New OT VIII Rex Fowler shot and killed his business partner Thomas Ciancio at point blank range. Three shots to the head with no mercy. This was premeditated murder Tad. And a Scientology OTVIII pulled the trigger.

After murdering his business partner, OTVIII Rex Fowler turned his 9mm Glock on himself  and pulled the trigger. The bullet traversed Fowler’s sinuses and exited is forehead. Rex’s suicide attempt failed and he was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in Colorado. Thomas Ciancio had a wife and children Tad.

2012: Scientologist and actor Johnny Lewis murdered his 81 year old landlady Catherine Davis here in Los Feliz where my wife Karen and I live. The 27 year old Lewis bludgeoned his elderly landlady to death and then mutilated her cat for good measure Tad. Scientologist Lewis then jumped, or fell, from the steep hillside garage of his landlady’s home in the dark. Lewis died on impact.

In 2009 Nancy Cartwright’s fiancee OTVIII Steve Brackett killed himself by jumping off the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur. Scientologists were told he died in an automobile accident. OTVIII Ed Bryan was arrested in Florida in 2011 for trespassing.

Scientologist Devon Newman, the PR for Celebrity Centre Las Vegas, was arrested in a bizarre 2013 murder plot to kill a Las Vegas cop:

I could keep going Tad, but you can read more of Scientology’s menacing behavior from article I wrote: The Church of Scientology: A rollicking legacy of belligerence, profanity, paranoia, and violence.

One time when the late Jim Lynch of Freedom Magazine showed up at my home he was escorted by an armed PI. Why did Scientology’s Freedom reporter need an armed bodyguard? I had no weapons and Jim Lynch certainly had nothing to fear from me. I asked Scientology’s PI why he felt he needed a gun to come to my house. Was he planning on shooting me? I also told Jim Lynch and the PI that if David Miscavige had anything to say to me he could come to my house and say it to my face. Otherwise, I would thank David Miscavige to shut up.

And then of course OSA had two PI’s follow COB’s father Ron Miscavige Sr. for two years at a cost of $10,000 per week. When arrested, these PI’s had weapons, a silencer for an assault rifle, ammo, scanners, and fake license plates. This is what COB RTC David Miscavige spends Scientology parishioner dollars on. Is this acceptable to you Tad? Is it moral or ethical for Scientology to send out armed men to spy on and stalk former members of your Church? Here is the assault rifle and the silencer your Church’s PI’s were carrying Tad:

The pen is mightier than the sword Tad. A&E, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder,  and their guests are engaging in protected and nonviolent free speech to expose the depravity and evil of the Church of Scientology. If this acts as a wrong item for you Tad then you need to read the US Constitution. No one stopped you from making and releasing your insipid YouTube video.

And by the way, Tad, STAND has phony Stock Photo Scientologists. These “Scientologists” are stock photos. What do you have to say about this social media fraud Tad?

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  1. How cowardly is it to post a video full of delusional or fabricated lies yet not allow people to reply on the same forum? They just bury themselves deeper and deeper in the public’s eyes.

  2. I have seen first hand the hate that Leah Remini’s show has generated against scientologists. I have posts up about the shaming of Cathy Tweed on my blog. After leahs show I have received all that hate for scientologists at me – an ex scientologist who simply tried to defend a mother who lost her daughter to suicide.

    Your response here to Tad lumps him and his family in with Rex Fowler just because they are both scientologists. You have as much compassion and empathy for Tad as you have for Rex and DM.

    You are at war against scientologists, and thus, your response to Tad and his fear for his family is sociopathic.

    Tad and his family are not the enemy, Jeff. There are consequences for the negative onslaught against scientologists that critics have finally been able to achieve with leahs show. Season 2 has taken a very different course than season 1. Can you be responsible for its consequences?


  3. Alonzo, I have watched Leahs program and it seems to be people talking about their own experiences. Thats different from hatespeech.

    Scientology’s fake websites seem more like hatespeech to me, their bullying, their harrassing, and their third grade level legal threats to news organizations.

    This policy used to work when the media was more manageble, but now, thanks to the internet, it is no longer that way.

    Everyone should be able to practice and believe anything they like, its when they abuse others that a line has been crossed.

  4. Alanzo, that Tad Reeves did not allow comments to his video draws one’s attention to the fact that he, like his Church, is committed to censorship as a central principle of his own existence. Censorship in a free society is evidence of Scientology’s cultic intent to silence opposing points of view. Fair Game is Scientology’s decades-long use of psychoterrorism to silence those who speak out against and expose the depraved, violent, and predatory System of Scientology. At present, the Scientology Cult has hundreds of malicious, hateful, and slanderous webpages and videos up on its websites. These webpages and videos attack people who have spoken out against the Church and are the products of the hatred at the core of the paramilitary and militant cult of Scientology. That Tad Reeves is a part of the System of Scientology signifies his approval of Fair Game, Disconnection, and everything else that Scientology is and embodies.

    Nobody is stopping Tad from doing anything. He can make one million outraged videos. However, I am offering an opposing point of view to his. That is how free speech works, and, Scientology and Scientologists do not like it. They can dish it out but they can’s take it. Scientology is very brittle this way. LRH admitted as much when he wrote, “Scientology cannot thrive in an atmosphere of suppression.” Translated, this means that Scientology cannot exist in a Western culture of free speech. Hence, Fair Game attacks upon those who speak out. And these attacks are funded by tax exempt dollars. For this reason, I am asking people to sign my petition for the IRS to open an investigation into Scientology’s tax exemption.

    That Tad Reeves is a part of STAND, and that STAND has fake members who are nothing more than stock photos, should draw one’s attention to the fact that Tad is implicated in, knowingly or unknowingly, a social media fraud that Scientology has attempted to perpetrate upon its own membership and the general public. If Tad is ethical, then his ethics would of necessity demand that he withdraw from STAND or demand that it be purged of fake members. Will Tad take this step or will he persist in the fraud that is STAND? That is a question of conscience that only Tad Reeves can answer.

    Scientology cannot handle the intensity of Free Speech, of its own vicious conduct being relentlessly exposed and uncovered. For this reason, Scientology lashes out in a frenzied hysteria and calls this exposure of its depravity hatred and bigotry. Scientology’s propaganda in this regard is not credible.

    As for Cathy Tweed: The three billion dollar Church of Scientology has a $100 million dollar studio here in Hollywood and a stable of movie and television stars in its ranks. Why are these assets not being used? Where is Scientology? Why isn’t it on broadcast or cable television telling Cathy Tweed’s side of the story or that of the Church itself? Cathy Tweed has of course spoken in Scientology-produced videos on Scientology websites. This drastically limits Cathy’s audience as so few care to visit an insular Cult website that hosts hate-filled pages and videos while simultaneously engaging in censorship by not allowing any commentary or discussion. One might as well visit North Korea’s official website.

    And where is David Miscavige? Why isn’t he standing up and speaking on behalf of Cathy Tweed? Why isn’t Miscavige willing to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in defense of his Church? Fact: David Miscavige has never held even one press conference.

    Why does David Miscavige need Tad Reeves or Tad’s stock photo colleagues at STAND to do his bidding? It is incumbent upon a leader to lead and Miscavige’s strategic failure to get out in front and lead Scientologists at this critical juncture in Scientology’s history marks him as a complete failure. Instead, what we see are STAND’s acrimonious and incoherent tweets along with those of Kirstie Alley and some recent remark by Bodhi Elfman. That’s Scientology in 2017.

    Scientology’s phony piety is nauseating. Scientology, the Master Race of Homo Novis whose self-declared mission is to clear the planet, is pretending to be a group of victims and is playing the victim card. Scientology is also engaged in other canards such as likening Scientologists to Jews in the Holocaust. This is highly offensive to real Holocaust survivors, their families, and all people in decent society.

  5. Scientology is engaged in a phony soap opera in which it is a victim. Scientology is doing this even as it is cranking out a nonstop torrent of vitriol and hate against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, A&E, A&E’s sponsors, and Leah’s guests.

    Scientology is talking out of both sides of its mouth. Scientology wants to be both a victim and an oppressor. This cultic schizophrenia is so easy to see, and, it shows Scientology’s utter inability to understand or interact with Western Culture.

  6. In reply to Alanzo: Man, I don’t even respect you or your opinion to debate you. You are delusional and rude. Always a bad combination. Stf, Alonzo. This is painful to watch.

  7. In 1998, my public Scientologist husband (as recommended by the Orange County Org in CA) sent my daughter to the Mace Kingsley Ranch in New Mexico to “cure” her eating disorder. It did not work… She became even more ill. She was there with many kids who were there for ethics handling. Their parents were in the Sea Org. They HATED Scientology and were constantly trying to escape (sometimes – successfully). When my daughter listens to the Surviving Scientology podcasts, reads the books, watches the documentaries, she says the Mace Kingsley Ranch was JUST LIKE the way they describe the RPF. Shannon became a staunch anti-Scientologist after that experience. In fact, she came home with “A Piece of Blue Sky”, a book given to her by another kid at the Ranch who had Sea Org parents.
    – We gladly signed that petition and donated money to the cause. Thank you for your efforts.

  8. The guy that was stalking DM’s father lives in my tiny town. Everyone made assumptions as to where he got all the money he has and I finally found out it was from PI work. Most residents thought it was drug or lottery money, but nope! It was from watch Daddy for Scientology. These people are insane.

  9. Could it have been more obvious that Tad was reading from a script, just watch his eyes move
    back and forth reading the teleprompter or pages. Not even his own words! Tad, try to think for yourself, it makes for a much better life.

  10. Allen,

    ” I have received all that hate for scientologists at me – an ex scientologist who simply tried to defend a mother who lost her daughter to suicide.”

    “You are at war against scientologists, and thus, your response to Tad and his fear for his family is sociopathic.”

    The condition you are in is due to your lack of ability to stand up against the injustices that a Cult posing as a religion exercises on it’s ‘parishoners’ daily. You need to see your chiropractor and determine whether or not it may be possible to recover your backbone ….. and posing as an ex $cientologist is rather pathetic Allen. Tell your OSA buddies that folks like me will NEVER rest until You and your cult stop your sociopathic behavior.

    Stop lying, grow a pair and do something about your reprehensible behavior.

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