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The most incredible lie Scientology attorney Monique Yingling told ABC ’20/20′

Monique Yingling, Esq.

Preface: My article below originally appeared on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker. It is reprinted here with additional material added. I republish the article here because the Church of Scientology has used tens of millions of tax exempt dollars, or more, to pay Monique Yingling (and the law firm for which she works) for her four decades of legal services to Scientology. And yet Yingling had the shamelessness on her recent interview with ABC 20/20’s Dan Harris to criticize Leah Remini  for making money to produce and appear in the A&E show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Monique Yingling’s hypocrisy is staggering: She is a financial beneficiary of the human suffering that occurs in Scientology, and, Yingling helps to enable that suffering by defending it as an attorney for Scientology. Yingling also made a point to ABC’s Dan Harris that she raised her children in the Catholic faith; it is unfortunate that none of the love, compassion, or mercy of the Catholic faith seems to have affected Monique Yingling in her professional work.

Following the sudden departure of Tommy Davis as the Church of Scientology’s spokesman in 2011, the organization no longer has an actual Scientologist to represent it on television or in documentaries. Seemingly by default, Scientology leader David Miscavige’s attorney Monique Yingling — a non-Scientologist – has found herself cast in the unlikely role as the international spokeswoman for the church.

During ABC 20/20’s recent episode, “Scientology: A War Without Guns,” Yingling appeared to speak on behalf of Miscavige at the last minute. Like her previous appearance in April in an episode about Ron Miscavige’s book Ruthless, Yingling was given a lot of airtime to present the church’s side of things. And this time, at one point ABC’s Dan Harris asked her a very straightforward question, and her reply was stunning:

Harris: Scientology has described psychiatry as an “industry of death.” Why is that?

Yingling: Well, I think that’s a catchphrase. But what Scientology has worked hard against are abusive practices of psychiatry. Not psychiatry in general.

Harris: You say, “not psychiatry in general,” but an “industry of death” sounds pretty general.

Yingling: Well because unfortunately there have been a lot of abuses, and psychiatry has caused a lot of deaths.

Right there on national television, this was a pretty spectacular lie.


ABC 20/20’s Dan Harris interviewing Monique Yingling

If you know much about Scientology at all, you know that founder L. Ron Hubbard considered all of psychiatry an abomination that has plagued mankind for trillions — yes trillions of years. Hubbard even claimed that the “evil psychs” were a special race, traceable to the planet “Farsec.” The goal of the psychs, according to Hubbard, is to implant, enslave, and kill humans.

From 1950 until his death in 1986, Hubbard created, expanded, and sustained Scientology’s attack upon psychiatry that continues to this day.

As part of Hubbard’s efforts to expose psychiatry, Scientology created the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in 1969 as a “mental health industry watchdog whose mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health.” But what does CCHR actually do? One thing CCHR does is work to get psychiatrists arrested, tried, and imprisoned for abuses.

CCHR’s Psychiatric Crime Database, yet another typically exaggerated and bizarre Scientology PR effort, puts the lie to Monique Yingling’s claims that “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” is merely a catchphrase:

CCHR also markets and sells the book “Psychiatrists – the Men Behind Hitler” on its website. This tawdry book blames psychiatry for the Holocaust:

In 2005, CCHR opened its “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum” in Hollywood. This was the same year Tom Cruise launched into his hostile attack against psychiatry and psychiatric drugs during his interview with Matt Lauer. And then at the 2007 New Year’s event at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles, David Miscavige infamously used animated exploding hand grenades to call for the global obliteration of Psychiatry:

I was in the audience that night and was appalled to see the way in which the gathered Scientologists jumped to their feet to scream wildly and applaud Miscavige’s violent call for the global obliteration of Psychiatry and the mass arrest and imprisonment of psychiatrists. Miscavige further bragged at this event that CCHR had a “smart bomb” that “sniffs out Psych fuel lines and blows the funding mechanism. And in that way, to put it bluntly, we booby-trapped the whole psychiatric ecosystem.”

David Miscavige’s violent 2007 rant against psychiatry was nothing new. In October 1995, Miscavige promised Scientologists that psychiatry would be destroyed in five years:

“There are a lot of opinions out there as to what is wrong with Earth, 1995. But if you really want to eliminate those problems all you have to do is work for the objectives that we, as members of the IAS, have set for the year 2000: Objective One – place Scientology at the absolute forefront of Society. Objective Two – eliminate psychiatry in all its forms. Let’s get rid of psychiatry, and let’s bring Scientology to every man, woman and child on this planet.”

Finally, and here we arrive at the crux of the matter, L. Ron Hubbard was infuriated that psychiatry had obtained what he thought was a fraudulent monopoly on mental health treatment. To Hubbard’s way of thinking, psychiatry was rigged because it required an eight-year medical degree plus a four-year psychiatric residency to become a psychiatrist. This conspiracy to require medical degrees and residencies effectively locked Hubbard and his e-meter out of the tens of billions dollars per year in government funding spent on mental health treatment.

Hubbard wanted that money. He wanted Scientology to have an exclusive global monopoly on mental health treatment and the billions of government dollars pouring into psychiatric and mental health programs. As Hubbard wrote in his confidential 1969 memo Intelligence Actions:

Our war has been forced to become to take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms… Our total victory will come when we run his (the enemy’s) organization, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.

Monique Yingling was prevaricating when she told Dan Harris that “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” was a catchphrase. Yingling knows that, per its own policies, Scientology will not accept anyone as a member who has been suicidal or has been treated with psychiatric drugs. In a paradoxical coda to this article, we note that these two prohibitions disqualify L. Ron Hubbard from Scientology.

In 1947, L. Ron Hubbard wrote to the US Veterans Administration complaining of suicidal ideations and moroseness, or what we would today call depression. Hubbard asked the Veterans Administration to provide him with psychiatric treatment.

And at the end of his life, in January 1986, L. Ron Hubbard suffered a stroke and was treated with the psychiatric tranquilizer Vistaril.

Hubbard’s intense hatred of psychiatry was most curiously book-ended between his request for psychiatric help in 1947 and his use of a doctor-prescribed psychiatric tranquilizer at the end of his life. I wonder how Monique Yingling would spin that?

— Jeffrey Augustine

When I was doing research for this article I thoroughly examined many CCHR websites. While it feels like internet dumpster diving, the fact is that one has to study Scientology websites in detail in order to be a good researcher. Scientology websites are a gold mine of the Cult’s paranoid mindset and CCHR has the most gruesome and weird of all Scientology websites.

As to “Industry of Death” being a catchphrase, one CCHR website has a CGI reproduction of the actual Industry of Death museum in Hollywood. I toured the museum after it opened many years ago. The decor reminded me of a Marie Calender’s restaurant, sort of a French farmhouse motif, festooned with photos of Nazis and ghastly photos of lobotomies and ECT. There are also psychiatric appliances. The net effect led me to conclude that CCHR itself is in dire need of psychiatric treatment.

On one wall there is a big sign that reads: Psychiatry. Torture & Death Sold as Miracle Cure. When I saw this, I realized Scientology was projecting what it does onto Psychiatry:


There is also a Eugenics display. Curiously, it has never occured to Scientology that its goal to create a master race of Homo Novis and to “dispose of quietly and without sorrow” all those 2.0 or below on the Tone Scale is a form of both Scientology eugenics and genocide.


The Industry of Death museum has a strange display that features a collage of images that are weird and creepy:


On a final note, one CCHR website has a Mr. Lage Vitus correctly condemning the South African philosopher, psychologist, and Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966) as the architect of apartheid. However, Scientology then engages in a leap of logic to blame Dr. Verwoerd’s work in psychology — and by extension psychiatry — for apartheid. Scientology is incorrect for apartheid was rooted in racism, segregation, and the goal to keep Black South Africans in a perpetual state of poverty and illiteracy. Apartheid was a function of racism and not psychiatry. That Scientology also blames the Holocaust on psychiatry shows its deeply flawed Cultic ideology in which psychiatry must be to blame for all the evils of the world.


Moreover, as the Daily Mail noted, L. Ron Hubbard wrote to Prime Minister Verwoerd to praise Verwoerd’s slum clearance projects. In doing so, Hubbard effectively praised and condoned apartheid.

In a letter written in November 1960 to Hendrik Verwoerd, a former president considered the architect of apartheid, Hubbard praises the devastating practice of forced resettlement of non-white South Africans.

‘Having viewed slum clearance projects in most major cities of the world may I state that you have conceived and created in the Johannesburg townships what is probably the most impressive and adequate resettlement activity in existence,’ says the letter, which was brought up during South Africa’s 1972 Commission of Inquiry into Scientology.

While in South Africa, Hubbard developed Scientology’s toughest test: a confessional-style list of probing questions, asked of followers while they hold the tin can electrodes of a lie detector-type device known as an ‘e-meter.’

The Wiki page on Verwoerd describes the brutal tactics he used against opponents of his apartheid policies. If one substitutes “Scientology” for “apartheid” in this quote, the parallels between L. Ron Hubbard and Verwoerd are eerie:

Verwoerd rigidly enforced Apartheid policies through further introducing oppressive laws, which diminished the rights of ordinary individuals… Verwoerd empowered the police, Secret Police and Army to extraordinary levels. During his time in office he ordered a secret all-out offensive against those opposed to apartheid policies….

L. Ron Hubbard created a fascist system of Scientology apartheid in which, if he had his way, only Scientologists would have rights. As Hubbard wrote in Science of Survival:

…any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind, because by abusing those rights he brings into being arduous and strenuous laws which are oppressive to those who need no such restraints.

What the Church of Scientology Doesn’t Want the Public to Know – Part 1

The real secret about Scientology is not Xenu or volcanoes.

What the Church of Scientology does not want the public to know is its biggest secret: Scientologists consider that they are Homo Novis, a new and superior Master Race.

The real secret about Scientology is its Master Race agenda that seeks nothing less than world conquest via ethnic cleansing and taking over the political, legal, educational, and mental health systems of the world.

As we documented from the words of L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology is actually Master Race group that embodies a call for a genocide against 2.5% of the global population it blames for the world’s problems. These people must be destroyed because they stand in the way of Scientology’s secret goal of world conquest by deceiving and brainwashing the masses.

tom-cruise-actor.11Scientology celebrities Tom Cruise, Greta Van Susteren, Kirstie Alley, Anne Archer, and John Travolta know about the secret Scientology plans and are a willing part of them.

Scientologist and pharmaceutical billionaire Bob Duggan, CEO of publicly traded Pharmacyclics is part of the plan. Duggan, the richest Scientologist in the world, has donated over $50,000,000 to forward Scientology’s secret aims.

Scientology uses the chilling Orwellian codespeak term New Civilization to describe its fascist vision of a Scientology world.

scn.new.civilizationPresided over by tyrannical Scientology dictator David Miscavige, Scientology’s secret quest for world domination and ethnic cleaning explains the Church of Scientology’s malicious, vindictive, and litigious behavior.

The covert quest for world domination explains why the Church of Scientology is operated by a secretive paramilitary group called the Sea Organization.

Shockingly, and unknown to the public, is that Scientology’s private paramilitary has about 4,000 members and a war chest of possibly four billion dollars. This blog has hard evidence of $1.7 billion in Scientology money.


 The Church of Scientology is infamously litigious and employs dozens of non-Scientology lawyers to do its bidding. The Church’s top lawyers are discussed in a Business Insider article.

The Church of Scientology’s non-Scientology lawyers had unlimited funds to spend fighting the IRS. This effort allowed the Church of Scientology to regain 501(c)(3) tax exemption in 1993; this after having lost tax exempt status in 1967.

Having gained status in America as a religion allowed the Church of Scientology to gain religious protections for its secret Master Race agenda.

As a result of tax exemption, the Church of Scientology has been able to:

* Get away with at least two murders.

* Cover up rape, child molestation, and violent assaults on women.

* Spend tax-free dollars to perpetrate acts of retaliation and violence against those who speak out against Scientology; this under Scientology’s notorious policy of revenge called Fair Game.

* Spend tens of millions of tax-free dollars to defend David Miscavige from the consequences of his own malignant orders to destroy former Church executive Mark Rathbun for daring to speak out. The Church of Scientology is paying twenty-two lawyers to fight in the Rathbun case in Texas.

* Financially rape and destroy its own members in the name of “religious donations.”

* Kidnap and hold its own members against their will by use of unconscionable and malicious contracts.

* Break up families, marriages, and friendships by a “religious policy” called Disconnection.

* Engage in human trafficking.

* Engage in an endless series of nonstop lies about Scientology’s actual malicious ideology and plans.

* Operate a highly-profitable Mafia-like criminal syndicate while calling it a religion.


While it would seem — based purely on principle — that Jewish lawyers would refuse to use their talents in the employ of a Master Race cult, it is nevertheless true that several Jewish lawyers aid and assist the Church of Scientology in its disturbing and malicious plans for world domination:

1. David J. Schindler of Latham & Watkins LLP.

2. Bert Deixler of Kendall Brill Klieger.

3.  Eric M. Lieberman of Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Lieberman, P.C.

UPDATE: The reason that the Jewishness of these particular lawyers is relevant is because they belong to Jewish human rights groups, or in the case of Lieberman, advocate for civil rights while working for the Church of Scientology — an organization that strips both Sea Org members and public members of their basic human rights and civil rights. The same question equally applies to Christian, Islamic, and all other attorneys who are members of faith communities and represent the Church of Scientology. How can such attorneys spiritually reconcile the inhumanity, greed, and deceitfulness of the Church of Scientology to their faith or support of human rights? As documented, the Church uses four unconscionable contracts to strip Scientologists of many of their civil rights.

1. David J. Schindler, Board Member, Bet Tzedek “Justice For All.” How can Schindler reconcile his personal belief that there should be “justice for all” when there is no justice for Scientologists both in their own Church and when they leave their Church? Schindler was the lawyer who sent threat letters to the parents of many Anons.

2. Bert Deixler’s official Kendall, Brill, Klieger bio states, “His community activities include Board Membership of the Western Justice Center Foundation (Executive Committee).” On its mission statement page, The Western Justice Center states its mission:

Western Justice Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a more civil, peaceful society where differences are valued.

We design and implement creative programs that change the way people think about and respond to differences and conflict. Our programs raise awareness, build skills and increase the possibility of just communities and schools.

How does Deixler reconcile his personal commitment “to building a more civil, peaceful society where differences are valued” when he works for a Master Race group that wants to negate the democratic and civil rights basis of Western Civilization? L. Ron Hubbard himself did not want Democracy. He wanted to rule a Scientology world in which he was the dictator and only Clears and above had the right to vote on anything. Scientologists have never been allowed to vote on anything in the Church.

3. Eric Lieberman’s page at LinkedIn states;

Mr. Lieberman served for many years as Co-General Counsel for the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, an organization that litigated many important civil rights and liberties cases. Mr. Lieberman, is also Co-General Counsel for the Bill of Rights Foundation, a similar organization. Mr. Lieberman served as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Criminal Procedure of the Committee on State Legislation, New York County Lawyers Association.

How does Eric Lieberman reconcile his work of civil liberties and free speech with his decades-long representation of the Church of Scientology? Scientology is a fascist system whose members have virtually no rights. Lieberman himself has said that his firm represents “controversial clients.” The Key Wiki page shows that Lieberman’s firm has represented dictators:

The Firm (Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Lieberman, P.C.) represents the Republic of Cuba, and its agencies and enterprises, in all matters pertaining to the United States. The Firm has been Cuba’s only counsel in the United States since June 1960. The Firm has also represented:[2]

  • Republic of South Africa, in several current U.S. judicial proceedings

  • Central Bank of Iran (Bank Markazi Iran) during the Iran-U.S. confrontation of 1979-81

  • Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou and the Government of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

  • Republic of Haiti and President Jean-Bertrand Aristide

  • Republic of Chile, CORFO (Chilean state development corporation) and CODELCO (Chilean state copper company) during the presidency of Salvador Allende

  • Nicaraguan state enterprises and Nicaragua’s Permanent Mission to the U.N. during the Sandinista period

  • The Angolan state airline, TAAG, and Angola’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations

  • Officials of the PLO’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in contesting the U.S. efforts to close the Mission

How does Lieberman reconcile his civil rights work with representing dictators, dictatorships, and the Church of Scientology? Is it as simple as saying that Scientology can buy all the lawyers it wants with its tax-exempt dollars to pay for its decades of never-ending legal problems? Is the actual purpose of the Church of Scientology to endlessly raise money to employ as many lawyers as necessary to defend the church’s atrocious conduct? Is Scientology ultimately, and only, nothing more than a series of shabby contracts that promise intangible spiritual benefits and imaginary statuses in exchange for nonrefundable monies? If so, Scientology ultimately never escapes the wheel of birth and death  — and never really changes any conditions whatsoever. Perhaps I am naive, but given the evil inherent in the Church of Scientology, I personally don’t understand why any lawyer with stated commitments to faith, human rights, and civil liberties would work for the Church of Scientology, but it gets worse.


The Church of Scientology’s Jewish lawyers are not only working for a Master Race group; they are  also, ironically, working on behalf the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.

The Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam are in an alliance to Clear the Planet, where “Clear the Planet” is just another Scientology codeword for ethnic cleansing.

Minister Louis Farrakhan’s annual Saviours’ Day address for 2015 will be televised in the Church of Scientology London located at 146 Queen Victoria Street in London (see the Nation of Islam flier below).

In his past Saviours’ Day addresses, Farrakhan has sharply attacked the Jews, attacked Israel, and questioned the veracity of the Holocaust.  Farrakhan also refused to speak out against Islamic terrorists:

“You expect Muslims to stand against suicide bombers. You expect us to say, ‘wait a minute, you do not kill innocent people for political purposes.’ You want us to say that and if we don’t say it you rise up against us. But we don’t hear you correcting your brothers because what they’re doing is creating hatred for Israel and hatred for America that looks the other way while the Palestinians are being slaughtered.”op. cit.


Where does it end?

What else does the Church of Scientology not want the public to know?

Stay tuned for Part II of this series.