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  1. Your insights and observations are as always incredibly helpful.

    This was an excellent show with everyone’s insights just so well brought out by your great questions Jeffrey. And your takes on things so appreciated.

    Mike, Claire, Marc and your views really good.

  2. Jeffrey. Thanks for a very interesting podcast. As a reminder: I hope it is on your mind that some of your sources (with the information about Masterson’s SP declare) could attend AND record the upcoming IAS event. (No need to reply to this).

  3. Hi Jeffrey: Please forgive me for going to the well twice. But since we’re discussing the same subject as in the last post, I hope you don’t mind me repeating myself:

    1. It took the cult 20 years to get to this point. During this process, they abused and alienated the victims, and eventually turned them into outspoken exes. They tampered with witnesses and investigations, and tried to intimidate witnesses/victims over the course of two decades. In short, they covered up not only for themselves but for the perpetrator as well. Conclusion: They were OK with a valued asset doing the deed. It’s the getting caught part that they are now objecting to.

    2. They had common interests with Masterson during the criminal trials, namely to get him acquitted, chime in on the trial, and share evidence they were not entitled to. In the realm of speculation, they may have paid for (some of) his defense, had a say in defense strategies and maybe even leaned on him to take a plea and make this all go away quickly and as quietly as possible. They also had leverage over the likes of Fabos and others who ended up not being called (Schwartz and several others like Brie come to mind) and several of the testimonial writers in the penalty phase.

    At this point, they have gotten all they could out of Team Danny and their interests diverge during the civil trials. When it comes to Fair Game accusations, they may well take the approach of “so your house burned and your pet was poisoned; don’t look at us, ask Danny what happened.”

    3. Danny has lost all value to them. There’s no more money to squeeze out of him and his PR value is negative. Even the Mastersons must see that he is a burden to the cult. And if they don’t, to hell with them. They’re not exactly whales and the Masterson name is tarnished for the whole lot of them as Hollywood producers won’t be rushing to hire anyone with a Masterson surname going forward. (Pro-tip: If you are an actor named Mastersen, or Mastersson or anything like it, change your name!)

    4. It remains a wildcard whether Masterson will turn on the cult. Your point is well-taken that he can’t bargain with what he knows to help his criminal case. However, he can throw them under the bus and claim that Fair Game may well have been done; just entirely without his knowledge and cooperation (corollary to point #2). He can do this to help his civil defense. Or simply out of spite–what’s he got to lose? Even possibly at the urging of the Masterson clan if they are sufficiently pissed off at Miscavige and what they may view as his betrayal of the whole family. It would be a mistake to expect a malignant narcissist to fall on his sword for anyone.

    5. While I am attempting to make logical sense of this, let’s face it: When it comes to Miscavige’s decision making with this declare (real or PR as it may be), all bets are off. The choleric little fool may just have flown into a rage and done whatever came to him naturally at the moment. And who’s gonna say “no” to him?

    Unforced errors are his strong suit. Keeping quiet and doing nothing when it would serve the cult’s interests best clearly is not. So let the foot bullets fly.

  4. Hey Todd,
    Regarding the Napoleonic Bouffanted Knucklehead(Miscavige):
    Let’s pop popcorn and watch him do the OT twerk!
    Great comment, cheers!

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