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LAPD Hollywood Division Disgraces Itself Once Again as Dirty Cops for Scientology

LAPD Hollywood Captain Cory Palka (ret) was notorious for taking Scientology’s money and having their back. Palka is now the subject of a Federal investigation for his tipping off then CBS CEO Les Moonves that a woman had filed a sexual assault complaint against Moonves at the Hollywood Division.

During his off duty hours, Palka had long worked for as a bodyguard for Moonves at the Emmys and other high events. Palka continued doing this even as an LAPD Captain making $210,000 per year. Why Moonves needed Palka when CBS paid for Moonves’ full security detail is part of the investigation.

Retired LAPD Division Captain Cory Palka makes the case for a culture of corruption and favoritism of Scientology, Moonves, and other influential interests by LAPD Hollywood.

LAPD Captain Mike Rippe is the new boss of the Hollywood station. Rippe previously served as the Commanding Officer of Detectives at Hollywood Division. We know how that worked out because the Masterson triple rape case was moved Downtown to Major Crimes to keep the details out of the hands of Captain Palka and his detectives.

And now onto the Scientology protest outside of Celebrity Centre on October 21, 2023. The protest was organized by Alexa Nikolas, the creator of @eatpredators

LAPD Hollywood Division’s disgraceful conduct today at the lawful protest in front of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre argues, once again, for a formal US Department of Justice investigation into the ties between LAPD Hollywood Division and Scientology.

A retired LAPD officer who works as licensed security guard — and has a permit to carry a weapon — was handcuffed and detained at gunpoint by LAPD Hollywood Division officers. This was done at the behest of Scientology. An investigation of what happened today is already underway. More details will be presented in future stories.

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  1. Scientology is the toilet and the cops, in this instance, are the turds.
    Miscavige the Original Asshole.

  2. I wonder if having a volunteer/actual lawyer to be paired with the security person for the protestors would dampen any LAPD Hollywood officers’ unnecessary aggressiveness while doing their super long “checks” when they “check” the protestors’ security person. Also, would having an ex FBI security person hired or volunteer to be security for the protestors would that be good? I guess to protest Scientology you need to come prepared with your own security, and lawyer.

    Now I appreciate what Graham Berry (lawyer who attended dozens of Scientology protests) did for free by attending Scientology protests. Praise all those lawyers like Graham, and praise all the protestors’ camera people. And praise all for being prepared, like maybe even having the security for protestors and the protestors lawyer(s) call ahead to LAPD just like Scientology does!

    Years back, an LA citizen was similarly given what looked like an aggressive “check” by LAPD until they determined he was no threat to anyone and was acting strictly legally protesting, that incident was in front of the HGB at Ivar St and Hollywood Blvd the Scientology paperpusher’s cult bureaucrats building.

    (I’m curious what actually is happening by law enforcement while LAPD Hollywood has the protestors’ security person handcuffed. Why do these “checks” of the handcuffed protestor’s security person take so long?)

    During the anonymous protesting in NYC, clearly the NYPD set the bar for how to let people protest Scientology there, there’s plenty of videos of how the NYPD gave the protestors a designated space and kept things within all the rules, and clearly NYPD was not showing any favoritism. And it was the Scientology OSA guy who came out to talk trash to the protestors, all caught on film by the NYC protestors. (That OSA guy was one of the few staff of Scientology to receive the Scientology in house Freedom Medal award–John Carmichael.)
    (6) John Carmichael loves … – YouTube

  3. Speaking of entanglements between the city of LA and the cult. For several decades now, the predominant interpretation of “freedom of religion” has been more like “freedom from religion.” Meaning no Ten Commandments at the court house. No crosses on public land. No religious instructions in public school, not even non-dogmatic survey of the religions of the world. Manger scenes are a no-go, and trees better be “holiday” ones, not “Christmas trees.” This is even more so in areas overwhelmingly run by the political left, such as LA.

    So here’s my question: How is it that no one has challenged the existence of an “L Ron Hubbard Way” in LA on constitutional grounds? It’s readily apparent that the street name commemorates elron as a “religious” figure. For one thing, he was not distinguished enough to merit a street name for any of his other accomplishments. For another, it is located right outside a “church” building that venerates his writings as “scripture” and frequently demands that the law treat them as such.

    Imagine a church applying for a name change in front of their building to “Jesus Lane”, a synagogue suggesting “Jahweh Way” or a Mormon Temple lobbying for “Joseph Smith St.” In LA, no less! Worse yet, it’s readily apparent that elron does not rank with the aforementioned deities as much as with the likes of Warren Jeffs, David Koresh, Osho/Bhagwan or Jim Jones.

    Seriously, in times of removing religious references along with statues of distinguished historical figures who may have erred in some of their choices if measured by present-day political standards, why is naming an LA street after a sociopathic cult leader NOT an issue?

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