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Top 10 Google Search Queries that Brought Readers to the Scientology Money Project in 2021

L-R: Danny Masterson and his attorney Thomas Mesereau; Rizza Islam; Jeffry Schneider and David Gentile of GPB Capital; Grant Cardone

Top 10 Google search queries that brought readers to the Scientology Money Project in 2021:

1. Rizza Islam Arrested

2. Grant Cardone

3. David Gentile GPB Capital

4. Danny Masterson Arrested

5. Leigh Dundas Told Her Followers to Kill Traitors

6. How Did L. Ron Hubbard Die?

7. How Much Money Does Scientology Have?

8. Is Scientology a Secret Occult Religion?

9. David Miscavige

10. Tom Cruise

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  1. Shocking that DM and CT didn’t get higher ranking! Looks like they have reached the twilight of their couch-hopping and accident-chasing glory days! Here’s to hopefully giving you a lot of referrals and click-throughs from my new and similar news aggregate site at! 🙂 Also, aside from being the new kid on the block in Scientology watchdog blogging, I’m also trying to grow in my prowess as a marketing and metrics geek, so I’d love to talk shop and hook up with whoever does your analytics. Albeit that I’ve designed my own site and hooked it up to Google Analytics and Search Console, I may need to outsource some of that work, and I’m sure the business referral will be appreciated!


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