Scientology and the Nation of Islam: Tony Muhammad’s Peacecoin Crypto Business Partner Armen Temurian Sued for Fraud and Ponzi Scheming by the US Government

Scientology and Nation of Islam Adjacent Scammer Armen Tumerian of Glendale, California

Scientologist and Nation of Islam Western Regional Representative Tony Muhammad stated in an interview that his friends Armen and Houry Temurian gifted him with 1.9 billion crypto Peacecoins so that he could do good works. For example, Mr. Muhammad said Peacecoin was going to build a series of vocational training schools across the US. This never happened and was just idle sales talk.

As we reported, Armen Temurian was a central figure in Tony Muhammad’s 2021 Peacecoin crypto business launch. Tumerian functioned as Peacecoin’s IT Manager and purported crypto expert. Tumerian also purchased Invex Exchange in Guadalajara, Mexico as a platform where Peacecoin and other crypto could be traded.

Armen Temurian’s company Vista Network Technologies was part of Tony Muhammad’s Peacecoin operation. Watkin Muhammad is employed by Vista and was, and possibly still is,  employed by Peacecoin.

The leadership of Peacecoin. An icon of the elusive Armen Temurian is seen second from the right in the bottom row. A real photo of Watkin Muhammad is to the left of Temurian: 

Top Row L-R: Elmer Duga Duga, Tamir Krasniansky, Tom Hazelton, Morris Hunter. Bottom Row L-R: Tony Muhammad, Watkin Muhammad, Armen Temurian, Kenny Smith

Armen Temurian now finds himself being sued by the US Commodities Future Trading Commission  for fraud, misrepresentation, and operating a Ponzi Scheme.

Essentially, Temurian convinced his victims to transfer $7 million in Bitcoin and Etherium into wallets Temurian controlled. He promised a 2.5% daily return due to his special trading algorithms which did not exist and never existed. Scammers are going to scam and now Tony Muhammad’s business partner Armen Temurian is being sued by the Feds.

This new lawsuit against Temurian comes on the heels of a Florida lawsuit in which plaintiffs Phillip Piccolo,  Kevin Dalton Johnson, Paul Morris, Joseph Reid, and K.F.I. Software confidentially settled before trial against Armen Temurian. Cite: Broward County Florida Case CACE19-025498. Notice of the settlement was published on March 24, 2023.

Temurian had originally sued Piccolo who then filed a counterclaim. In his answer to Temurian’s lawsuit, Piccolo accused Tumerian of running a Ponzi scheme:

(Reference:  Temurian et. al. v. Piccolo et. al. Case No. 18-cv-62737. US Federal Court, Southern District of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Division.)

The timeline of this new lawsuit against Temurian is of interest to us because Temurian hooked up with Tony Muhammad in the same timeframe he was scamming people in order to get his hands on their crypto.

Why did Armen Temurian and Houry Tartarian suddenly show up and code 1.9 billion Peacecoins for Tony Muhammad?

And why did Tony Muhammad, in turn, create an MLM which people had to purchase significantly overpriced physical silver, gold, and platinum coins  in order to be “gifted” Peacecoin crypto?

Where did Tony Muhammad get the money to fund the launch of Peacecoin? Or did the money come from the proceeds of Temurian’s scamming?

See our previous reporting: PeaceCoin Part One: Tony Muhammad, Armen Temurian, InvexCoin, and Scientology

The Caption page in the Complaint against Armen Temurian and Vista Network Technologies: 

The Complaint:

The Piccolo et. al. settlement with Temurian:

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  1. Many thanks for staying on top of all these events.

    It’s so disgraceful and immoral, people who think what they do is right, when it’s so wrong.

    Makes me hope the smart young people today get inspired to do jobs in the FBI and US Govt jobs in the Justice Dept eventually and put these scamming criminals in jail.

  2. Tony Muhammad: Pimp in a pimp suit. Double Cult Criminal.
    Farrakhan Dingleberry and Hubbard Houseboy.

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