Scientology and the Nation of Islam Part 2: Why Has Tony Muhammad Vanished From His Peacecoin Business Without Explanation?

Scientologist and Nation of Islam Western Regional Representative Tony Muhammad a/k/a Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad has mysteriously, and without explanation, vanished from the Peacecoin crypto hustle he launched in 2019. We call Peacecoin a hustle because people were required to purchase overpriced physical silver, gold, or platinum Peacecoins coins and were then “gifted” with valueless crypto Peacecoin.

Reverend Kenny “Shark Shark” Smith told his listeners that Peacecoin crypto would skyrocket and the tokens would be worth hundreds of dollars each or wherever they went to. He urged people to get in on the ground floor.

Our investigation proved that Peacecoin crypto was nothing more than an MLM scheme in which people had to build a downline of others who would purchase overpriced physical coins on a monthly auto-billing basis:

Tony Muhammad painted a picture of Peacecoin as a new paradigm that would somehow unify all economies and ethnicities by unexplained means. This tweet was not proofread before being posted: 

The original Peacecoin management showed Tony Muhammad as the Founder. He is seen to the left on the second row:

Tony Muhammad is conspicuously absent from the new Peacecoin management team. Scientologist Amnon Ben Alon a/k/a Amnon Benalon is shown to the right on the top row. 

Left to right beginning top row: Kenny “Shark Shark” Smith; Tamir Krasniansky; Amnon Ben Alon; Houry Tartarian; Verlyn Spreeman; H. Salmon Rana; Ifran S. Muhammed

The sudden and unexplained disappearance of Tony Muhammad from Peacecoin management team raises many questions, particularly in light of his business partner Armen Temurian having recently been sued by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The complaint accuses Temurian of engaging in a fraud and a Ponzi scheme.

See our report on the US Government’s lawsuit against Armen Temurian.

This new lawsuit against Temurian comes on the heels of a Florida lawsuit in which plaintiffs Phillip Piccolo, Kevin Dalton Johnson, Paul Morris, Joseph Reid, and K.F.I. Software confidentially settled before trial against Armen Temurian. (Cite: Broward County Florida Case CACE19-025498. Notice of the settlement was published on March 24, 2023.)

Temurian had originally sued Piccolo who then filed a counterclaim. In his answer to Temurian’s lawsuit, Piccolo accused Tumerian of running a Ponzi scheme:

Does Tony Muhammad face any exposure, liability or risk arising from the new lawsuit against Armen Temurian?

Tony Muhammad’s business partner Watkin Muhammad is employed by Temurian’s Vista and was, and still may be, employed by Peacecoin.

In his original product launch, Tony Muhammad linked Peacecoin to Scientology’s front group United in Peace Foundation whose public face is Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson:

Tony Muhammad’s idea to position his for-profit with a Scientology nonprofit front group may have incurred the extreme displeasure of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Alfreddie Johnson has never been publicly identified with Peacecoin.

Tony Muhammad said in an interview that his partners Armen Temurian and Houry Tartarian had gifted him with 1.9 billion crypto Peacecoins so that he could do good works. For example, Tony Muhammad said Peacecoin was going to build a series of vocational training schools across the US. This never happened and was just idle hype.

As we previously noted, the timeline of this new lawsuit against Temurian is of interest to us because Temurian hooked up with Tony Muhammad in the same timeframe he was scamming people in order to get his hands on their crypto.

Left entirely unexplained is why Armen Temurian and Houry Tartarian suddenly showed up and coded 1.9 billion Peacecoins and gave them to Tony Muhammad?

Tony Muhammad has never stated how he met Armen Temurian and Houry Tartarian.

Peacecoin Inc. remains a for-profit business and continues to sell overpriced silver, gold, and titanium coins. As of today’s date, May 8, 2023, one can purchase a 1 ounce American Gold Eagle for $2193. Conversely, Peacecoin sells its 1 ounce coin for $3750.

There is absolutely no sense in paying 42% more for a 1 ounce gold Peacecoin, particularly when Peacecoin is not a collectible as is the American Gold Eagle coin. Unlike the Gold Eagle which is minted, Peacecoins are pressed which is a very cheap technique.

On a related note, Peacecoin’s sister company Peacecoin Jewelry shows as having been administratively dissolved on the California Secretary of State’s website. The date of termination was February 23, 2023.

Armen Temurian stated in his May 2022 business plan video that the company planned to conduct a token burn.  This requires tokens to be sent to a burner account which can only receive tokens and cannot transfer them. Token burning is supposed to increase the value of outstanding tokens due to reduced supply.

In point of fact, in our article of August 21, 2022 we posted a link to Peacecoin showing a total supply of 1.9 billion Peacecoin tokens. Nothing has changed. The token burn never happened. There are still 1.9 billion Peacecoin tokens with a value of zero.

In our August 2022 article we showed Peacecoin crypto as having 1,370 holders and 2,305 transactions:

When we checked Peacecoin on today, the site shows only 3 token holders and 4 transactions. Whereas one wallet once held 1.882 billion tokens, there is now one wallet holding 1.899 billion tokens. This leaves only wallet holding 10,000 tokens. What happened to the 1,370 previous Peacecoin holders? As a data point, the last transaction was occurred on October 19, 2022 when the 10,000 tokens were transferred.

Who owns the 1.899 billion Peacecoin tokens? Tony Muhammad owned them at one time. Does he still own the tokens or did he transfer them to Armen Temurian? If so, did Tony Muhammad do so in an attempt to shield himself from Temurian’s legal problems?

The new homepage shows that Armen and Houry Tumerian have pivoted away from Peacecoin crypto altogether and charged into NFT’s and vague claims of the Metaverse. Buzzwords are used extensively and the whitepaper link does not work.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission press release of the lawsuit against Armen Temurian and his company Vista Network Technologies:


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