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More Scientologists Getting Into Crypto: Alfreddie Johnson and Karilyn Youngman-Trammell and Their Solar Gold Cryptocurrency

Karilyn Youngman-Trammell and Alfreddie Johnson

January 1, 2022:
Scientologists Karilyn Youngman-Trammell and Alfreddie Johnson launched their their Solar Gold (SOLG) cryptocurrency with 10 million tokens.

In doing so, they follow their fellow Scientologist Tony Muhammad into crypto. As we documented, Muhammad’s Peacecoin crypto appears to have gone nowhere.

The announcement at coinszap stated that both are international entrepreneurs (emphasis ours):

Solar Gold (SOLG) Coin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency designed to be the go-to digital currency conversion solution across Africa and the regional and global marketplace. Created by international entrepreneurs Karilyn Youngman Trammell, Reverend Alfreddie Johnson and a conglomerate of Internet strategists known as M12 (for Mankind). SOLG Coin allows coin holders to instantly convert the non-fiat African digital currency LUMI into crypto while tapping into the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. SOLG levels the playing field for millions looking to bank, invest and make purchases in the crypto sphere, serving as a conduit that connects coin holders, banks, financial institutions, consumer services, and mobile on a daily basis.

Despite a complete lack of evidence, Alfreddie Johnson has before claimed to be an international entrepreneur. He did so after his World Literacy Crusade scam in Compton was raided. His ex-partner, the late Hanan Islam, was arrested and charged along with her son Rizza Islam and three of her other children.

Rather than staying and helping Hanan Islam and her adult children with their criminal case, Alfreddie took off to Clearwater Florida and left Hanan and her adult children to fight the criminal charges on their own. Rizza Islam’s criminal trial is scheduled for October 2022.

Alfreddie Johnson’s actions bring to mind L. Ron Hubbard’s disappearance after the FBI’s massive 1977 raid on Scientology in Operation Snow White. Hubbard allowed his wife Mary Sue to go to prison for a program he had created. We were at the preliminary criminal trial for the Islam family. There were no Scientologists there to give them moral support. Only family friend Tammy McCrary had the decency to show up to support Hanan and her children. Tammy is the sister of the singer Chaka Khan who is an LRH-era public Scientologist.

We mention this to ask if Alfreddie Johnson will show up at Rizza Islam’s criminal trial. It’s on you Alfreddie. You’re a man or you’re not.

Once in Clearwater, Alfreddie set up with the Rahman brothers to create company called AmeriBest which has gone nowhere. The url is dead.

The declared purpose of Solar Gold crypto is to allow “coin holders to instantly convert the non-fiat African digital currency LUMI into crypto.”

What is Lumi? The answer is given at the One876entertainment website:

Eco-6 LUMI is a non-fiat digital currency and not an individual crypto currency like the Bitcoin, Zugacoin, pinkcoin and other cryptocurrenciesm (sic) and is underwritten by 100KWh of solar energy and convertible to 4 grains of gold. 4 grains of gold in weight equals 0.2592 grams. The current value for 1 LUMI is US$15.96.

Solar Gold is underwritten by a miniscule fraction of solar energy; meaning a tiny unit of sunlight; meaning a piece of blue sky. The one-year chart for Solar Gold (SOLG) shows a flatline at zero:

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  1. Ha! Work it, Right Reverend Alfrauddie! Get yer OGV right heah(translation:
    OGV: Organic Gas Vapor(straight from Alfrauddie’s butt)
    OGV: Old Gangsta Vamping(and rockin’ that 80’s Gumby Fade, yo)
    This hustle is underwritten by sunlight, so it’s bold ‘n’ bright ‘n’ super-tight!

  2. Re: “Rather than staying and helping Hanan Islam and her adult children with their criminal case, Alfreddie took off to Clearwater…”

    He gives people named “Freddie” a bad name; his escape to Clearwater, and into the waiting arms of Scientology, gives Clearwater (and cults) a bad name.

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