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Mike P University on Grant Cardone

Mike makes an incredible amount of sense in this video, especially when he tells Grant Cardone that the world’s not over yet and to give himself a chance. That’s good advice to anyone: Don’t give up. The world’s not over yet. Have confidence in yourself. In his last few videos, Grant Cardone seems to have lost his unshakeable Scientology certainty. Grant’s come a long way from Freedom Motorsports where he sold people on investing in a race car that wore a Dianetics logo. However, his billion dollar debt (which we think is larger) is now as solid and real as it gets. Let’s see how OT VIII Grant Cardone manages the debt. Let’s see if he keeps his G550 in an era where travel and big events have ground to a halt. Grant said he paid cash for the jet. How badly does he need that $50 million+ now?

Grant Cardone made a video in which he said that he was reaching out to his tenants and offering them 15 months of rent if they prepaid 12 months. IMO, that screams cash flow desperation. As we mentioned in a previous podcast with Chris Shelton, we preferred the liquidity of stocks over tying up money for 7-10 years in a Cardone private equity real estate fund. We exited stocks in 4th quarter 2019 to a) take profit, and b) on expectations of a massive price correction in 2020. We didn’t predict anything. Rather, we took our lead here from Bloomberg and the big money institutions predicting a significant price correction in 2020.

Grant Cardone is still arguing that “cash is trash” but we don’t agree. Cash is king right now and that is why Grant is looking for as much trash cash as possible. So is his Church of Scientology and that’s why it is keeping Flag Land Base open despite the calls to ban mass gatherings.

Tommy Bryson on Grant Cardone:

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  1. Cardone’s business model is based on a vacancy rate not to exceed 15%. (This is one of the few metrics that I can find in his scheme that is in fact actually reasonable.)

    However, for every tenant accepting, Grant’s 15 for 12 offer, it effectively amounts to something equivalent to a 20% vacancy rate for the affected housing unit.This appears to be what Grant thinks of as his new best-case scenario. Given his extremely high leverage, 85% debt, this matters a lot!

    BTW, good luck, Grant, finding tenants who are interested in making such a sizable pre-payment in the face of massive economic uncertainty.Not to mention, uncertainty in your ability to deliver on your side of the deal

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