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RIP Steve ‘Sarge’ Pfauth, 1945-2016


Vaya Con Dios Sarge.

Sarge added important details about the last days of L Ron Hubbard and thereby clarified the historical records. These details are in Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.

See our post: The Church of Scientology’s Great Big Lie About the Death of Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Sarge is important because he helped to clarify the historical record of L. Ron Hubbard’s last days. Hubbard had two strokes before he died.

Hubbard’s own doctor, the late Gene Denk, told the Sheriff-Coroner that the post-stroke Hubbard suffered from “Dysphrasia.” This an older medical term that has, in more recent times, been replaced by the word aphasia which is defined as: “Impaired or absent comprehension or production of, or communication by, speech, writing, or signs; due to an acquired lesion of or injury to a language center of the brain; may be transient if cerebral swelling subsides.” That is why the Cult had Hubbard sign a new will the day before he died. This new will gave the Church Hubbard’s estate while leaving a pittance to Hubbard’s widow Mary Sue and their three living children, Quentin having committed suicide in 1976 under very strange circumstances.

The article I did at the Scientology Money Project on Hubbard’s death includes a video of the LRH Death Event at the Hollywood Palladium. This event was a complete fraud and a lie. This video proves that David Miscavige, Earle Cooley, and others engaged in a deliberate conspiracy to lie to Scientologists about how L. Ron Hubbard actually died.

OSA takes down this video from YT each time I find it on YT and post it at the Scientology Money Project. OSA takes it down because it proves David Miscavige is a liar and the Church itself lied about how L. Ron Hubbard actually died. Hubbard did not “causitively drop the body” or pick the time and place of his death. Hubbard was not healthy when he died. He had suffered a stroke, had pancreatitis, and was in terrible physical shape. He was being medicated with the psychiatric medication Vistaril to alleviate his anxiety.

L. Ron Hubbard died in hiding. He was hiding from the law, from his own Church, and from himself.

Steven “Sarge” Pfauth died a free man.

Sarge let us know that Hubbard wanted to end his own life and considered that he had failed. The Church of Scientology’s response to the truth was a great big lie propounded by David Miscavige and the late Earle Cooley, yet another scumbag Scientology attorney and paid liar. Cooley’s job was to assist RTC and OSA in lying, destroying people, and covering up the truth. Cooley, like all of OSA and RTC, had no redeeming qualities.

Here is the video OSA doesn’t want you to see:

The late Robert Vaughn Young, a former Sea Org member like Sarge, also discussed Hubbard’s declining mental state at the end of his life and the events surrounding Hubbard’s death.

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  1. 12:50 of Robert Vaughn Young’s the unedited (thank goodness this material was leaked to YouTube) interview talk, the lady asks if there was anything else in that final week.

    YES, and Jeffrey, I hope you are the one to interview and get that additional info. You are the best understander to come along and to get to this final level of Hubbard’s life details.


    Important for history is Ray Mitoff’s visit with Hubbard. Ray came just two weeks prior to Hubbard’s actual dying, and Ray I think left just prior to Hubbard’s dying, and Ray may have gone with Denk on that final gambling trip when all those at the Ranch (Sarge and Annie I think were all of who remained the moment Hubbard actually died).

    What’s since leaked down, and even I heard firsthand of the “End of Life” rundownprocessing, which is a sort of Objective Process that “we” in even the Scientology LA RPF witnessed/were told about, the theory of the End of Life Rundown process(s) were applied on others and my understanding it was what Ray did on LRH on his visit, basically at LRH’s self case-supervising directions.

    Hubbard had absolutely attempted to control even his own “case” handling of himself, and what is clear is the fact that Mitoff was almost certainly told by Hubbard to run this “End of Life” process, which attempts to accomplish taking the dying person’s attention OFF of anything that would prevent the person from dying (leaving their body).

    It’s an inconvenient, but important nugget of history, that is just part of the Hubbard real life.

    Hubbard as messed up as he was, he was to the bitter end of his life always framing his “spiritual” activity which he believed in, into processes and rundowns.

    The other aspect of Hubbard’s final “case” self assessment, besides him almost certainly having Mitoff, the person who still fricking to hell I hope tells of his final days when he was administering “case” stuff to Hubbard (the End of Life rundown stuff, which is more of an Objective Process and not some Final Rites, but End of Life is not murder or death inducing other than “taking the person’s attention off of things that they are stuck on which prevent them from voluntarily departing their bodies and dying “smoothly”).

    Ray Mitoff.

    Jeffrey Augustine, you are doing the world history of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard a tremendous historical favor.

    Thankyou endlessly.

    Sarge, I’m in shock. I so wish you had talked to Sarge and interviewed him Jeffrey.

    Please Jeffrey, I hope you interview Pat Broeker and Ray Mitoff, now the last two humans alive to have had significant L. Ron Hubbard final days and months and years contact.

    Please interview Pat and Ray, someday!

    Please Jeffrey.

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