Shelly Miscavige

Hollywood PI: LAPD’s Missing Persons Interview with Shelly Miscavige was a Corrupt Cover Up

California Private Investigator Jeffrey Augustine offers his analysis of the LAPD’s 2013 missing persons investigation of Shelly Miscavige.

Augustine’s analysis is based on Yashar Ali’s blockbuster new and exclusive findings:…

Augustine makes the case that the LAPD investigation was conducted by two corrupt LAPD Detectives. He presents his evidence for this conclusion.

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  1. Well stated analysis. The huge giveaway is the inked fingerprints. Could anyone imagine the spectacle doing that would create in a diner? And someone who wants to be left alone agrees to meet in such a place? Incredible. Poor woman, just look at her DMV photograph—tells the whole story even if the LAPD won’t.

  2. I wish someone like 60 Minutes would pick this up and do a segment on it.

  3. isn’t it possible that there was never any interview at all? The fingerprints were not readable. Therefore, they could have come from anyone. The photo was from a license that could have been retrieved from the DMV. The tapes from the “coffee shop” are said to be scrambled. The tape would have to be examined to see if they have a date stamp as to when the tape was actually recorded. In my mind, this would be the only reason you would need to use a Scientologist owned coffee shop, to get the tape that was recording on the date and time the officers said they met with Shelly. It would be very easy to say. They met Shelly on this date at this time and was able to get the tape that was recording at that exact date and time and scrambled it. Yet, no meeting actually needed to take place.

    I also don’t know of any other evidence linking the officers meeting with Shelley Miscavage on that day or any other day. I believe it was all just a ruse to get Leah off their backs.

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