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Scientology’s TV Ad Blitz in Los Angeles Vanishes Instantly After Danny Masterson’s Criminal Conviction on Rape Charges

The Church of Scientology launched a television ad blitz in Los Angeles three weeks ago. The ads featured Scientology leader David Miscavige.

The ads aired incessantly on all local news stations every hour from 3:00 PM through midnight. The ads were clearly intended to distract from the high-profile criminal trial Scientologist Danny Masterson.

In these ads the 63-year-old cult leader stated that one cannot know Scientology unless they get the answers directly from Scientology.

The Scientology ad blitz ceased immediately when Danny Masterson was convicted at 1:50 PM on May 31, 2023.

The television ads were “turned off like a faucet” to borrow a phrase from a former influencer who was also turned off like a faucet several years ago.

The effort was yet another abysmal failure by David Miscavige.


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  1. That high-haired wank widget can’t even come out of hiding. He’s a lift-wearing, cowardly clown. Even Xenu thinks that he’s just an incompetent humanoid dingleberry.

  2. Well, you have to hand it to him. Not a penny wasted on superfluous dissemination. That loot all goes to private investigators, ethically flexible lawyers and empty buildings.

  3. Of course DM failed ! He was too busy sucking dicks on Hollywood Blvd.

  4. “Superfluous Dissemination” somehow sounds lurid.

    “COB was caught superfluously disseminating again!”

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