Update on Scientologist and Nation of Islam Official Tony Muhammad’s Peacecoin Crypto

 In its advertising, Peacecoin — a for-profit company — uses photos from Scientology’s non-profit front group called United in Peace Foundation. The photo above shows Scientology Freedom of Medal winners Tony Muhammad and Alfreddie Johnson at a United in Peace event several years ago.  

The online presence of Scientologist and Nation of Islam official Tony Muhammad’s Peacecoin cryptocurrency business seems to have significantly faded. Peacecoin’s last Facebook post was made on March 11, 2021:

Peacecoin’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages are no longer working. The website is still working. However, all one can purchase at the website are the company’s overpriced physical silver, gold, and platinum coins. In exchange, buyers are “gifted” with Peacecoin crypto.

Peacecoin is an MLM in which buyers of the physical Peacecoins are expected to recruit a downline of people who sign up for regular monthly purchases of the overpriced physical coins using “Smart Pay” which is just another monthly auto-billing scheme program in an ocean of online auto-billing schemes.

THE CURRENT STATE OF PEACECOIN offers us some data on the current state of Peacecoin. First, we note that one wallet holds a whopping 99.0775% of the 1.9 billion tokens issued. The balance of 17,527,807 Peacecoins are held by 1369 other wallets.

Peacecoin’s Armen Temurian stated in his May 2022 business plan video that the company plans to conduct a token burn.  This requires tokens to be sent to a burner account which can only receive tokens and cannot transfer them. This effectively burns the tokens and decreases the supply of tokens. Token burning is supposed to increase the value of outstanding tokens due to reduced supply.

The wallet holding 1.882 billion Peacecoin tokens will, presumably, send some amount to a burner wallet to reduce the total float of the existing 1.9 billion tokens. We will wait and see if this actually happens.

The next chart shows that transfers of Peacecoin ceased on July 25, 2021 and did not resume until June 2, 2022. The last transfer in 2021 was for 10 coins only. The 2022 transfers are in low numbers.

According to Armen Temurian, Peacecoin’s long-delayed and often-postponed Invex Exchange was set to open on July 14, 2022. As we reported, Temurian owns Invex and works for Peacecoin. Neither Temurian nor Peacecoin discloses this material fact. Indeed, the url was taken down from LinkedIn:

Invex Exchange seems to have opened on July 14, 2022. The chart below shows two transfers made on July 15 and one trade on July 18. The total transfers are 9,000 tokens. This volume effectively amounts to zero activity given the 1.9 billion tokens issued.

The token analytics from December 18, 2020 through July 18, 2022 tell another part of the Peacecoin story. There was a spike during the January 2021 launch. However, the bottom yellow line shows the transfers came from only 1 or 2 unique senders — which would have been Peacecoin Inc. itself issuing tokens as a gift in exchange for the purchase of the physical coins:


The Invexcoin Partners section lists 8 partners. 6 of these 8 partners are companies owned by Tony Muhammad or Armen Temurian. We have listed their names in red to show how Peacecoin is based upon the two main insiders exaggerating the size of the company. Armen Tumerian owns a company called The Toilet Paper Network. It is part of his Vista Technologies.

In the affiliate section of the Invex Exchange, special bonuses are offered to social media influencers who have 500,000 followers or more and become an Invex Coin affiliate seller.

Hyping a Scientology-linked crypto would be the fastest way for a social media influencer to lose followers faster than greased lightning. Exhibit #1: Peacecoin makes the following legal disclaimers that no one is guaranteed or promised anything in its MLM video. What social media influencer is going to promote this?

How much is one Peacecoin token worth? We can find no value given on any exchange because Peacecoin is only listed on its own Invex Exchange. An official Peacecoin communication we received in mid-July 2022 claimed Peacecoin tokens were trading on Invex for .98 cents US.

Invex can assign its own product any arbitrary value it wants. If no tokens have been burned, then Peacecoin would be worth $1.862 billion dollars. This is absurd on its face. BTW Armen: Your Toilet Paper Network is overdue on filing its CA Statement of Information.

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  1. One terrible aspect of this con game is that Tony Muhammad is taking advantage of his position and is scamming his Muslim brothers and sisters just as David Miscavidge does with his fellow Scientologists. It seems that Phoney BoloneyTony has learned his lessons well from the master.

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