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Nancy Cartwright: Just Another Scientology Celebrity Pawn

Nancy Cartwright just did a video in which she attacked Going Clear. After watching the video, I’ve concluded that Cartwright is just another Scientology celebrity pawn who has been played to do the bidding of the Office of Special Affairs.

OSA may not have given Nancy the news: Going Clear earned seven Emmy nominations and won three Emmy’s. Going Clear also made the Oscar short list for Best Documentary. Alex Gibney won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for his 2007 work Taxi to the Dark Side.

In Nancy’s video she uses the same tired old PR line and tells people to find out for themselves what Scientology is by reading a book. Okay. I have met this requirement and more. I have found out for myself what Scientology really is and does and I think it is a malicious and dishonest criminal Cult. And I am hardly alone in my informed opinion.

Over the years I have read Dianetics, the Basics, and listened to the Congresses. I have also read and studied Scientology’s legal cases, IRS records, and interviewed many former top Scientology executives. I found $1.5 billion in Scientology assets listed in IRS 990-T forms filed by Scientology churches. More than ten million dollars of this money was presumably donated by Nancy Cartwright, and yet, the PR of the Church of Scientology continues to get worse. This is, apparently, why OSA needs Nancy’s face and name in another one of its failed attempts to dead agent Going Clear. Nancy Cartwright, however, is just not an OSA attack dog. She looked unnatural, forced, and uncomfortable in this attack video. If OSA needed an attack dog it should have called Kirstie Alley.

My wife Karen de la Carriere was a Class XII C/S who served onboard the Flagship Apollo and was personally trained by L. Ron Hubbard. LRH only trained seven Class XII’s and Karen was one of them. Karen knows more about Scientology than Nancy Cartwright does or ever will. My wife especially knows the sadistic side of Scientology Disconnection. When Karen’s son Alexander Jentzsch died at age 27, your Church did not have the basic human decency to tell her that her son had died. We found out through the kindness of a stranger whom, we later discovered, was former Sea Org executive Aaron Smith-Levin. He had the humanity to let us know Alexander had died — and he did so at great risk to himself when he was still in the Church. When we learned that Alexander had died, Scientology would not let Karen see her dead son’s body and kiss him goodbye one last time. Is Nancy Cartwright seriously defending this depraved Scientology conduct?

Nancy Cartwright is telling people to read a book about Scientology when she darned well knows that none of the books will ever tell the public the real truth about Scientology? For example, none of Scientology’s books will inform the public of the four unconscionable contracts Scientology uses to legally ensnare people and strip them of their legal rights.

Nancy Cartwright withholds from the public the worst parts of Scientology: Fair Game, Disconnection, sleep deprivation torture in the Sea Org, child labor, RPF, financial rape of parishioners, exploitation of Sea Org members by paying slave wages, and the Master Race and Genocide doctrines of Scientology. If Nancy Cartwright actually wanted people to truly learn about Scientology then she would have to give it to them straight: The good, the bad, and the ugly. She’s not doing herself or Scientology any favors by lying and withholding. She’s only making it worse by proving that Scientology has massive withholds on the public. Going Clear is not the problem here. Scientology is the problem.

Nancy Cartwright needs to tell the whole truth. She should talk about Xenu, volcanoes, BT’s, clusters, Marcabs and everything else that the public can’t read in Scientology’s books. She should talk about all the materials in the secret course packs in AO, Flag, and the Ship. These materials constitute the the real Scientology.

What Nancy Cartwright is saying — read a book — is dishonest and misleading because the books never describe the Real Scientology. This is why people out here in the real world write blogs, books, and make movies in order to expose what Real Scientology is actually about. Nancy and her fellow Scientology celebrities can’t talk about the real Scientology.  Like puppets dancing on strings, Scientology’s celebrities can only say and think what they’ve been ordered to say and think by the Office of the President, Celebrity Centre Int.

When it comes to The Simpsons, I enjoy Nancy Cartwright’s work and always have. When it comes to Scientology, however, I consider her to be just another Scientology pawn like Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta and the rest of the Celebrity Centre pawns. Scientology invariably makes pawns out of its celebrities. These celebs do what they are ordered to do because they want to keep their OT eligibility.

Nancy Cartwright is a Scientology New OT VIII. She has reached the pinnacle of Scientology and so now what? Is her next step donating more money to Flag so she can run laps five hours a day on the torture program known as the Survival Rundown?

RIP Steve ‘Sarge’ Pfauth, 1945-2016


Vaya Con Dios Sarge.

Sarge added important details about the last days of L Ron Hubbard and thereby clarified the historical records. These details are in Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.

See our post: The Church of Scientology’s Great Big Lie About the Death of Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Sarge is important because he helped to clarify the historical record of L. Ron Hubbard’s last days. Hubbard had two strokes before he died.

Hubbard’s own doctor, the late Gene Denk, told the Sheriff-Coroner that the post-stroke Hubbard suffered from “Dysphrasia.” This an older medical term that has, in more recent times, been replaced by the word aphasia which is defined as: “Impaired or absent comprehension or production of, or communication by, speech, writing, or signs; due to an acquired lesion of or injury to a language center of the brain; may be transient if cerebral swelling subsides.” That is why the Cult had Hubbard sign a new will the day before he died. This new will gave the Church Hubbard’s estate while leaving a pittance to Hubbard’s widow Mary Sue and their three living children, Quentin having committed suicide in 1976 under very strange circumstances.

The article I did at the Scientology Money Project on Hubbard’s death includes a video of the LRH Death Event at the Hollywood Palladium. This event was a complete fraud and a lie. This video proves that David Miscavige, Earle Cooley, and others engaged in a deliberate conspiracy to lie to Scientologists about how L. Ron Hubbard actually died.

OSA takes down this video from YT each time I find it on YT and post it at the Scientology Money Project. OSA takes it down because it proves David Miscavige is a liar and the Church itself lied about how L. Ron Hubbard actually died. Hubbard did not “causitively drop the body” or pick the time and place of his death. Hubbard was not healthy when he died. He had suffered a stroke, had pancreatitis, and was in terrible physical shape. He was being medicated with the psychiatric medication Vistaril to alleviate his anxiety.

L. Ron Hubbard died in hiding. He was hiding from the law, from his own Church, and from himself.

Steven “Sarge” Pfauth died a free man.

Sarge let us know that Hubbard wanted to end his own life and considered that he had failed. The Church of Scientology’s response to the truth was a great big lie propounded by David Miscavige and the late Earle Cooley, yet another scumbag Scientology attorney and paid liar. Cooley’s job was to assist RTC and OSA in lying, destroying people, and covering up the truth. Cooley, like all of OSA and RTC, had no redeeming qualities.

Here is the video OSA doesn’t want you to see:

The late Robert Vaughn Young, a former Sea Org member like Sarge, also discussed Hubbard’s declining mental state at the end of his life and the events surrounding Hubbard’s death.

The Church of Scientology Plays Righteous Victim

CDM.1As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a deranged man in Illinois named Andre Barkanov has been arrested for making telephone threats against the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige. The article stated:

Barkanov had been arrested several times by the Chicago Police Department, and he had twice been convicted of impersonating a police officer.

During my many years of being a public Scientology critic I have consistently called for peaceful and nonviolent means to dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. I deplore violence.

The Church of Scientology is a malicious and violent organization that spies on its enemies, breaks up families, bankrupts many of its members, and has left a trail of ruined lives and suicides in its wake. However, let the Church be threatened by an insane man in Illinois and it seizes the occasion to paint itself as a righteous victim. The Los Angeles Time quoted Church spokesperson Karin Pouw trying to spin the threats made by one lunatic into a story of persecution:

“From what we have been told, his actions appear to have been incited by anti-Scientology propaganda,” said Karin Pouw, the spokeswoman.

Parishioners and the church’s leaders do not routinely face threats of violence, Pouw said, adding that the church does not discuss threats made against Miscavige or others.

She also blamed rising levels of “religious hate and bigotry” for driving such violent threats.

“This case involving an apparently unstable man who told police he was incited by anti-religious propaganda shows the dangers of bigotry and hate spread by irresponsible individuals,” Pouw said.

To which I reply to Ms. Pouw: Your “Church” killed my wife’s son Alexander Jentzsch through its toxic policy of disconnection. Your Church did not let my wife see her dead son’s body to kiss him goodbye one last time. Compounding the tragic death of Alexander at age 27, the Church of Scientology has slandered my wife as a prostitute on the Church of  Scientology’s disgusting and vile hate websites. The “bigotry and hate spread by irresponsible individuals” is a description David Miscavige, OSA spy boss Linda Hamel, and her team of vicious “no integrity” operatives. The Church of Scientology needs to clean up the vicious hate-and-propaganda-spewing insane asylum that is OSA before daring to lecture anybody on bigotry.

The Church of Scientology’s hypocrisy is truly appalling. Even as it is playing “righteous victim” because a lunatic made some phone calls, the Church has hate websites up on Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, HBO, Mike Rinder, and everyone else who dared to speak out against Scientology and David Miscavige in Gibney’s Going Clear, a brave film that has now won three Emmy’s and is an odds on favorite to win the Oscar for Best Documentary.

The brutality, obscenity, and inhumanity of the Church of Scientology explains precisely why it is being dismantled by Culture and exposed as a greedy killing machine that needs to be ended by the revocation of its 501(c)3 tax exemption. Scientology is creating and perpetuating its own meltdown and has no one to blame but itself.

In the meantime, Andre Barkanov needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Scientology Church Spokesperson Karin Pouw Destroys OT3 – OT8


The Tampa Bay Times has just published another blockbuster story on the Church of Scientology. The story focuses on CPA and attorney Jim Jackson who was in the Church for decades.

While I will publish an analysis in a future post, I want to note here that Church of Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw has just effectively destroyed Scientology in her attack on Jim Jackson:

Pouw then said Jackson was telling people he was communicating with the dead, including Hubbard. That indicates he is “delusional” and “certifiably insane,” she said.

Scientology’s OT III – OT VIII levels are exclusively concerned with  telepathically communicating with the souls of the billions of dead people murdered by Xenu. These OT levels seek to resolve the problems created by “body thetans”. In doing so, the Scientologist communicates with these dead souls, with these BT’s, in order to set them free. Once liberated of all BT’s, the Scientologist discovers who they really are up there at the pinnacle of OT VIII.

And yet Pouw is now publicly denouncing communication with the dead as “delusional” and “certifiably insane.”

By Pouw’s own logic, then, Scientology’s vaunted OT Levels are “delusional” and “certifiably insane.” Therefore, Karin Pouw has just effectively destroyed the entire purpose of the Church of Scientology.

Well done Karin.

The Church of Scientology can’t have it both ways: It can’t enrich itself by selling OT’s its super-expensive and copyrighted secret techniques of communicating with the souls of the dead while publicly denouncing communications with the dead.

OT.Spirit.WorldLeft: It is worth noting that the Church of Scientology has promoted OT III as the “Breakthrough to the Spirit World.”

We further note that the Church has published many “OT Success Stories” in the past in which OT’s routinely described communicating with dead people and various discarnate entities.

Pouw’s staggering gaffe is reminiscent of former Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis’ disastrous proposition in which he stated that if L. Ron Hubbard was not injured in WWII as Hubbard claimed, then all of Dianetics and Scientology is a lie. This is what Tommy Davis told Lawrence Wright, author of Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief:

if it was true that Hubbard had not been injured, then “the injuries that he handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.” He concluded, “The fact of the matter is that Mr. Hubbard was a war hero.”

L. Ron Hubbard was not a war hero. As we covered on this blog, L. Ron Hubbard was not a war hero and never received the Bronze Star or two Purple Hearts. Hubbard never saw one day in combat and was never wounded in combat.

Highlights from the TBT article include the revelation that David Miscavige’s attorney Monique Yingling is a CST Special Director.

In a previous article on this blog I noted that OSA Spy Boss Linda Hamel is an IAS Trustee. With Yingling now confirmed as a CST Special Director, it becomes obvious that Miscavige has blatantly stacked the deck in his favor within the interlocking directorates of the Scientology transnational scam.

More on Scientology’s inner circle.

Now that spokesperson Pouw has admitted that communicating with the dead is “delusional” and “certifiably insane” it seems that Scientology Inc. must stop the delivery of its OT Levels and focus on what it does best: Selling status and buying empty buildings.

What Happens After You File an IRS Form 13909 on the Church of Scientology?

Okay, so you’ve filed your Form 13909 on the Church of Scientology.

What happens next? What does the IRS do? The IRS webpage details the steps it takes after it receives your completed 13909:

The Internal Revenue Service gives serious consideration to complaints made alleging the abuse of the tax exempt status granted to certain organizations.

When reviewing filed complaints, the IRS carefully follows special procedures designed to assure the public of the IRS’s objectivity in the treatment of tax-exempt organizations. These procedures ensure that the IRS operates in an unbiased and appropriate manner and that its compliance programs are not improperly influenced by outside intervention.

The responsibility for administering these procedures belongs to the Exempt Organizations (EO) function, which is part of the IRS’s Tax Exempt and Government Entities Operating Division…

…In addition to oversight by the IRS, tax-exempt organizations are subject to oversight by state charity regulators and state tax agencies. You may also want to send a copy of the referral you send to us to your state charity regulator and/or state tax agency.

Acknowledgement and Disclosure Prohibition

All referrals are sent to analysts at the EO Classifications Office in Dallas. After a referral is made, the IRS will send an acknowledgement letter to all non-IRS sources making a referral, unless it was made anonymously. To receive an acknowledgement letter, you must provide a return address. We are unable to send acknowledgement letters through e-mail.

Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code prohibits the IRS from disclosing whether it has initiated an examination or the results of any examination. Therefore, the IRS cannot communicate with the original source of a referral beyond the acknowledgement letter.

The Review Process

Upon receipt, research is done to confirm the identity of the organization in question and once this is complete, information is entered into a database to help the IRS keep track of the progress of the review.

An experienced EO revenue agent then performs a thorough technical analysis of the allegation made on the referral. The agent uses a “reasonable belief” standard to evaluate the facts and to determine whether EO should take further action. Before taking action, the revenue agent must determine that the facts create a reasonable belief that the allegations may be true when considered fairly and in light of other reliable information.

The reviewing EO agent will decide one of the following:

  • The information does not warrant further action. In this case, the agent inputs information, including rationale, into the database and closes the referral.
  • The referral relates to activities that should be considered at a future date. The agent documents the database and schedules the appropriate date to re-evaluate the information.
  • The referral contains characteristics that require it to be forwarded to a committee of career EO managers and agents. This committee evaluates referrals monthly — more often in some circumstances — and decides whether to proceed with an examination. The committee also applies the “reasonable belief” standard.
  • The information warrants an examination of the organization. The agent documents his or her decision and the reasons for it in the database. The information item then becomes part of the examination file.

If this process results in a decision to examine an organization, the Classification Office will forward the case to a field group for assignment to a revenue agent. The revenue agent will contact the organization and schedule an appointment to begin the examination. (For details on the EO examination process, see Fact Sheet 2008-14.)
Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 10-Jan-2013

Bottom line: After you send the IRS Form 13909, the IRS will mail you an acknowledgement letter 3-6 weeks later. Beyond this acknowledgement, the IRS will not disclose anything else to you. If the IRS needs you they will contact you by letter. Here is an acknowledgement letter I received from the IRS after filing a 13909 on the Church of Scientology International last year:

13909.Augustine 001

How Did the Church of Scientology Wiretap Nicole Kidman?

Tom.CruiseIn the HBO documentary Going Clear, former #2 Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathbun reveals that Tom Cruise drifted away from the Church of Scientology in the 1990’s.

During the fifteen month period when Cruise was making the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut  with then wife Nicole Kidman, Rathbun describes how Cruise was not in contact with Church leader David Miscavige for about a year.

This greatly displeased Miscavige who ordered Rathbun to recover Tom Cruise and bring him back into the Church of Scientology.

A Scientology analysis of the situation indicated that Kidman was the problem as she was not inclined to do any Scientology nor was she pushing her husband to do any.

nicole_kidmanAccording to Going Clear, Cruise insinuated to Rathbun that Kidman should be wiretapped.

Rathbun relayed this to Miscavige who ordered it be done.

What are the ways in which the Church of Scientology could have arranged for  Nicole Kidman to be wiretapped?

We offer some interesting context and perspectives for Scientology watchers in this installment of the Scientology Money Project where our goal is to unravel the Church of Scientology’s money and legal labyrinth. In doing so, we seek to expose the ways in which Scientology is a law unto itself and routinely acts in violation of public policy.

The surprise that emerges in our look at how Scientology might have wiretapped Nicole Kidman is how Tom Cruise became entangled in this sordid matter for ten years due to a dirty private investigator.

Captain David Miscavige, Scientology dictator

Before we proceed to our timeline of Scientology, wiretapping, and Nicole Kidman, we must ask if Scientology dictator Captain David Miscavige has the capabilities to have people wiretapped.

The answer is yes.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard certainly had the capabilities to wiretap both individuals and government agencies and  he did. Specifically, the Church of Scientology under Hubbard had its own private Mafia called the Guardian’s Office or GO. Arrows in the Dark, a new book by former GO spy Merrell Vannier describes the illegal and covert activities of the GO.

The GO engaged in dirty tricks, stalking, harassment, wiretapping, and anything else Hubbard ordered. This is why the Church of Scientology was raided by the FBI on July 8, 1977 in the largest ever raid conducted by the FBI. The raid was in response to a series of burglaries, theft of documents, and wiretapping Scientology had engaged in against US Government agencies. This Scientology program of domestic espionage was called Operation Snow White and it led to Hubbard’s wife and ten other top Scientology-GO officials being sent to prison.

The Scientology GO was melted down and reformed into the Office of Special Affairs, or OSA. Despite Scientology telling the IRS that everyone in the GO had been purged, there are still former GO members working in OSA.


Scientology Spy HQ (OSA) is located on the 10th and 11th floors (the two top floors) of the Hollywood Guaranty Building located at 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA.

OSA is Scientology’s private Mafia and secretly reports to David Miscavige through intermediaries. This is done to maintain the fiction that Miscavige does not manage the daily affairs of the Church of Scientology.

OSA conducts both overt and covert psycho-terrorism operations against those who speak out against the Church.

OSA is directing the malicious and sleazy attacks upon Alex Gibney, HBO, and everyone involved in Going Clear.

OSA is doing so using 501(c)(3) tax exempt dollars.

In a shady attempt to keep Miscavige from being deposed in the Rathbun v. Miscavige case, the Church of Scientology has admitted in legal filings that it was behind the notorious Squirrel Busters operation and that Miscavige had nothing do with it.

Orchestrated and managed by OSA, the Squirrel Buster operation was an extended campaign of Scientology psycho-terrorism campaign of sustained harassment, stalking, and malicious hate websites and magazines aimed at former Scientologists, but primarily Marty Rathbun and his wife Monique. Liz Hayes of 60 Minutes offers an excellent short piece about the Squirrel Busters:

Rathbun and his wife Monique have had to endure years of OSA psycho-terrorism.

The attacks on HBO and Alex Gibney are simply more OSA psycho-terrorism.

So long as the Church of Scientology has religious protection it will continue to conduct its systematic programs of psycho-terrorism against those it deems enemies.

Scientology insanity will never end until the Church of Scientology is dismantled in its present form. Specifically, the IRS must revoke the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status it gave to Scientology and all of its organizations in 1993. When this happens, Scientology will no longer exist in its present form.

One answer to the question “how can good people be involved in such a horrendous group like Scientology?” is this: Scientology is highly compartmentalized. Unless a Scientologist is involved in one of the criminal departments of Scientology such as OSA they would never know about the crimes and atrocious conduct of the Church — or at least this is the way the Church wants it.

Scientology acts to isolate its members from critical information; this is why Church-imposed-censorship and self-censorship is such an integral part of the Scientology experience. Scientologists are punished harshly if they read critical information.

female silhouette

Linda Hamel demanded that members of Anonymous remove their masks even as she remained in complete hiding. Ever the coward with evil purposes to destroy others, Linda Hamel is in hiding which is -8.0. Scientology Tone Scale.

OSA is managed by a Scientology Sea Org member named Linda Hamel. No known photo of Scientology Spy Master Linda Hamel exists. Hamel formerly worked for the Guardian’s Office where she was “Programs Op” for Operation Snow White.

Miscavige and OSA have the capabilities to wiretap people using dirty private investigators.

Lawyers filter information back to OSA and David Miscavige in ways that give Scientology deniability and protection from lawsuits or arrest.

Acting upon secret orders relayed from Miscavige by Rathbun, it is possible that someone in OSA could have covertly arranged for the wiretapping of Nicole Kidman.

Alternately, and more likely, Marty Rathbun may have bypassed OSA on the wiretapping of Nicole Kidman and went directly to the unnamed “Scientology consigliere” who had the power to order wiretapping on behalf of David Miscavige. If so, the unnamed consigliere was very likely an attorney working for the Church of Scientology. In true Scientology fashion, the lawyer would have hired another lawyer who hired a private investigator to wiretap Nicole Kidman.

While Scientology always seeks to do its dirty work at a remove, the identity of a private investigator who wiretapped Nicole Kidman has been known for many years. Whether he worked at the behest of the Church is presently unknown.


1999-2000: Efforts begin inside of the Church of Scientology to recover movie star Tom Cruise. David Miscavige orders Marty Rathbun to arrange the wiretapping of Nicole Kidman.

February 2001: Scientologist Tom Cruise files for divorce from Nicole Kidman. Cruise retains divorce attorney Dennis Wasser. When asked why he was divorcing Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise cryptically repeats to those who ask, “Ask Nicole. She knows.” This suggests that wiretapping had already taken place and Cruise had been provided with information about his wife’s behavior.

February 2001: ABC News reports that Tom Cruise is playing hardball in his divorce from Nicole Kidman. ABC News quotes the New York Daily News as having reported that Cruise had hired the infamous private investigator Anthony Pellicano:

Megastar Tom Cruise isn’t looking to play the good guy in his divorce from wife Nicole Kidman, according to People magazine.

Cruise, 38, reportedly shocked Kidman, 33, by rushing to file for divorce only two days after the pair announced their separation. “Nicole is not upset,” an unidentified friend tells the magazine, “she is devastated.”

“He is playing hardball,” family-law attorney Lynn Soodik, who is representing Meg Ryan in her divorce from Dennis Quaid, tells the magazine, referring to Cruise’s divorce petition, which reportedly spells out the actor’s intention to block Kidman from making any alimony claims.

Private Investigator Reportedly Hired

No lawyers actually working for Cruise or Kidman will comment to the press, but the New York Daily News reports that the Mission: Impossible star is hiring private-investigator-to-the-stars Anthony Pellicano.

Pellicano, whose client list includes Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Sylvester Stallone, James Woods, and notorious former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, has been labeled “the Big Sleazy” by GQ magazine, according to the Daily News.

“I always start out by being a gentleman. I only use intimidation and fear when I absolutely have to,” he told People magazine in 1993, when he was working for Michael Jackson during the pop star’s molestation trial.

As of February 2001, then, there is a news story linking Cruise and Pellicano.

November 21, 2002: The FBI raids the office of Los Angeles private investigator Anthony Pellicano and finds C-4 plastic explosives and hard drives containing hundreds of hours of wiretapped phone conversations. These hard drives include conversations Nicole Kidman had with various people. The evidence seized by the FBI offers irrefutable evidence that Nicole Kidman was wiretapped. This confirms Rathbun’s statement that Kidman was wiretapped. However, there is no concrete evidence linking Pellicano to Scientology. Perhaps there is a grassy knoll situation here and a second wiretapper. Going Clear leaves the question hanging in the air.

It would take the FBI years to analyze the evidence seized in the raid on Pellicano’s office. In the interim, Pellicano is charged for illegal possession of C-4 plastic explosives.

October 2003: Pellicano pleads guilty to the explosives charge and is sentenced to thirty months in federal prison.

Anthony Pellicano. Photo" Hollywood Reporter

Anthony Pellicano. Photo:  Hollywood Reporter

November 2003: Tom Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields publicly acknowledges that he is the subject of an FBI investigation into Anthony Pellicano and wiretapping. Fields denies any wrongdoing. People wonder if Tom Cruise will be pulled into the Pellicano wiretapping investigation.

February 2006: Upon his release from prison on the explosives conviction, Pellicano is immediately re-arrested on 110 counts that include wiretapping, racketeering, conspiracy, witness tampering, and identity theft.

March 2006: NY Daily News reports that Tom Cruise was questioned by the FBI about Anthony Pellicano and the wiretapping of Nicole Kidman.

March 2006: The New York Post reports that Nicole Kidman was questioned by the FBI about her having been wiretapped by Pellicano.

April 2006: The FBI names Cruise’s divorce attorney Dennis Wasser as a person of interest in the Pellicano case. From The New York Times article of April 26, 2007:


The New York Times article concludes with attorney Kolodny remarking unfavorably upon the character of Mr. Pellicano; this while Tom Cruise’s divorce lawyer extolled the virtues of Mr. Pellicano:


July 2006: In an article about Pellicano, the New Yorker confirmed that Tom Cruise had hired Anthony Pellicano:

It was known, for instance, that Pellicano had been retained to work for Tom Cruise to suppress possible tabloid stories during his divorce from Nicole Kidman.

January 2009: Anthony Pellicano sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

December 2009: Michael Sapir sues Tom Cruise for $5,000,000. Sapir alleges that Cruise hired Pellicano to illegally wiretap his phone in 2001. From TMZ:

There is a long history between Cruise and Sapir. In 2001, Cruise sued Sapir for $100 million after Sapir claimed to have video evidence that Cruise “engaged in a homosexual relationship.” That lawsuit settled later that year. In the settlement, both parties issued a statement saying that no such tape existed.

In the latest suit, filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, Sapir claims Pellicano illegally wiretapped his phone during the time the 2001 lawsuit was active.

Sapir claims in the suit that Cruise, Fields and Pellicano were all in cahoots.

March 2013: Tom Cruise escapes the Sapir lawsuit when his attorney Bert Fields wins a motion for summary judgment. Hollywood Reporter:

…Sapir’s lawsuit against Cruise and Pellicano had other salacious tidbits. For example, Sapir also alleged that Pellicano taped recordings between Cruise and Nicole Kidman while the actors were going through their divorce.

But the lawsuit hasn’t survived.

On Monday, a Los Angeles Superior Court ruled from the bench that the allegations weren’t brought within the statute of limitations.

…Cruise joins Brad Grey as escaping Pellicano-related lawsuits thanks to the claims being time-barred. Many other lawsuits proceed, including one against Michael Ovitz for allegedly hiring Pellicano to intimidate Anita Busch. Recently, the same judge ruled that Ovitz has failed to show that he’s entitled to summary judgment on statute of limitation grounds.

The Scientology Mafia offers protection to Scientology celebrities. OSA can even make certain very difficult people problems go away. However, like all services offered by the Mafia, these services can be very expensive.


Anatomy of Scientology Lies: The Attack on Alex Gibney and HBO

Scientology cult leader Captain David Miscavige.

Scientology cult leader Captain David Miscavige.

Above: Captain David Miscavige is the leader of the Church of Scientology’s sinister paramilitary group known as the Sea Organization.

Although Captain Miscavige hotly denies it via his attorneys, he is the absolute and unchallenged leader of the Church of Scientology International, Narconon, IAS, and all other parts of the Scientology franchise system.  In Rathbun v. Miscavige, Miscavige’s attorney Lamont Jefferson spent time arguing with opposing counsel that Mr. Miscavige was not to be called Captain Miscavige. This was so preposterous that I satirized it at my other blog: How Dare You Call COB “Captain Miscavige!”

Captain Miscavige has a volcanic temper. He stands publicly accused of having physically attacked and beaten many of his subordinates. Too many victims have come forward. There are too many eyewitnesses of Miscavige’s violence. Miscavige dares not sue any of his accusers for that would put him in a courtroom nightmare in which he would have to face dozens of accusers and eyewitnesses.

Captain David Miscavige is crippled by the same problem as alleged serial-rapist Bill Cosby: There are too many accusers, and, these accusers are credible and believable.


Bill Cosby dares not sue his accusers nor does Captain David Miscavige.


Although no one in the Church of Scientology has seen Alex Gibney’s upcoming documentary, Scientology nevertheless paid to publish a a full page ad  today in the New York Times. This Scientology ad was a preemptive attack upon Alex Gibney and his upcoming documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

The ad and its content were energetically discussed by the commenting community over at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker.

The Scientology ad also ran in the L.A. Times.

UPDATE: Tony Ortega asked Alex Gibney for a comment and Gibney said:

“What I find so fascinating, from having studied the church for more than two years, is how eerily predictable it is. It’s almost as though all the voices from the church were channeling the views of a single individual…”


Absent a lawsuit against Gibney or HBO for libel, Miscavige and the Church of Scientology are just wasting yet more tax exempt dollars on false and misleading newspaper ads intended for internal consumption. To be blunt, the NYT ad is the usual litany of Scientology butthurt ordered by  Captain David Miscavige.

The NYT full page Scientology ad is the same tired old recycled pablum Scientology has used on Vanity Fair, Lawrence Wright, CNN, and others. The empty and hollow threat letters written by Miscavige’s attorneys to CNN and Vanity Fair are here.

The bottom line is this: The Church of Scientology is not suing Alex Gibney or HBO for libel. The Church is also not suing any of Gibney’s sources.


Because Captain David Miscavige is the Achilles heel of the entire Church of Scientology. Miscavige cannot withstand being deposed if he sued anyone. Miscavige has too much to hide. Moreover, there are numerous victims and eyewitnesses to his physical assaults on Church members. There are witnesses to his paranoid waste of millions of Church dollars spent spying on people. For example, Miscavige ordered former Church executive Pat Broker surreptitiously followed and spied on for twenty-five years at a cost of $12,000,000.

David Miscavige and his posse of damage control lunatics are playing their usual cards. This is what the ads are all about.

Miscavige says he cleaned house. This is not correct because Gibney’s sources were not fired by Miscavige. Rather, they all escaped from the Sea Org. These former Sea Org members have had to endure years of harassment ordered by Miscavige and dubiously paid for using 501(c)(3)tax exempt dollars. These people were only later expelled as a grasping face-saving measure on Miscavige’s part.

Miscavige says he cleaned house. This is not correct because Miscavige did not resign from his position as the leader of the Church of Scientology. Miscavige stepping down is needed as the first step towards any “housecleaning” in the madhouse known as the Church of Scientology.

Church of Scientology PR Offensive Against Alex Gibney and HBO Begins

Alex.GibneyAlex Gibney’s new documentary about the Church of Scientology is entitled Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. The film is set for its world debut on January 25, 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Gibney’s film has already caused anger and rage at the highest levels of the Church of Scientology. I say this for three reasons:

1. The Church of Scientology’s full-page ad in the New York Times criticizing Alex Gibney. Whenever the Church of  Scientology becomes extremely hostile about something it reverts to its 1950’s Communist-hysteria mentality and takes out full-page newspaper ads. Back in the day when print newspaper ads actually meant something, powerful special interest groups took out full-page ads to present their case to the public. A full-page ad was a symbol of wealth and power; it meant you were somebody. Nowadays, a full-page newspaper ad is an expensive and pointless temper tantrum. The Church of Scientology might as well light $100,000 on fire while screaming about how unfair life is.

In the past, the Church of Scientology has used full-page ads to attack the IRS, Time Magazine, and Germany. Alex Gibney is in very elite company.

2. The presence of Church leader David Miscavige’s personal attorney Monique Yingling. In his New York Times article about Scientology’s full-page ad in the New York Times, Michael Ceiply noted Yingling’s objections to Alex Gibney’s work:

“Ms. Yingling and others further challenged claims, reflected in both the book and the film, that church membership had dwindled in recent years. While citing no specific number, Ms. Yingling said adherents of the church number in the millions. Karin Pouw, a church spokeswoman, said Scientology had been growing in the years since Mr. Rathbun and Mr. Rinder left (Mr. Rathbun in 2004, Mr. Rinder in 2007), as it opened new facilities around the world.”

Whenever Yingling makes one of her rare public appearances on behalf of the Church it is because her client David Miscavige is gravely concerned about doing damage control to protect his own reputation and that of the Church. The last time Monique Yingling appeared publicly was when CNN’s Anderson Cooper did his “Scientology: A History of Violence” expose. Yingling appeared with Sea Org members to deny charges that Miscavige physically beat his subordinates. She additionally commented, and this was astonishing, that the Church of Scientology chose to handle assault and battery among Sea Org members on an internal basis. That the Church did not permit victims of assaults to file civil or criminal charges against the perpetrators speaks volumes about the Church and attorney Yingling.

3. Monique Yingling lying on behalf of the Church of Scientology. Yingling was lying when she told Michael Ceiply that adherents of the church numbered in the millions.

Before we get to our estimate of membership, let’s clear up a misconception: To be legally specific, the Church of Scientology International (CSI) has no members nor can it can have any members. See: The Church of Scientology International Has No Members.

In its application for 501(c)(3) tax exempt recognition, Church lawyers told the IRS:

(Monique Yingling very likely wrote the footnote above.)

Given the fact that the Church of Scientology International has no members, how does a person become a Scientologist? The answer is that there is an officially designated membership association. Those wishing to become Scientologists must join this association.

The “officially designated membership association” is actually an unincorporated membership association called the International Association of Scientologists or IAS. Per the IAS membership agreement Scientologists sign, all donations made to the IAS are nonrefundable:

Because the IAS is unincorporated and can do nothing in and of itself, it has an operating arm called the International Association of Scientologists Administrations (IASA).  Link to IASA.

Discounting the free six-month IAS memberships that are given away like candy, the real number we are looking for is lifetime IAS memberships. These people are the real card-carrying Scientologists. After deducting out those people who have left the Church but are still technically on the books as IAS lifetime members, the best and most generous estimates of active IAS annual and lifetime membership is about 20,000-25,000 people. This number is composed of 15,000-20,000 active “publics” and ~4,000 Sea Org members. One variable here is how many Nation of Islam members have paid the minimum $5,000 USD to become Lifetime IAS members.

On a related note, if the Church of Scientology had even two millions of members at $5,000 per membership, it would have made $10,000,000,000 (ten billion) in tax-free cash. The Church of Scientology has $1.5 billion in 2012 990’s and about and perhaps $2 billion in cash for which it does not have to file public forms. The Church does not have millions of members or it would have over ten billion in pure cash from IAS memberships.

Monique Yingling knows what she is saying because she was one of the legal architects of the Scientology franchise system. In my view, Yingling used the term “adherents of the church” in an ambiguous and misleading manner. But what else can we expect a Church of Scientology lawyer to say? Yingling has to trot out the party line and talk about the imaginary millions of Scientologists.

It is also worth noting that Monique Yingling is criticizing Alex Gibney and HBO while ignoring the fact that Church leader David Miscavige would not make himself available for Gibney to interview. This is completely predictable as David Miscavige does not do interviews; he instead prefers scripted stage shows in which he speaks and others listen.

I expect the HBO panic inside the Church of Scientology to get bigger and louder.

Empty Threats: Church of Scientology Legal Threat Letters to Vanity Fair and CNN

1. August 16, 2012: Church of Scientology attorney Jeffrey K. Riffer of Elkins, Kalt, Weintraub, Reuben, Gartside LLP, sent a legal threat letter to Graydon Carter, Editor, Vanity Fair Magazine. The threat was an attempt to kill a story about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Vanity Fair ignored the threat. Written by Maureen Orth, What Katie Didn’t Know appeared in the October 2012 edition of Vanity Fair.

2. January 21, 2013: Church of Scientology attorney Jeffrey K. Riffer of Elkins, Kalt, Weintraub, Reuben, Gartside LLP, sent a legal threat letter to David C. Vigilante, Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel of Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. as counsel for CNN. The threat was an attempt to kill Anderson Cooper’s 360 piece on the culture of physical violence inside the Church of Scientology, particularly  as described in Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear.  CNN ignored the threat. Inside the Church of Scientology aired on January 23, 2013.