David Miscavige

Legal Document: Plaintiffs’ Motion for Order Declaring Defendant David Miscavige Served with Process and in Default

Scientology Fleet Admiral David Miscavige, as we call the strutting popinjay, has for many years now been avoiding the service of subpoena in the civil complaint filed against him by Baxter, Baxter and Paris.

The plaintiffs have now filed with the court to get him served by default.

This evidence that David Miscavige runs away from service of subpoena shows him to be a scofflaw whose number on rule is to delay, avoid, and hide out from wog law. Predictively, wog law is that which will ensnare Miscavige and bring this individual to justice.

The 89 page legal document details the extent to which craven David Miscavige has done to run away and hide from being served. “Zero Confront Dave” is a far cry from Earle Cooley who ate subpoenas for breakfast and passed them during his evening constitutional. None of this would have bothered Cooley.

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  1. Funny, Miscavige tries to portray that he is this courageous person willing to confront and destroy anything or anyone in his way. The one thing he seems to be deathly afraid of though, is the truth.

    The guy is obviously a coward, incapable of admitting the truth and fearful of his own abusive actions being exposed. He doesn’t want to be held accountable, so he hides.

    And he has no one else to blame for his predicament other than himself. This is truly one case where a Scientologist actually did “pull it in” on himself.

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