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Zac Hopkins: A Peek Inside My Cult

Zac Hopkins YouTube Channel

Zac certainly captures both the surreality and fascism of Scientology I have long attempted to convey.

Perhaps the term “Surreal Fascism” only begins to approach the lawlessness, the goals of world conquest, and the utterly self-serving-warping-of-reality that is the Church of Scientology.


The Church of Scientology is a closed system that employs a particular set of psycho-mechanical techniques the design of which evokes, among other things, manipulable epiphanies. Scientology, being itself, easily manipulates these epiphanies to its complete advantage — particularly in financial terms: One cannot put a price on the Bridge to Total Freedom. However, all of your money, your life, your family, and especially your children will do when it comes to the Church of Scientology.

And of course there is sleep deprivation for Sea Org.  Sleep deprivation is part of the psycho-mechanical regime applied to Sea Org members.

On a level above manipulable epiphanies, Scientology’s psycho-mechanics are used to create the apparency that Hubbard’s “exactly taped path” is the only way out of a 75,000,000 year old trap which holds everyone in its deadly grip.

Scientology’s rigid system of indoctrination and “ethics” also works to embed into its members a durable and obnoxious mixture of elitism and fanaticism: “We are the most ethical group on the planet. We have the answers. We are the authorities on the mind, etc.”

IMO, the central flaw of these various Scientology machinations is that they instill great fear and paralysis into Scientologists. This fear and paralysis results in a fearful blind obedience that benefits the Church itself at the expense of its own members. Thus, the longer people stay in the Church of Scientology the worse they seem to get.

One example of getting worse happens when OT8’s are recycled back through Objectives so they can do book and bottle” marathons all over again — and this when they are not busy at fundraisers for that new Ideal Org they need. And ooops! It looks like Captain Miscavige forgot to tell Scientologists that IAS statuses are the new OT levels.


The Church of Scientology has always had a high turnover of publics, staff, and Sea Org. In the old days the Church felt that it could waste people because there would always be more and more people who wanted Scientology. Indeed, L. Ron Hubbard taught that people were “clamoring for Scientology” in large numbers. Of course, whenever anything went wrong, perhaps the FBI raid in Operation Snow White, the Psychs were blamed. Also blamed were SP’s who had been “sent in” by the Psychs to infiltrate Scientology organizations.

Nowadays, the Church of Scientology’s reputation is a radioactive slagheap.

I am glad to see new people like Zac Hopkins speaking out.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you have a story to tell.

Tell your story on YouTube.

Someone wants to hear what you have to say.

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