Scientologist Gary Cardone: Chargebacks911’s “Biggest Client is Adult Entertainment”

Gary Cardone helps the porn industry fight chargebacks.

Scientology OT’s Gary Cardone and his ex-wife Monica Eaton’s company Global e-Trading, LLC, dba Chargebacks911 filed a lawsuit in 2022 against its business rival MidMetrics. Scroll down to read the complaint.

The complaint centers around MidMetrics recruiting, and then hiring, a Chargeback911 employee whose name is Faisal Sheikh Mohammad (“Faisal”).

Faisal had served as the Vice President of Administration at Chargebacks911’s facility located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Faisal was paid about $15,000 USD annually. (Ten Lakhs & 50,000 Rupees). He was eligible for a yearly bonus of about $2,000 USD but his employment contract stated there was no guarantee of a bonus.

What we see here is how little Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton paid their employees in India, i.e. $1,250 per month or $312.50 per week. Meanwhile, Gary and Monica resided in a luxurious $14 million waterfront home on the water in Clearwater and donated millions of dollars to the Church of Scientology. Why pay their wog employees a decent wage?

Grant Cardone: “Let’s 10X your porn income Gary!”

The complaint alleges that during the last 79 days of his employment at Chargebacks911, Faisal conspired with MidMetrics to steal Chargebacks911’s trade secrets in order to give them to MidMetrics when he went to work for them.

MidMedtrics’ agent in this plot is alleged to be Anastacia “Stacy” Bransfield. According to the complaint, while Faisal was still working for Chargebacks911 he stole trade secrets and other proprietary information and gave it Bransfield.

The goal of this nefarious conspiracy, it is alleged, was to give MidMetrics valuable trade secrets in order to benefit MidMetrics technologically and thus allow it to target and steal Chargebacks911’s biggest clients.

In its complaint, Chargebacks911 states that Faisal informed Bransfield that the highest revenue client for Global e-Trading LLC dba Chargebacks911 is adult entertainment:

Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton make their biggest money from porn. We know this for a fact because they said so in writing when they sued a competitor.

The court documents show Scientologists Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton making their highest revenues from adult entertainment, i.e. porn websites, escort services, and hookup sites that get chargebacks on credit cards. Chargeback911’s client list would certainly be interesting to review.

Scientologists consider themselves to be moral and incredibly ethical and yet adult entertainment, some of which involves sex trafficked women, does not seem to bother Gary and Monica. They are glad to take the money and fight chargebacks.

Gary and Monica are also engaged in fighting chargebacks made against  online gaming (gambling) websites. Chargebacks911’s website discusses online game fraud and how the company can fight chargebacks. This sinister graphic is shown:

The reason we mention Chargebacks911 and online gaming is that Englemindus George Praag, the Dutch tax lawyer who incorporated the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) in Curacao in 1984. He represented the IAS in Curacao where it was headquartered for several decades thereafter.

Praag was almost arrested in 2018 for his illegal online gaming activities in Curacao. The Panama Papers linked Praag’s shady company to 270 offshore entities.

Praag’s company is Curacao Trust Management NV; his gambling subsidiary is called Carmanco NV Trust Office. One of Carmanco’s customers was fined 350,000 euros for its illegal online gaming activities in 2018. Praag was cited by the authorities and told to cease and desist in his illegal gaming websites. Indeed, Praag he had been previously warned in 2015 against engaging in such activities.

From the Curacao Knipsellkrant website:

We are left wondering if George Praag referred his many online gaming clients to Chargebacks911. Keep all the money in the family so to speak.

The Chargebacks911 lawsuit against MidMetrics is quite revealing to read. The firm claims enormous financial harm from Faisal stealing its trade secrets.

Our question is this: Did Faisal steal Chargebacks911’s scammy “trade secret” of how to send bogus representments to credit card companies? Were the fake representments coming out of both the Clearwater and India locations? We have a feeling Gary and Monica will try to blame their Indian operation.

Chargeback911’s scam-tech is why the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Chargebacks911 as a company and Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton as individuals. Read our report on the SEC lawsuit.

It appears Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton knew the SEC lawsuit was fast approaching and wanted to clear the decks ahead of the lawsuit. We say this as Chargebacks911 reached a “resolution in principle” with MidMetrics on  April 4, 2023.

Eight days later, the SEC issued a press release on its lawsuit against Chargebacks911 on April 12, 2023.

The Chargebacks911 v. MidMetrics et al complaint offers insights in Cardone and Eaton’s operation.

For example, Cardone and Eaton had Faisal Sheikh Mohammad sign a five-year noncompete agreement if he left Chargebacks911. This meant Faisal could not get a job anywhere in the chargebacks industry for a full five years. In our view this is sleazy and unconscionable, particularly to an employee in India that Cardone and Eaton were only paying $1,250 a month.

Cardone and Eaton also made Faisal sign a binding arbitration agreement.

The legal filings show us Chargeback911’s fee schedule for its clients:

Taken altogether, the evidence shows Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton to be disreputable people who engage in fraudulent business practices. The SEC lawsuit says as much.

Chargebacks911 v. MidMetrics et al:

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