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Steven Hassan – Jeffrey Augustine Podcast: Exposing Cult Apologists


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Steven Hassan and Jeffrey Augustine discuss what Augustine calls the Cult of Cult Apologists. The discussion focuses on cult apologist Massimo Introvigne and his fellow cult apologists. Augustine makes the point that cult apologists are exactly the same as the compromised scientists of the 1950’s who were paid by the tobacco companies to produce studies showing that cigarette smoking was not harmful. In the same way, the cult apologists accept payments from cults to write papers arguing that cults are not harmful and should be called New Religious Movements.

Calling cults “New Religious Movements” is just as absurd calling cigarettes “Nicotine Delivery Systems.” Like cigarettes, cults are damaging no matter what the cult apologists call them or how these pay-for-play scholars try to spin it.

Podcast Description: Jeffrey Augustine is an investigative journalist whose blog, The Scientology Money Project, covers Scientology’s money, crimes, lies, and legal matters. Augustine covers Scientology in real time and offers in-depth analysis, legal and governmental documents, and court cases. Augustine reports on the pervasive culture of white-collar criminality and financial scams within Scientology perpetrated by its members, in addition to Scientology’s cover-ups or rapes and child molestation. He is a former Pentecostal who has researched Massimo Introvigne, head of, and outs him as a cult propagandist along with a host of other sociologists who say brainwashing does not exist and don’t trust former members or critics. This interview is fascinating, especially for all interested in disinformation messaging, cults, and academics.

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