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Ten Things that Really Piss Off David Miscavige & Scientology

1. Publicly departing Scientology by announcing one’s departure to other Scientologists, the media, family, friends, etc. Hubbard wanted people to disappear without a trace or a whisper when they left Scientology. Scientology seeks to accomplish this by having people “route out” and sign various legal documents in which they, among other things, agree not to publicly disparage Scientology, its leaders, or to ever discuss any internal information of which they have personal knowledge. Departing Scientologists, particularly Sea Org members, are often asked to sign bonds in which they agree to pay amounts ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000 (or more) if they violate these gag agreements.

2. Asking for a repayment of unused monies on account. Money works like this in Scientology: Money goes in and never comes out. Scientology steals money when it refuses to give back monies on account for undelivered services. Scientology does so by calling money paid for future services “donations.” It then makes Scientologists sign a contract stating that the Church has no obligation to return donations. This is legal theft under the color of religion. Here is an example of letter written by Scientology in which it refuses to give back money based on a Catch-22: This person is a declared SP. As such, he is not allowed to set foot onto any Scientology buildings. However, the form required to request a return of monies must be completed on Scientology’s premises:

3. Scientologists who refuse to “handle or disconnect” from family and friends that are antagonistic to Scientology. Such people are deemed Potential Trouble Sources (PTS). Hubbard warned that Scientologists that are PTS can cause all sorts of trouble:The Snow White raids on Scientology in 1977 were the largest FBI raids in US history. Hubbard never explained who in Scientology went so PTS that the FBI raided Scientology. The chief suspect seems to be Jimmy Mulligan who was Mary Sue Hubbard’s assistant in the Guardian’s Office. He was eyeballs-deep in Snow White and yet was never indicted. Why didn’t Mary Sue Hubbard or anyone else in the GO spot Jimmy Mulligan as being PTS?

4. Sending negative reports about Scientology to the media. This is a chronic problem for the Scientology Cult because it is inherently criminal and creates situations that cause Scientologists to leave the Church and speak out. Scientology would exercise complete totalitarian censorship if it had the power to do so.

5. Sending negative reports about Scientology to law enforcement. Hubbard wanted all crimes committed by Scientologists to be covered up and handled internally. This is why the Church of Scientology is seeking to compel the victims of alleged serial rapist and Scientologist Danny Masterson into binding arbitration conducted by the Church. To compel arbitration, Scientology’s attorney’s have cited in court sections of the infamous Scientology contract entitled “Religious Services Enrollment Application, Agreement, and General Release which all Scientologists are required to sign:

6. Sending negative reports about Scientology to government agencies. This one really chaps  Scientology’s ass because governments share files and information on Scientology. Worse, any evidence of Scientology criminality will be acted upon by law enforcement. The most notable example of Scientology not allowing negative reports to go to government agencies occurred following the death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. To save himself and the Church from criminal charges, Scientology leader David Miscavige went so far as to order evidence destroyed following the death of McPherson.

Hubbard’s prohibitions against reporting anything the media, law enforcement, or the media are listed in his Policy Letter entitled HCO PL of 23 December 1965RB: SUPPRESSIVE ACTS
SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS. We post this document in PDF form at the bottom of this article. Here is an excerpt of Hubbard’s various prohibitions from this document:

7. Government raids on Scientology Orgs. This has happened over the decades in the US, Europe, and Russia. Government raids happen because, as we stated, Scientology is inherently criminal and therefore engages in various financial frauds and human rights abuses. This criminal behavior naturally attracts the attention of the authorities and results in raids.

8. Scientologists being turned over to the police for committing crimes. Scientology wants to keep all of the rapes, child molestations, and financial crimes in-house. We are seeing this in a current legal case in which the Church of Scientology is seeking to compel a young lady to go into Scientology arbitration in which she sued and claimed that she sexually abused as a child in the Church of Scientology. See our previous article: Scientology Goes There: Argues Child Molestation is a Religious Contract Issue Subject to Binding Arbitration.

9. Scientologists secretly reading materials critical of Scientology on the internet. Scientology is all about thought control and milieu control. Therefore, Scientology must harshly punish all Scientologists who confess to looking at “entheta” or “Black PR” on the internet. In Scientology’s notorious sec checks, Scientologists are routinely interrogated about what they are looking at online. In Scientology, looking at porn online is treated in the same as masturbation: The Scientologist has to pay for a confessional to cleanse their soul. However, looking at a website that is critical of Scientology is considered a treasonous activity. The sentence for such a crime is that a person make up the damage by donating a considerable sum of money, performing Scientology’s version of community service by handing out Scientology literature, and submitting to long and expensive sec checks.

10. The media creating and broadcasting programming that exposes the Church of Scientology. The amount of rage Scientology poured out against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and those who appeared on Scientology and the Aftermath is part of the unbroken pattern of Scientology Fair Game poured out upon all who expose Scientology sadism, greed, and malevolence. The hate websites; attempts at character assassination; stalking and harassment; and other forms of Scientology’s rapacious psycho-terrorism are well-known and well-documented. The Church of Scientology must be stripped of its status as an IRS tax-exempt religious organization so that it no longer can hide its depravity and insane violence behind religious protections. The Beast that is Scientology must and will be stopped.

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