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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Message to the People of Russia on the War in Ukraine

Позвольте мне сказать вам правду: Арнольд Шварценеггер


Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger recorded a video message to the people of Russia on the war in Ukraine. Governor Schwarzenegger speaks of his love for Russia and the Russian people and shares the truth about Mr. Putin’s horrific and illegal war in Russia.

The Russian soldiers are being lied to by Vladimir Putin. Governor Schwarzenegger shares how his own father, a German soldier who fought and was wounded in Leningrad in WWII, was lied to in the same way by the Hitler-era Nazi government of Germany.

Governor Schwarzenegger has asked for help in spreading his message to the Russian people. We ask all bloggers to help spread Governor Schwarzenegger’s message. Our blogs can help show our support for the Ukrainian people and our opposition to the tyrannical and criminal regime of Vladimir Putin.

We oppose tyranny in all forms. Vladimir Putin can and will be stopped. Seized by his own violence and paranoia, Putin has destabilized and harmed Russia and the Russian people in three weeks in ways no one thought possible. Putin has, and continues to, inflict great violence, mayhem, and mass murder upon the people of Ukraine.

Putin must end his illegal war or be stopped by other means.

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