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  1. I did not have the privilege of knowing Alexander. I have read & listened to Karen’s moving podcast about him & I cried. I did not know what she & Heber & Alexander went through at the total command of David Miscavige.

    I have such empathy in my heart for all involved in such a horrible use of policies and actions by David & Scientology. On this day of memory, I can send to Jeffrey & Karen Love & Hugs. Please know deep within me I feel Alexander RIP, is Free and Soaring So High. I send up my Love. 🌈

  2. It makes me feel sad when I think of how Karen must feel on this day. I know that there are no words. I can only imagine since I have never had a child of mine pass away.
    No one should ever have to experience a child passing away before them, and especially a beautiful, caring person like your wife.
    All we can do is move forward and keep doing good works, including exposing evil cults and usurpers like David Miscavige which exist only to hijack, twist, and compromise the good intentions of good people to serve their own evil purposes. Thank you both for your efforts to accomplish this.

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