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COVID-19 and Scientology’s Flag Land Base: A Report From Our Source in Clearwater

Paying Publics at Flag Get Face Masks; Sea Org Members Do Not. Why? This photo is obviously a shoop. However, we use it to make a point: Flag Land Base is making a mockery of the serious risks posed by COVID-19. Flag ignores social distancing; does not provide everyone on the Base with personal protective gear; and continues to stay open and provide services. Scientology does this even as the Catholic Church and other religious denominations have cancelled public religious gatherings such as Mass and Sunday services in order to protect their parishioners. Scientology refuses to do this. Scientology leader David Miscavige dismissed the COVID-19 “hysteria” in a recent public letter.

Our source is a medical professional in the know. Our source has told us about current conditions at the Flag Land Base and has raised excellent questions about Flag and COVID-19:

We understand the public are provided with masks. Are they surgical masks? We further understand the staff are not wearing masks. Why not?

We understand public Scientologists arriving for coursework and sessions are quarantined at The Oaks for 14 days — and this at their own expense. Do these publics remain in their hotel rooms the entire time? If they do not remain in their rooms, are they provided with masks when they leave their rooms? Do they eat communally? Are there provisions to maintain a six foot distance between every person at Flag?

We understand that Flag has implemented a Decon7 system to clean surfaces. However, surface disinfection is only one part of the problem. COVID-19 is an airborne microbe. Therefore, the air handling systems in Flag’s numerous facilities present an additional problem. What, if anything, is Scientology doing to clean its HVAC systems? Cruise ships are especially dangerous as COVID-19 circulates freely throughout ships via air handling systems. This same threat applies at Flag inasmuch as the estimated 2,000 Sea Org members at Flag plus public members are inside of buildings breathing the same air. They are no better off than being on a cruise ship. If a few asymptomatic carriers are inside of Flag then the danger is enormous.

Why are public dining at the multiple Flag restaurants? We understand that staff members who have family visiting Flag are allowed to eat with them in Flag restaurants. Flag Land Base does not appear to be making even the slightest efforts at social distancing. Why is FSO allowing this situation?

Why is Flag Land Base servicing Scientology’s public members during a pandemic and risking the health of both its public and Sea Org members? Scientology is obviously after the money, but the risks here far outweigh money. Why doesn’t Flag Land Base shut down for the duration? Scientology is a nonessential activity and courses can be done online. The Catholic Church has shut down Mass and other public observances. Why not Scientology?

If a Sea Org member becomes ill with COVID-19, where will they be quarantined? On the base or off the base? If off the base, where? A qualified medical facility with medical staff present 24/7?

With video footage as late as last Wednesday showing Sea Org members traveling on Flag buses to and from their residences, why are they are not provided with masks? Why aren’t they maintaining six foot distance?

The video below is damning evidence that Sea Org members at Flag are, as usual, being crowded on buses with no face masks and no social distancing:

Will sick Sea Org members, who sleep four to six persons in a room with bunk beds and share a bathroom, all be tested for COVID-19? If not, why?

If an ill Sea Org member is quarantined, who will clean their rooms, serve them meals, and take care of their other vital needs?

Will a sick Sea Org member have access to his or her cell phone to call for help if needed? Will they be able to call 911, or will the 911 calls go to a Church of Scientology agent to be handled as a potential PR risk before addressing the actual medical situation?

If they do have staff supporting the sick Sea Org member, does the helper have an N95 mask? For Sea Org members who require an N95 masks, will the masks be properly fit-tested by a qualified individual?

Are qualified mask fit-testers on site? Have the staff who have been designated to support sick Sea Org members been provided with their own masks? Have these Sea Org members been instructed on proper use to maintain a good mask seal and trained on the proper disposal of masks that are soiled or contaminated?

If there is a surge in illness, is there a sufficient number of fit-testers and other personnel to handle the surge?

If a caretaker of a Sea Org member has facial hair and cannot wear an N95 mask, have they been provided with a hood? (There are two types of hoods: The Max Air System (CAPR) or a 3M PAPR).

If a sick Sea Org member becomes unstable, to which hospital will he/she be transported? We hope there will not be a repeat of Lisa McPherson in which a Sea Org member in distress is transported to a distant hospital as nearby hospitals are bypassed.

Has the church of Scientology made arrangements for local emergency medical transport to nearby hospitals?

Which hospital or hospitals? Do these hospitals have COVID-19 designated units? Do these hospitals have ample equipment such as ventilators and supplies?

Sea Org members do not have health insurance. How will the hospital bills be paid? Will the Church of Scientology expect taxpayers to pay medical bills as has been the standard practice in Scientology?

If a Sea Org member does not feel safe at Flag, will they be given an immediate leave of absence to return home?

These are all questions a family member would ask to ensure the people they care about are safe. If a family member of a Sea Org member asks these questions, will they be shunned, met with defiance, anger, sarcasm, or disconnection?

Or will the Sea Org member robotically repeat the words in the letter David Miscavige issued concerning the COVID-19 “hysteria”?

All of these same questions and concerns apply equally to public Scientologists at Flag.



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  1. Their gross negligence will overwhelm the local resources and they do not care.

    We should know in a matter of days.

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