Church of Scientology

Scientology as Hell – Part Two: The True Story of Rosemary Chicwak, a Sea Org Member Subjected to Psychological Torture; Financial Predation; and Sexual Assault

Rosemary Chicwak’s son Mike Brown did a two-part interview with Claire Headley and Mike Rinder on the living Hell on Earth his mother experienced in Scientology.

These are two extremely important videos as they are a contemporary telling of what the lived experienced of his mother like was in the Scientology Sea Org.

The horrific events to which Rosemary was subject by Scientology are detailed in Graham Berry’s Pre-Litigation and Demand Letter. That Scientology capitulated and quietly paid the financial demand is a tacit acknowledgment that the details are true and correct. When taken together with the Masterson double-rape conviction and the series of against lawsuits filed against Scientology and David Miscavige, the sheer scope of the evidence shows just part of the the larger pattern of law-breaking in the Church.

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