Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass

VP Kamala Harris to Swear in Karen Bass as the New Mayor of Los Angeles. Scientology’s Repudiation in LA Continues

US Vice President Kamala Harris will swear in Mayor-Elect Karen Bass in a history-making event as Bass officially becomes the first female Mayor of Los Angeles. As residents of Los Angeles, my wife Karen and I congratulate our new Mayor. We know she will be a strong leader for Los Angeles after serving six terms as a US Congresswoman.

Congresswoman Karen Bass (California 37th District) will become LA’s first female Mayor on December 11, 2022.

During the Mayoral race, the Church of Scientology maniacally attacked Karen Bass for her very public denouncement of Scientology. Specifically, Karen Bass publicly regretted her appearance at a Scientology event in Los Angeles in 2010 alongside David Miscavige and Miscavige’s “Dirty Cop Pal” former LA Sheriff Lee Baca who was later convicted of felony obstruction of justice in a Federal case and served prison time. Bass said she would never have attended the 2010 event had she known the actual facts about Scientology.

The enormous prestige of the Vice President of the United States swearing in her fellow Californian Karen Bass has Los Angeles celebrating the historical significance of the day our new Mayor takes office.

Los Angeles is not Clearwater. Mayor Bass has made it clear where she stands with David Miscavige and Scientology.

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  1. Wishing KB a good run as mayor.
    Glad to see Scienbollocky publicly repudiated-AGAIN.
    Bubba still entertains fantasies of Pompadoured Thetan in an orange dress…Wouldn’t it be “theta” if the Combover Clown(Drumpf) and
    the Hubbardian Hobbit ended up in the same federal prison?
    Ah, a thetan can postulate, que no???😎

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