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State of California Inexplicably Elects Not to Proceed with Criminal Trial Against Rizza Islam

June 26, 2023: In a case of justice denied, the State of California said today in court that it was not prepared to proceed with its criminal case against Rizza Islam.

This is inexplicable and outrageous given the weight of the evidence presented at the preliminary criminal trial.

Based upon the evidence, the Islam’s were bound over for criminal trial by LA Criminal Court Judge Michael Pastor.

The court dismissed the charges against Rizza Islam.

Our take on this case: The death of Hanan Islam in March 2022 was a pivotal event as she was the architect of the crimes against the people of the State of California.

At the time of her death, the criminal charges against Hanan Islam and her adult children were still in place. After her death, her two daughters accepted plea deals. This left Rizza as the sole remaining criminal defendant in the case.

What is not at issue is that the Islam family and their associates defrauded $3.8 million from the State of California. We know this because the other charged defendants took plea deals or cooperated in exchange for getting the charges dropped.

The Islam family were bound over for trial at the preliminary criminal trial based upon the evidence presented by the State. We were there and listened to the evidence about the Islam’s ghostwriters creating fictional reports on the “drug programs” delivered by Hanan Islam’s

The educators involved in the fraud were fired from their jobs and were arrested and charged. Two of the educators — high school coaches — took plea deals as did Rizza Islam’s sisters.

From Tony Ortega’s 2015 exclusive reporting:

Three of Ms. Islam’s ten children were also charged with felonies. Zakiyyah Islam, 36, pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft larceny, insurance fraud, and Medi-Cal fraud. Nimat Islam, 39, and Ronnie Islam, 25, pleaded not guilty to insurance fraud and Medi-Cal fraud.

All three were identified as counselors at the rehab clinic in online listings. Other clinic counselors charged recently in the scam include Bayon Beverly Washington, 42, and George Edward Newby III, 43, who each pleaded not guilty to insurance fraud and Medi-Cal fraud.

Those charges come more than a year after the first arrests in the investigation were made of three educators from the Compton Unified School District, who lost their jobs as a result.

Rudy Washington was principal of Chavez Continuation High School. Jesse L. Jones was principal of Centennial High School. And Keith Donerson was coach of the legendary Dons, the football team at Manuel Dominguez High School. When each were charged with Medi-Cal fraud in early October last year they were put on administrative leave, then were later fired.

According to Los Angeles County Superior Court records, the charges against Rudy Washington were either dismissed or not prosecuted, while Jones and Donerson were allowed to plead guilty to lesser charges.

The three educators allegedly supplied high school students to the clinic at the World Literacy Crusade, where Medi-Cal claims were submitted for drug rehab treatment, even though the football players and other students didn’t have addiction problems and were put through Scientology drills rather than drug counseling. The students themselves reportedly had no idea they were part of an insurance fraud scheme.

The fraudulent activity occurred between 2010 and 2013, according to Hanan Islam’s charging papers. In March 2014, the state’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, a part of the state’s Department of Justice under Attorney General Kamala Harris, raided World Literacy Crusade and seized documents, which eventually led to the arrests and criminal charges.

World Literacy Crusade was founded in 1993 by Alfreddie Johnson Jr., a Baptist minister who turned to Scientology in the wake of the L.A. riots and became one of Scientology’s most well known African-American figures. It was Johnson who was responsible for bringing musician Isaac Hayes into Scientology in the mid-1990s, and a decade later connected Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan with Scientology in what has become an ongoing and bizarre melding of the two groups.

Rizza Islam and his legal team were not aware of the State’s plans. Indeed, Rizza Islam’s twitter page showed him in prayer this morning. Likewise, he tweeted yesterday that he was ready for court this morning:

Rizza Islam is already on social media proclaiming his innocence.

However, the educators who lost their jobs and were publicly exposed and disgraced in this matter would have a much different take on Rizza Islam’s “innocence.”

What remains on the record is Minister Louis Farrakhan’s allegations that Rizza Islam raped a woman:

Two sequential screenshots from the audio which was transcribed shows Louis Farrakhan making this statement:

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  1. The greasy grifter slide
    The Farrakhan pomade glide
    The shiny suit grift
    Gets yet another lift…
    This narcissistic shill
    Will claim it’s Allah’s will

  2. Sadly, this outcome is anything but “inexplicable” (although I appreciate your tact in calling it such). The defense went to pains to politically, specifically racially, charge this case. Considering the political and ideological commitments of the current LA DA and the figures behind the money that got him elected in the first place, this was all but inevitable.

    Chalk if up to the kind of justice and the reaming that CA tax payers have come to expect in their political monoculture. As long as CA voters play a stupid game, these are the only stupid prizes they have to look forward to.

  3. Actually, your reporting was accurate and on point. I checked behind you. In this case however, Scientology would have been on trial and they were not going to allow that in California.

  4. Where is the slander? The State of California criminally charged Rizza Islam and then elected not to proceed at trial. The charges were dropped. This is all a matter of record.

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