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Tom Cruise Fails to Appear at the Scene of an Accident at the Scientology Celebrity Centre

(Hollywood) A multi-car accident that resulted in a rollover and injuries occured last night in front of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre at the intersection of Franklin and Bronson Avenues.

Despite his protestations that Scientologists are the only ones who can help at the scene of an accident, Tom Cruise failed to appear at the scene to render Scientological aid and assistance.

Likewise, the Scientologists inside of the Celebrity Centre also failed to appear at the scene of the accident.

Scientologists did nothing to help. Perhaps they were all inside of the Celebrity Centre enjoying Captain David Miscavige’s new Wider Bridge?

This left LAPD and LA Paramedics to respond to the scene and handle it without the benefit of any Scientology Super Powers. Tom Cruise’s failure to appear at the scene of an accident has now been duly noted in the public record by the Scientology Money Project.

Tom Cruise will now have to eat his words:

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  1. Hahahaha. Well, since they believe we all get what we deserve they probably felt there was no need to help anyone not handing them any money.

  2. I’m sure the cultists inside were giving themselves “touch assists” – putting their fingers in their ears and ignoring reality!

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