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Op Ed: Church of Scientology hires UFO/JFK/911 Truther Jim Marrs to promote Battlefield Earth


Jim Marrs on a satellite broadcast pimping L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth. Photo from Pacific Television Center.

Doomed forever to repackage and resell the same old works of L. Ron Hubbard over and over ad infinitum, the Church of Scientology has now decided to relaunch one of the worst SciFi books ever, and here we speak of Battlefield Earth — which was also one of the worst movies ever. That the movie starred Scientologist John Travolta was perhaps the main reason for the epic awfulness of the movie. The book and the movie were bad because L. Ron Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth” fails in so many areas. The plot, characters, dialogue and the writing itself are idiotic, turgid, and laughable. The book is unreadable in its present form.

A cursory look at the Galaxy Press website show the original 1982 first edition of Battlefield Earth still being offered at $75.00. This means Galaxy was never able to move all of its 1982 Battlefield Earth stock — and yet it is now trying to sell a 2016 edition.

So what to do? How does the Church of Scientology’s for-profit Galaxy Press hype and sell the unreadable Battlefield Earth?

This is where UFO, NWO, JFK assassination writer, and 911 Truther Jim Marrs enters the picture. That Scientology’s Galaxy Press has hired master conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs to help promote Battlefield Earth is bizarre on so many levels:

1. Jim Marrs is taking Scientology blood money to promote Battlefield Earth. This is a bad way for Marrs to finalize his legacy; Jim Lynch is remembered only for taking blood money to work Scientology’s atrocious Freedom Magazine. Working for Scientology is the cultural equivalent of being an American who is paid to write propaganda for North Korea. There is an undertone of treason against reason and sanity, a sort of a Tokyo Rose motif in which these writers have crossed over to betray Culture itself in favor of a violent, secretive, and diabolical Cult bent upon world conquest.

2. Marrs’ book Alien Agenda is considered one of the best UFO books out there. For Scientology to associate itself with a UFO author only serves to heighten and underscore spacelord Xenu and the Xenutian genocide mythology embedded in the Section II of OT III.

3. Scientology does not like being called a “Space Alien UFO Cult” and yet they are hiring Marrs who is primarily associated with UFO’s, space aliens, and secret societies. Scientology is trapped by its own mixed messages: It is a space alien cult centered around Xenu; it is where spirituality meets technology; it has effective answers for life and yet is a doomsday cult that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to bury Hubbard’s writings in nuclear proof vaults built to survive Armageddon. Scientology wants to be everything to everybody and yet it fails at everything except being what it is and that is a transnational criminal syndicate wrapped in a Doomsday Cult blanketed in lies, phony PR, and IRS tax exemption. Marrs evidently feels attracted to this morass of surreal Scientology lunacy.

4. Jim Marrs is now permanently associated with L. Ron Hubbard and everything L. Ron Hubbard stands for. I wonder if Marrs even knows the dark side of Scientology?

5. That Scientology had to hire yet another wog, yet another non-Scientologist, to promote Scientology and LRH proves, once again, that Scientology has no in-house talent capable of doing so or willing to do so. Scientology is being increasingly outsourced to wogs and the irony of this is enormous and very funny when we consider that Hubbard said “a wog is someone who isn’t even trying.” Why is Scientology hiring people who are not even trying?

6. Stalin and his Kremlin had their “Useful Stooges.” Scientology has its “Useful Wogs” and here I am thinking of people like Jim Marrs, L. Fletcher Prouty, J. Gordon Melton, and the newest useful wog Donald Westbrook the “religious scholar” from Claremont. Click the link to read some of Westbrook’s putrid apologia for Scientology. From my perspective, Westbrook does not comprehend Scientology in any meaningful way. He is bereft of a complete contextual understanding and, as it appears, quite willingly so. As expected, this willful blindness is a trait shared by all of Scientology’s useful wogs.

7. One major irony here is that Marrs writes books warning of the Luciferian NWO while pimping for the Luciferian Cult of Scientology. Looks like Jim Marrs took Scientology’s blood money and drank the Kool-Aid. Have a good time on the way down Jim.

8. David Miscavige ordered people at Gold Base to read Jim Marrs’s Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy and other Marrs’ books many years ago, this according to former Sea Org executuve Aaron Smith-Levin. David Miscavige felt that these books resonated with Scientology. Aaron Smith-Levin made a brilliant and insightful post today on the Underground Bunker:

Oh man, I’m late on this one for today. Jim Marrs’ books, “Rule By Secrecy” and “Alien Agenda” were mandatory reading for all OSA staff in Scientology around 2002-2003. Because of this fact, many rank and file staff & SO members read them as well, including me. The book was given to me by Bruce Thompson, the then-DSA Philly and also my then-step-father. Bruce now works in OSA’s special D.C. office.

Jim’s books match up perfectly with Scientology’s “Alien origin / prison planet” story about Earth and the human race. The reason for OSA to read the books was to reinforce the idea that “this whole-track alien agenda is the real enemy we are up against on this planet”. Believing this fact is what keeps some OSA staff (and Ethics Officers, etc.) from getting bogged down into the details of complaints from people who are publicly speaking out against SCN. No matter how true a specific series of complaints may be, the OSA/Ethics staff can brush it off as just another attack from a pawn in the alien agenda. They think “If their complaint was really what they were upset about, they’d be handling it internally, and not attacking SCN. They’re only pretending to be upset about these things. Their real intent is to destroy SCN”.

I’ve said it before…if someone believes in the state of Full OT and believes SCN’s prison-planet story, there is NOTHING they won’t do, and NOTHING that cannot be justified in the name of protecting Scientology. Jim Marrs’ books actually reinforce this belief for many staff / SO members.

If Jim is promoting Battlefield Earth it’s probably because LRH’s fiction matches up quite nicely with what Jim believes to be actually true. And Jim probably knows LRH thought it was true was well. So there’s a kinship of sorts. I don’t believe however that Jim has had any actual involvement with Scientology. I could be wrong though.

9. Jim Marrs has been associated with Scientology in the past. Tom Cruise purportedly had a copy of Marrs’ book on his bed stand according to this video. While I do not endorse this video, I am posting it as parts of it are quite interesting:

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  1. Heh. I keep remembering the story about Tom Cruise getting into a car with David Miscavige and launching into a diatribe against that SP John Travolta for producing the Battlefield Earth movie, which was a total piece of junk in Cruise’s opinion, with Cruise not knowing that Miscavige had been heavily involved in the making of Battlefield Earth, and thought it was the best movie ever made…

    I don’t know if that story is true, but if it is, I’d have loved to be able to read Miscavige’s mind at the time!

  2. “Marrs’ book Alien Agenda is considered one of the best UFO books out there.” Sorry Jeff, I think the Condon Report and other official papers have debunked the UFO cult very well. Sadly, we are not important enough for the Alien Overlords to bother with. We are the Galactic dummies who are probably about to hit the Wall of the Fermi Paradox and go extinct. That wall makes Lron’s Wall of Fire look as stupid as it is.

    Oh well, thanks for all the fish and especially the tartar sauce. Jim Marrs and his ilk are just wo peddlers, ignore them. Unless they move in next door, in that case, get a great home security system. Marrs and anyone helping the clampire in any way are either useful idiots or are being paid to do that.

  3. The part about Cruise having Marr’s book coupled with Aaron’s recollection of required reading in the SO is very interesting. Conspiracy nuttiness and Scientology go together like ham and cheese.

  4. Zemoo, as far as UFO books go, Alien Agenda was a good book by the standards of the genre. I realize this is like saying that Hubbard’s “Dianetics” was a good book by the standards of cult source texts. I enjoyed Alien Agenda for what is was: Conspiracy Theory as entertainment.

  5. Speaking of Galaxy Press and Scientology’s money, I have a real question. A SF writer’s workshop recommended reading and/or submitting to the Writers of the Future anthologies. They have L. Ron Hubbard’s name on the cover and are published by Galaxy Press. Would buying a copy of one of those anthologies directly support the COS? Or is it somehow separate? I couldn’t in good conscience support something so directly tied to Scientology!

  6. This is a great question M.

    Galaxy Press is a for-profit publishing house that pays licensing fees to Author Services International (ASI). ASI is the literary agency for L. Ron Hubbard’s works. So the answer is yes: The money from Galaxy Press books ultimately goes into to the Church of Scientology as licensing fees and royalties to the author.

    Although he is long dead, L. Ron Hubbard is still paid royalties. However, his estate and heirs do not collect even one penny.

    On the day before he died, after suffering two strokes in a very short period of time right before his death, Hubbard signed a will which left his wife Mary Sue and his children with a mere pittance and gave Hubbard’s enormous estate and all literary rights to the Church of Scientology as controlled by David Miscavige.

    Hubbard’s $400 million estate, plus literary rights on his fiction and nonfiction works is owned by Scientology. The Writers of the Future is used to promote L. Ron Hubbard directly and Scientology indirectly.

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