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Scientology Busted! Fake Scientologists on Twitter!

Busted! @JustinTemplerSr on Twitter just discovered Scientologist and STAND member “Alicia Selverson” was a stock photo. Major OSA fail.

Likewise, Scientologist and STAND member “Ellis Craig” is actually model Gert Rappenecker:

This is irrefutable evidence of Scientology fraud on Twitter. These fake STAND profiles are identity theft and put the lie to STAND.

STAND is “Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination” the acronym of which is STAAD. However, as STAAD makes no sense, Scientology bastardized it STAND.

And now that fake STAND profiles have been exposed, all of STAND is discredited as a scam and a fraud by the Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA).

More OSA fraud will be discovered as researchers continue to use reverse imaging technology. These fake profiles have forensic value as they show Scientology’s intent to defraud the public.

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  1. There’s not much that’s NOT fake about the Church of Scientology. Great job exposing their lies and deceit.

  2. “Alicia Selverson” is being investigated further. All the photos of her online are stock. Of course, Alicia could post photos of herself that are not stock photos. She is supposedly a 3rd generation Scientologist according to the STAND website. However, a Google search of “Selverson Scientology” yields only STAND posts and a few Disqus posts — all with the same Shutterstock photo. She supposedly attends NYU but there is only one “paper” posted from her on NYU’s website. It is a 2008 paper written by Stewart Hoover Ph.D., an academic out of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Many out points here.

  3. That name is awfully close to the name of the actress, Alicia Silverstone…

  4. This is such a rude initial response, but I just busted out laughing and thought to myself….what morons! They aren’t even TRYING to have a shred of credibility any longer. SMH

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