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The Church of Scientology Doesn’t Like My IRS Petition

In a Tampa Bay Times story published today, staff writer Tracey McManus covered the details of two dueling petitions. The first petition is mine and calls for the IRS to open an investigation in Scientology’s tax exemption. I am asking people to please read, sign, and share my petition. The petition and details are here.


In the TBT article, Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw attacked both myself and my petition. This attack occurred because I am going directly to the source of Scientology’s ability to ply its evil trade: Scientology’s ill-gotten 1993 IRS tax exemption.

If the Scientology Cult loses its tax exemption, then it is game over for this brutal, dishonest, and greedy business that masquerades as a religion. Scientology simply does not merit or deserve First Amendment religious protections.

The other petition was created by a young Scientologist; it calls for fascist censorship equivalent to book burning:

No one is stopping Scientology’s right of Free Speech and yet this Scientologist is calling for Leah Remini’s constitutional right of Free Speech to be revoked. This is typical Scientology hypocrisy. Scientology demands its rights and yet it insists that no one should ever have the right to criticize Scientology.

Scientology has published extensive and vicious “Fair Game” smear websites on Leah Remini, her guests, A&E, and companies that sponsor A&E’s programming. Scientology is using its Free Speech to engage in an unchecked frenzy of hysteria, hatred, lies, and paranoia. And yet Scientology wants the Free Speech of Leah Remini, her guests, and A&E taken away. This glaring double standard never occurs to Scientologists.

Scientology is even using fake bots paid for with tax exempt dollars to spam Twitter with hate tweets:

The time is now for the IRS to open an investigation into Scientology’s undeserved, unmerited, and ill-gotten tax exemption.

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  1. It’s doubtful that Ram Sharma has even been allowed to watch Leah Remini’s show. I don’t want to even give the petition a click, but I’m curious, how many signers does he have? I sent your petition to the majority of my friends on FB, most of whom have never been involved in Scn.

  2. T-Marie I agree. Ram has probably never been allowed to watch Leah’s show as it is “entheta” and would get both himself and his family in trouble with OSA. Ram’s petition has gotten 6,018 signatures in two weeks. An analysis shows many signatures to be the same people using different names. Quite a disappointing result for a Church that claims millions of members!

  3. How stupid to use different names like that. I’m sure the guys on the other end get IP addresses.

  4. And the face names are so close to their real names and to each other that it’s laughable. Zero creativity! Best wishes to the success of your well writen petition Jeffrey!

  5. That is a good sign that scientology does not love the petition, they want other to pay for them just like any military action, they just want to take.

    There have been many Scientology IRS petitions throught the years i can see. It would be interesting to have your opinions why they have failed and what we can learn from that. I think it’s important to really move forward.

  6. Failed because they have a lot of money for lawyers. Bury the court in paper work for years. That’s why. My husband is a lawyer. He charges 1500 an hour.

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