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The Tale of Two Dueling Petitions

The numbers on the Change.Org petitions as of August 28, 2017 as of 12:15 AM PST tell the story:

6054 vs. 5304 signatures

Our petition is only 751 signatures away from passing Scientology’s petition:

But wait a minute! Scientology claims millions of members! And the Scientology’s “Stop Leah” petition began one week before our petition and had a 5,000+ signature head start. Our team began only one week ago and we are now closing fast on Scientology. Imagine it: Our team will soon  beat a $3 billion dollar Cult that has movie stars and a private Mafia.

See Tampa Bay Times coverage of the Dueling Petitions

My goal is hundreds of thousands or a million signatures for the IRS to open an investigation in Scientology’s tax exemption. Please spread the word. I think that everyone from Atheists to Evangelicals can agree that the Scientology Cult must be stripped of its IRS tax exemption.

Underground Bunker commenter Harpoona Frittata offered a trenchant analysis. The first two paragraphs must surely burn deep into David Miscavige’s deviant psyche:

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  1. Can someone in a foreign country sign in support of this petition? I am Canadian.

  2. Maybe Leah Remini would consider adding a link for this petition on her FB wall… I think the numbers would sky rocket. I know she supports it a million %. However her attorneys may have kindly asked her not to. Either way I love her cause and everyone who supports this petition to investigate Scientology as a religion.

  3. Jeff, Thank you for all the work you are doing not only your writings but the petition which I think is an excellent tool that keeps the pressure on. I was honored to sign it.💛💛💛

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