The Scientology Money Project

CCI: Celebrity Centre International IRS 990-T 2009-2012

CCI 2012 Book Value $39,392,879

CCI 2011 Book Value $39,973,458

CCI 2010 Book Value $39,148,631

CCI 2009 Book Value $37,325,434

Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood represents only a small part of the larger financial picture Church.

The big Scientology celebrities can ask for “room service” which means auditors and other Church staffers go to their homes or their film locations. Some celebs who have dabbled in Scientology do not want to be seen entering or leaving Celebrity Centre and so they get room service.

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  1. CCI Articles of Incorporation 1970, originally dba “The Church of Scientology Creative Mission”

    CCI Amended Articles of Incorporation 1972

    CCI Restated Articles of Incorporation 1982

    CCI Amended Articles of Incorporation 1984

    CCI Corporate filings history as of Apr 18, 2011

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