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Elena Cardone’s Heroic and Supreme Sacrifice: She Didn’t Get Her Ten Carat Diamond Ring!

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An excerpt from the London Real podcast.

With 160,000 dead from COVID-19 and tens of millions of people unemployed at this writing, Elena Cardone discusses her most heroic and supreme sacrifice: She didn’t get the ten-carat diamond ring Grant wanted to give her. A GIA certified L color SI2 clarity diamond retails at about $110,000. That’s just the stone. The 80 Cardone employees who were laid off got ten days of pay. Grant called these people a liability. Elena stated in the Real London interview that they can collect unemployment. She also said she and Grant’s $50 million Gulfstream 550 jet was not a liability and was staying.

Elena’s video follows Grant’s fake video in which he said he was going bankrupt — and this even as he laid off 44% of his employees and stopped paying distributions to his 3,100 investors. Grant did his fake video, he admitted, to get himself noticed above what he called “all the noise” created by the pandemic.

The Cardone’s are utterly tone deaf and out of touch with reality. They are Scientology Homo Novis.

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  1. Poor girl. Having to give up a diamond ring because of the virus, just tops any loss of business, jobs, and even loss of life by others. And she didn’t wait! She just had her executive assistant, letting us know that she has an executive assistant, because only rich and successful people have executive assistants, find out how to return her ring. She, of course would have to have her executive assistant do this because it is the job of an executive assistant to make those calls. She is able to humble brag her executive assistant ownership into the conversation so cleverly. Top marks for her.

  2. Grunt took delivery of his custom $300K Mercedes Tour Bus around April 14th…he would have ordered it prior to the covid 19 shutdown… my guess is its a replacement for the jet..

  3. “Utterly tone deaf and out of touch with reality” is a restrained and polite characterization. What comes to my mind is “sociopath.” In simple terms, a sociopath is a severely narcissistic person who is unable to experience empathy for others. S/he compensates for self-loathing and inadequacy with a profound hubris (homo novis) and imaginary achievements.S/he is unable to grasp their true humanity and dignity and considers others simply tools to be utilized to any extent imaginable for their own satisfaction and wish fulfillment.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Cardone’s idol, L Ron Hubbard, fell squarely into this category as he supplied overwhelming evidence for this conclusion. It appears that the Cardones have emulated him well, as is their absolute commitment as scientologists.

  4. Cardone’s messaging leaves me aghast! Today is just one example.

    Some of my other favorites:

    1.When he announced that he had made personnel cuts and was suspending dividends, he made it a point to tell his investors that “the jet stays.” What a time to be bringing THAT up.

    2. After suspending dividends he announced that there had been one last distribution for $2m. He also announced that FORTY percent of that went into his own pockets.

    3. In one of his videos he brags that he made the same deal that he is giving to his investors–a deal that many sophisticated investors describe as extremely unfair and noncompetitive with other, much less risky and more prudently managed funds–to the closest members of his own family (presumably the same folks that he would disconnect from in a heartbeat were they to speak ill of scientology).

    4. He dismissed a large number of employees with no notice and a minimum of compensation. To unnecessarily rub salt in their wounds he gave them a threatening lawyer letter. Basically a “sue me; the courts are closed, suckers.” Then he announced his commitment to hiring those same employees back at the first opportunity. A person would have to suffer from battered spouse syndrome to accept such an invitation!

    It’s clearly evident that Grant’s idol, L Ron Hubbard, not only took advantage of anyone who would let him to the utmost extent possible but he also enjoyed sadistically toying with his victims. Cardone clearly exhibits the “end phenomenon” of scientology: Becoming just like the Master!

  5. My knowledge of Grant Cardone has been limited to what I’ve seen on Tony’s site, but I watched a few videos on YouTube. And it seems he’s just another late-night ‘get rich quick in real estate’ huckster re-invented for the YouTube/Instagram age. It appears all of his YouTube critics are themselves in the same game and simply jealous that he’s better at suckering people out of their money than he is. They’re all selling something, so it’s hard to take any of them seriously. Some of his ‘investors’ seem completely brainwashed, so he’s learned well from Scientology the art of control.

    I do regret that watching videos about Grant Cardone will now be on my permanent Google record and that I’ll probably start getting ads for various ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

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