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More Grant Cardone Fraud: His Plan for Businesses to Use Credit Cards to Pay for Cardone Sales Training and then Declare Bankruptcy

Listen carefully to how Grant Cardone is selling people on the verge of bankruptcy to use credit cards to pay for sales training from Cardone’s own company:

Grant Cardone tells his audience to go into credit card debt to pay for sales training from Cardone’s own company.

Grant Cardone then tells the people in his audience that if they file for bankruptcy the credit card company will pick up the debt, i.e.  when the person’s credit card debt is discharged in bankruptcy.

Grant Cardone tells those same people that the sales training they purchased from Cardone on that credit card will be transferred to any new company they start.

This is just plain fraud. The disposition of assets in a bankruptcy are determined by a Trustee and the Court. What Grant Cardone is saying in this sales pitch is for people to knowingly engage in credit card fraud: Pay Cardone for sales training on a credit card; file for bankruptcy; and then continue on with your Cardone sales training.

Memo to Grant Cardone: You don’t have haters; you have people who are calling you on your own bullshit. You are the one who needs your ethics put in.

Cardone brags online about how is he quick to evict non-paying tenants and only buys multifamily properties in US States where it is easy to evict non-payers.

Cardone also brags online about how he has never missed a payment to a bank in his entire life or been late on payment.

However, when it comes to encouraging his clients to pay for Cardone sales training and then sticking credit card companies with the debt, he recommends it. Ironically, Grant’s twin brother Gary Cardone owns and operates Chargebacks911, a firm that fights bogus chargebacks on credit cards.

He also ignores the fact that people who file for bankruptcy will destroy their credit and will have a much harder time starting a new business after a bankruptcy if they are sole proprietors or general partners.  But he doesn’t care about their credit score when he encourages them to file for bankruptcy.

What Grant Cardone and his salespeople here are doing by inducing others to engage in defraud credit card companies is more than a hustle. Cardone and his salespeople are going after illegal profits by inducing and encouraging people to charge their credit cards for goods and services and then discharge the debts for those goods and services in bankruptcy if necessary. Fraud is one the 35 specific crimes under the US RICO law

We remind Grant Cardone of his fake 2020 bankruptcy vide.

How did this work out for you Grant? >95,000 people watched Kris Krohn’s video when he called you on your fake bankruptcy video. We recommend people watch again. What Grant Cardone does is part of a long-term pattern of reckless and irresponsible behavior.

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