Danny Masterson

Sources: Scientology has Declared Danny Masterson a Suppressive Person

Our sources tell us that Danny Masterson has been declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology.

According to our sources, a “Writ of Expulsion” was issued on Danny Masterson and he is no longer a member of the Church of Scientology.

This information goes against some of the prevailing opinions:

1. Scientology cannot afford to declare Danny Masterson an SP as it would alienate the Masterson clan.

Our view is that Scientology does not care what the Masterson clan thinks. Danny Masterson caused significant reputational damage to the Church of Scientology during his criminal trial. This happened when it was shown in court that Scientology covered up Masterson’s sexual assaults for almost twenty years.

Masterson’s two criminal trials and conviction only increased Scientology’s horrendous reputation as a radioactive and toxic cult.

There will be more damage done to the Church during the upcoming civil trials against Danny Masterson when Scientology officials such as Julian Swartz could be called to testify about the alleged cover ups of Masterson’s sexual assaults.

2. Some have suggested that Danny Masterson could flip and testify about cover ups of his crimes and other crimes by the Church of Scientology in exchange for some benefit for himself. 

If Masterson flipped and cooperated, his chance to appeal his conviction would be destroyed as he would have to admit to the forcible rapes of which he was convicted.

As a violent narcissist, we think Masterson is only interested in getting himself out of prison on appeal. What upside would there be for him in admitting to his crimes of rape and testifying against Scientology? This does not get him out of prison. The time for him to have cooperated would have been before his first trial.

3. Bijou Philips divorced Danny Masterson only to protect her assets ahead of the pending civil trials. 

Our view is that Bijou Philips divorced Danny Masterson for more reasons than to protect assets. We think she did not want to be married to a convicted rapist who will spend the next 30 years, or more, in prison. There is also the possibility that the Church wanted her to divorce Danny Masterson as this aligns with his being declared an SP.

There are only bad choices for the Church of Scientology in the aftermath of Danny Masterson’s conviction on two counts of forcible rape. If Scientology is to placate its members it will tell them Danny Masterson has been declared an SP.

More to follow.

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