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Scientology: Sad Site in Los Feliz, California

While we were out picking up essentials, we spotted this old car ahead of us. The vehicle sported a Scientology logo and handicap plates.

This is sad on so many levels. We wondered what the elderly couple in the vehicle had been through in what must be decades inside the Church of Scientology.

The reality is that people grow old and there comes a time when you can’t work. Retirement income is far more important than the Church of Scientology’s Bridge to Poverty in old age.

The Church of Scientology is a high-pressure wealth extraction machine that takes everything from its members: Their Life Force; years and decades of their lives; children; family; money; labor; and whatever else the regges can extract. As we have said for years, the End Phenomenon of Scientology is this: Nothing Left of a Person.

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  1. Why would a Scientologist need handicapped plates? Can’t they just use some of LRH’s tech to heal themselves? Or has Xenu forsaken them?

  2. What amazes me is that these poor souls have a handicap plate, isn’t that bad PR for scientology… people might think they’re degraded beings?

  3. But, it’s not for the disabled; Scientology says it “Makes the able more able”!

  4. The proof is in the pudding. We’ve all met so many OTs and Clears with rehabilitating conditions. The ‘tech’ to handle everything doesn’t work. The tech of brainwashing unfortunately does.

  5. The regges think they should sell that car for $1800 and buy an older one, giving the difference to the IAS.

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