Claire Headley

Claire Headley on NewsNation with Ashleigh Banfield: The Danny Masterson Conviction & Scientology Intimidation

The Church of Scientology released a statement in response to “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson’s verdict that they have “no policy prohibiting or discouraging members from reporting criminal conduct.” Former Scientologist official Claire Headley, who testified as an expert witness in the trial, joins NewsNation’s “Banfield” for an exclusive interview.


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  1. Little Miss Savage’s Macallan-fueled, apoplectic, illiterate rants continue to be refuted with facts and logic.
    Claire and Mark are living rich, full lives. Little Pope Bitchslap is in hiding and amuses himself with Macallan, beating slaves, and conferring with his skanky lawyers and hired thugs…

  2. Seriously who does Miscavige think he’s fooling at this point? The policies are out here for everyone to see so we’re not buying it. Scientologists know these policies exist so these vehement denials aren’t for them. What’s the point?

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