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More Bad News for Scientology’s Cruise Ship Freewinds: US CDC Issues Warning to Avoid Cruise Ships Regardless of Vaccination Status

Stranded dockside since March 12, 2020 due the pandemic, Scientology’s cruise ship Freewinds will continue to remain a money loser for the Church for the foreseeable future.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) today issued a warning for people to not travel on cruise ships regardless of their vaccination status. Cruise ships have air handling systems that spread Covid and other viruses throughout all spaces on a ship.

From the CDC website:

The Freewinds has been docked in Aruba since March 12, 2020. Below is a photo of the very small berth where Freewinds is docked. The views of the cruise ship terminal parking lots in Aruba are the sum total of the scenic Caribbean views visitors to the Freewinds will get.

Our lovely wife Karen de la Carriere made a video on the way Scientology has secretly used the Freewinds as a prison ship. The details are quite shocking. Karen interviewed former Sea Org member and Freewinds former engineer Scott Campbell on the nightmare of imprisonment he experienced on the ship at the hands of Scientology. Former Sea Org member Valeska Paris was also held prisoner on the ship as were other Sea Org members.

Despite the reality of staring at parking lots while studying L. Ron Hubbard books, doing Scientology courses, and being regged for money while onboard, Freewinds continues to promote as if it were at sea traveling from port to port as it did in the pre-pandemic days.

FYI: Aruba Traveler Health Requirements 

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  1. In 1977, an ASHO Day recruitment team arrived at the Scientology Mission in Salt Lake City. My friend, Kathleen, and I signed Billion Year Sea Org contracts, convinced that the Sea Org still operated on ships on the open seas. The presentation given by the recruiters even included glossy 8 by 10s of the various ships that Scientology used to have. But we were led to believe that those ships were still in service and that we’d be on them.

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