New Civil RICO Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Gary Cardone, Monica Eaton, and Chargebacks911

The Stress of OTVIII Gary Cardone’s Unhandled Evil Purposes to Defraud Consumers Clearly Show Upon His Face

An amended civil RICO lawsuit was filed in July 2023 against Scientologist Gary Cardone, his non-Scientologist ex-wife Monica Eaton, and their company Chargebacks911. Among other causes of action, the complaint alleges fraud and cybercrime.

This new case against Cardone, Eaton, and Chargebacks911 is related to the massive online Keto weight loss scams. The complaint alleges Chargebacks911 aided and abetted the scammers to defraud consumers and thereby enable Cardone and Eaton to line their pockets with millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains.

As alleged in the FTC and the State of Florida lawsuit against Cardone, Eaton, and Chargebacks911 we are covering, the defendants engaged in fraudulent means to deceive credit card companies on behalf of their internet scammer clients.

This new complaint is captioned:


The Complaint: 

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    You go, Gary. If you have any assets left by the time you hit federal prison, I am sure the Aryan Brotherhood will happily be “at cause over” whatever remaing MEST you possess, including your _______.

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