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Scientology as Hell – Part One: The True Story of Rosemary Chicwak, a Sea Org Member Subjected to Psychological Torture; Financial Predation; and Sexual Assault

The story of Scientology Sea Org member Rosemary Chicwak is one of the worst cases of Scientology predation over time that has ever been made public.

And yet Rosemary’s story is not an isolated case.

Scientology is, by design, a hyper-predatory killing machine designed to systematically extract everything possible from its members over time and thereby destroy them in the process.

Scientology strips its members of the essence of life: Health; family; children; money; relationships; legal rights and everything else. As we have written many times, the “End Phenomenon” of Scientology is this: Nothing left of a person.

Rosemary was a long-term Sea Org member of over 30 years. In a Pre-Litigation Demand Letter sent to the Church of Scientology by our close friend Los Angeles attorney Graham Berry, a shocking pattern of Scientology brutality, abuse, greed, and exploitation emerges. This includes:

Sexual Assault 
Slave Labor
Unconscionable Contracts
Financial Crimes
Physical and Psychological Torture
Identity Theft

Credit Card Fraud
The Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Elder Abuse

And the list goes on.

Rather than dispute the matter and demand that Rosemary Chicwak go into arbitration and risk a civil trial, the Church of  Scientology paid Rosemary Chicwak the sum of $163,000.

Part Two of the Rosemary Chicwak Story: The Videos Done by Her Son, Claire Headley, and Mike Rinder. 

Coming as this news does immediately following Scientologist Danny Masterson being sentenced to 30 years to life after his conviction on two counts of forcible rape, the point Scientology’s former members and critics make is reinforced once again: Scientology engages in crimes and then attempts to cover up those crimes as a matter of standard practice.

Scientology is a criminal enterprise acting as a religion. There will be more Scientologists arrested and more Sea Org members exposed because criminality is woven into the fabric Scientology by design. L. Ron Hubbard was a  greed-driven and paranoid psychopath whose need to exact cruelty and revenge upon others knew no bounds.  David Miscavige embodies everything evil about L. Ron Hubbard. Miscavige is the Clone of his Master.

How soon before the IRS acts to revoke Scientology’s tax exemptions for serial violations of public policy? What will it take for the IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel to act?

Graham Berry’s 35-page Demand Letter is shocking for its thoroughness and content: 


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  1. tHE “WASBAND;” the ex-husband; has been diagnosed with stage 2/3 Colin Cancer! He is on staff at an Org; and is OT 8. His mother is OT 8…they are conspiracy theorist believers. anti-vaccine; and believe in alternative treatments. Especially Chiropractors. Will he survive?

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