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Time to “13909” the Church of Scientology!


Know Your Legal Rights: IRS Form 13909 can and should be used to make a formal complaint to the IRS each and every time the Church of Scientology steps out of line with abusive, harassive, and illegal behavior. Scroll down for Form 13909 in PDF form.

Threats, stalking, and all other forms of Scientology Fair Game are not allowed and should never be tolerated. 13909 the Church using the form. Document everything: names, dates, places, and details. Include photos or videos.

Helpful Tips:

A. Line 1 asks for “NAME OF REFERRED ORGANIZATION.” The correct legal name and address to use when referring to the Church of Scientology is:

Church of Scientology International
6331 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 1200
Hollywood, CA 90028

B.  Line 2 asks for an EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (EIN). The correct EIN for the Church of Scientology International is 59-2153393.

C. Warning: Do not send this form to the Church of Scientology by accident! The form states that you can mail, fax, or e-mail the completed form to:

addressD. Download the form below and fill it out. The form is self-explanatory.


* Deceptive fundraising practices by the Church of Scientology can be reported using the 13909

* Each and every instance of Scientology misbehavior, lies in its PR or fundraising, and any other form of misbehavior needs to be reported. Use Form 13909.

* Tweet this post and help educate the public and those with family and friends still in the Church.

* It is high time to step up pressure on the Church of Scientology using the exact IRS technology to confront and shatter Scientology suppression and the SP’s in OSA!

*Let’s use the law to create a snowstorm of complaints about the Church of Scientology in the IRS!

* If you fear retaliation or retribution from OSA, please check the box in section 5 of the form as shown below:


The IRS will acknowledge your complaint in 2-4 weeks. Form 13909 is online here and is also in the Scribd document below:

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  1. My 2 cents: It’s important for readers to know that Churches, as opposed to other 501(c)3’s, have special guidelines and can only have their status removed for very specific reasons. It’s not as broad for a church as it is other exempt orgs. The 3 basic areas that can jeopardize their status concern: Inurement and Private Benefit, Substantial Lobbying Activity and Political Campaign Activity.. These are discussed in the IRS Publication 1828 (* revised 11-2013 – Tax guide for Churches & Religious Organizations.

    All other activities that would close a non-church 501(c)3 do not apply to churches. This is why CoS is still around and previous complaints filed have fallen on deaf ears. Must document those activities when filing a complaint.

    Hope this helps. Keep up the terrific work!!

  2. Thank you Mary.

    I would add that there are statutes of limitations at work. Therefore, acts from 2010 forward can definitely be reported. Acts prior to that date could get into a STAT LIM issue. However, they should still be reported.

    There is also a theory that the Church’s tax exemption was based upon fraudulent representations to the IRS. That will be a series of posts on this blog as we revisit tax exemption in the near future.

    Also ahead: What GAT I really meant inside the Church of Scientology.

  3. There is also a theory that the Church’s tax exemption was based upon fraudulent representations to the IRS.

    That does not surprise me at all!

  4. Great work by you, and Karen. 🙂

    Wondering if a campaign could be started, to get thousands of people to send reported violations to the IRS? Would it really have any effect at all?

  5. Jeff – on Tony’s blog he posted the EIN’s for many orgs, but what about AOLA, ASHO and CLO westus? Are they the same a CSI int? I have a good reason to report them. Mimsey

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