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SCIENTOLOGY VIDEO LEAK: Disgusting Living Conditions In Staff Dorms

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    Little Miss Savage needs some slaves to ravage…
    Line ’em up, slap ’em down, stack ’em 3 bunks high…

  2. It’s kind of over cramped Youth Hostel accommodations and not as bad at the “1981 this lifetime engram FEBC program” accommodations and even earlier training programs at Flag, I know, I visited the dorms of my then trainee cult bureaucrat students. Even the women are just as bad, and worse for cramping in years past.

    Compared to the Apollo dorms which were even worse.

    Naw, middle and upper middle class people just don’t get how a lot of people live in more cramped and pressured conditions worldwide.

    The middle class downsides arguments against Scientology are a losing angle.

    The cult of Scientology’s worstest aspects aren’t even close to real slave camps and gulags, or even refugee camps.

    When I lived my 27 years in the Sea Org cult accommodations, no instant was a bad as refugee camps I walked through when I was a teenager.

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