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Is Laura Prepon on a Razor’s Edge Following the Indictment of Danny Masterson on Rape Charges?

Reporting on the Church of Scientology’s attempts to silence the women who accused Scientologist Danny Masterson of rape, an article in Page Six stated (emphasis ours):

According to [Geoff] Levin, “Danny was part of the young Hollywood clique. He ran with Jason Lee [who has since left the church], Giovanni Ribisi, Laura Prepon and [‘Grounded for Life’] sitcom actress Lynsey Bartilson.” (A source noted that Prepon, Danny’s co-star on “That ’70s Show,” is not currently active in the church.)

For a source to state that Laura Prepon “is not currently active in the Church” could potentially become a major problem for Prepon inside of the Church. The reason is that L. Ron Hubbard decreed that any “public disavowal of Scientology” is a high crime. Hubbard was emphatic that Scientologists are in Scientology forever:

In his HCO Policy Letter of 23 Dec 1965 RB entitled Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, L. Ron Hubbard stated that any public disavowal of Scientology is a high crime. For a “source” to tell the media that Prepon “is not currently active in the Church” constitutes a public disavowal. Hubbard does not allow any middle ground nor does David Miscavige. Tom Cruise has not walked away nor has John Travolta. 

Some excerpts from Hubbard’s bulletin (shown below) offers us an insight into what Hubbard considered to be high crimes. The list is quite bizarre inasmuch as Hubbard calls murder, arson, blackmail, and sexually perverted conduct high crimes while also calling the public disavowal of Scientology, reporting Scientologists to the civil authorities, and suing the Church of Scientology high crimes.

A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON or GROUP is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or a Scientologist by suppressive acts.

SUPPRESSIVE ACTS are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist and which are listed at length in this policy letter.

Suppressive acts are defined as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists.

Such suppressive acts include:

Any felony (such as murder, arson, etc.) against person or property.

Sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well-being or good state of mind of a Scientologist in good standing or under the charge of Scientology, such as a student or a preclear.

Blackmail of Scientologists or Scientology organizations threatened or accomplished—in which case the crime being used for blackmail purposes becomes fully outside the reach of Ethics and is absolved by the fact of blackmail unless repeated.

Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology organizations.

Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.

Proposing, advising or voting for legislation or ordinances, rules or laws directed toward the suppression of Scientology.

Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology.

Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

Writing anti-Scientology letters to the press or giving anti-Scientology or anti-Scientologist data to the press.

In the above text, which is Scientology scripture, L. Ron Hubbard says a high crime is, “Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology.”

This speaks to the efforts of the Church of Scientology and of individual Scientologist to make every possible effort to protect Danny Masterson. Scientologists do not believe in turning over other Scientologists to the police. Scientology’s internal culture of covering up rapes, pedophilia, and other crimes perpetrated by Scientologists is Church policy as dictated by L. Ron Hubbard and perpetuated by David Miscavige.

In reporting on Scientology’s effort to silence Masterson’s victims, Tony Ortega saw the matter from a different perspective. In his article on Prepon, Ortega saw Prepon’s “source” as doing damage control for the actress:

Laura Prepon, through her publicity team, tried to “handle” the New York Post this weekend with a suggestion that the Orange is the New Black actress is “not currently active in the church.”

That assertion appeared in a story about how Scientology is being sued for trying to silence Danny Masterson’s rape accusers. It was Masterson who brought Prepon into Scientology as they were co-starring in That ’70s Show in the late 1990s, and Prepon suddenly finds herself in an awkward position now that Masterson is facing 45 years to life in prison for raping three women who were all Scientologists at the time.

While Prepon’s Hollywood handlers are doing damage control, however, we wanted to remind readers something we first pointed out three years ago, and that was the part Prepon played in Scientology’s attempt to silence one of Masterson’s victims.

So what is the real story with Laura Prepon? For a “source” to say that Prepon is not currently active in the Church could simply mean that the actress will be active in the Church the future. Ortega may well be correct that Prepon’s source was doing damage control for the actress.

One real risk here is that Laura Prepon may well be called on to testify in the criminal trial of Danny Masterson as he defends himself against three counts of rape.

Danny Masterson is radioactive now that he has been criminally indicted on three counts of rape. Masterson’s arrest has sent shockwaves through Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Hollywood and the entire Church. Danny Masterson is now equated with Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

Danny Masterson suddenly has no friends and, as may be the case with Prepon, the Church of Scientology may find that it has fewer celebrities members than ever. How many more celebrity Scientology will declare themselves “not currently active” in Scientology? How many celebrity Scientologists will become “Miss Pattycake” as appears to be the case with Laura Prepon?

Scientologist Laura Prepon is also beginning to be called out in social media:

Hubbard’s entire policy letter concerning high crimes and suppression is here:

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