Danny Masterson Rape Trial

Scientology & Its Attack Group STAND League Fail in Their Attacks on the LA Mayoral Candidates Who Criticized the Church

2022 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates Rick Caruso and US Congresswoman Karen Bass. A winner has yet to be declared in this very tight race. However, the clear loser was the Church of Scientology.

2022 LA Mayoral candidates Rick Caruso and US Congresswoman Karen Bass both denounced the abuses of the Church of Scientology in their campaigns. This was unprecedented in LA politics. Scientology was apoplectic at being publicly denounced by both LA Mayoral candidates.

As we reported, Scientology became a wedge issue in the 2022 Los Angeles Mayoral race. Rick Caruso criticized Karen Bass for speaking at a Church of Scientology event in 2010. Bass responded by stating the she regretted her involvement in the event. Bass stated that had she known about the abuses of the Church of Scientology she would never have attended the event.

Coincident with the LA Mayoral race, Scientology had been implicated in the internationally reported felony criminal trial of Scientologist Danny Masterson. If anything, the Masterson trial served as a validation of the many reasons why the candidates were correct in denouncing Scientology.

The Church of Scientology reacted to the stinging rebuke of the candidates in three ways.

1. The Church ran the same commercial incessantly on local cable and television stations here in Los Angeles. The commercial  featured Scientology’s unelected dictator-for-life David Miscavige and shows video footage taken when he opened Scientology TV in 2018. This saturation strategy failed to do anything.

2. The Church ran the same Miscavige commercial on local LA news websites. We took a screenshot when the ad popped up in the lower right hand of a news site we were reading to conduct research on a recent suicide:

3. Scientology’s rabidly insane attack group known as the STAND League went on a rampage that had not been seen since Leah Remini’s show Scientology and the Aftermath was running.

STAND League has posted 74 videos on its website. These videos feature Scientologists and an assortment of non-Scientologists engaging in attacks against candidates Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. The STAND League members called the candidates uneducated bigots that are attacking the Scientology religion. This the usual “always attack, never defend” doctrine written by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists will never admit to the many internal problems that drive the continuing disintegration and declining membership of the Church.

Los Angeles has a population of 3.85 million. STAND League’s 74 videos represent a mere .002 percent of the population. This shows just how miniscule STAND League’s efforts are in its smear campaign against candidates Bass and Caruso.

On a related note, Scientology pervert and STAND League leader Ed Parkin was conspicuously absent from STAND’s attacks on the LA candidates. Like Shelly Miscavige, we ask “Where’s Ed?” We assume Ed’s documented social media fraud, corpse-like appearance, and lying ways resulted in his being consigned to whatever hell Scientology is using these days in lieu of RPF.

STAND League migrated some of these videos on its Twitter page. On its Twitter page, STAND League ridiculously claims to have 138,000 followers:

When we examined the STAND League videos posted on Twitter the likes and retweets tell a dismal story. The top tweet has only 25 retweets and 44 likes — and this from a claimed 138,000 followers. This is yet more lying on social media by Scientology.

Rolston Prescott, a Los Angeles Scientologist of 35 years, informs us that he has passed age 65 and looks forward to living to 104 years of age. He then attacks the candidates. Rolston calls US Congresswoman Bass by her first name. He says, “Karen, I want you to think…” Sadly, Rolston’s video only received a pathetic 4 likes on Twitter.

Scientologist Anjelica Glosup, an equestrian, attacked the candidates. Sadly, once again, Anjelica only received two likes on Twitter.

Scientologist Heater McNown, a Scientologist of 20 years who says she is a “human rights activist” — and this is what every Scientologists claims to be — attacks the candidates and calls them stupid. Heather received 3 likes. Sad.

Our readers can see the STAND League Twitter page for themselves and view the low likes and retweets. The hashtag is @standleague.

The Church of Scientology is a brutal and dishonest religion. The tragedy is that it has some good people in it who have agreed to be part of the System of Scientology and are therefore part of the intrinsic evil that is Scientology.

STAND League on Twitter was an abysmal failure. So were the incessant television commercials and pop up ads online. Zero impact on the LA Mayor’s race.

Scientology can waste all the money it wants in its impotent attempts to saturate LA airwaves and the internet, but what is dominating the news cycle when it comes to Scientology is the Danny Masterson rape trial and bombshell stories such as this one:

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  1. “Rolston FORCEFULLY reminds Caruso and Bass…”

    4 (FOUR) Likes and 0 (that’s right, ZERO) re-tweets is “forceful?” It’s more like the effort of a 65-year old male with a prostate the size of a grapefruit to do a “forceful” job pi55ing in the wind. In a word, impotent rage.

  2. It’s telling that even with a core group of what is made to appear as 74 “strong” (judging from the video count), they lack the conviction to Like and re-tweet each other’s “forceful”, “slamming” and “disappointment” expressing contributions. Oops!

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