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Scientology Goes There: Argues Child Molestation is a Religious Contract Issue Subject to Binding Arbitration

    The Willful Blindness of Scientologists Perpetuates Evil

The longstanding maxim “Scientology: It’s always worse than you think” remains brutally true as the Cult’s activities emerge in civil courts. Tony Ortega in his article of February 7, 2020:

On April 20, Scientology will attempt to convince a Miami judge that a woman who says she was sexually molested while working as a child in its churches has no right to sue in court, but should be required to take her complaints to an internal “religious arbitration” panel made up exclusively of Church of Scientology members.

Twice before, Scientology has successfully convinced courts that its former members are obligated to take their grievances to religious arbitration: first, in the case of fraud claims raised by a California couple, and more recently in the case of Leah Remini’s assistant, Valerie Haney, who says she was held against her will while working in the Sea Org, and then was subjected to stalking and slander for coming forward with her story.

But can Scientology also convince a court that a woman with child molestation claims is merely another religious contract dispute?

You read that correctly: The Church of Scientology wants to characterize child molestation as a religious contract dispute subject to binding arbitration.

When did Scientology become a pedophile defense organization? We ask that question because Scientology’s contract calls for a victim to face their victimizer inside a secret Scientology arbitration. In this case, the young lady who was sexually molested as a child is supposed to face the man who raped her. The victim will be inside a secret Scientology star chamber without an attorney or any other legal protections whatsoever.

It gets worse. In L. Ron Hubbard’s policy letter of December 23, 1965 entitled “Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists” the Scientology Founder laid out one of his many Catch 22’s. In the opening of this policy Hubbard declared:

Suppressive acts are defined as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists.

Such suppressive acts include:

Any felony (such as murder, arson, etc.) against person or property.

Sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well-being or good state of mind of a Scientologist in good standing or under the charge of Scientology, such as a student or a preclear.

Hubbard himself calls a felony a suppressive act. Child molestation is a major felony sex crime. However, Hubbard later in the policy letter declares the following to be a suppressive act:

Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard made it a high crime for any Scientologist to turn over any other Scientologist to the police. Therefore, the worst possible penalty a Scientology child molester could receive in a Scientology religious arbitration would be a Suppressive Person declare.

That’s it.

A Scientology rapist or child molester would walk away from a “religious arbitration” with an SP Declare. This mockery of justice is what the malicious Scientology cult is trying to palm off on the courts to cover up its internal sexual and financial crimes.

L. Ron Hubbard was contradictory and self-serving; so is his so-called church. In the concluding paragraphs of this policy letter Hubbard fatuously declares:

Nothing in this policy letter shall ever or under any circumstances justify any violation of the laws of the land or intentional legal wrongs. Any such offense shall subject the offender to penalties prescribed by law as well as to ethics and justice actions.

L. Ron Hubbard

Despite this claim, the Church of Scientology has never voluntarily turned over any criminal Scientologist to the authorities. That would be bad PR for the Church and no bad PR is allowed.

When he was 12 years of age, the late Alexander Jenztsch was sexually molested by a 40 year old female Sea Org member named Marie Warren. The facts were known by many senior Scientology executives at Flag Land Base where the molestation occurred. The crime was covered up. Marie Warren was not turned over to Clearwater Police despite the edict of L. Ron Hubbard. Warren remains free to this day. Read the statements of the witnesses.

There is no justice in Scientology; there is only the covering up of crimes and the attempt to force victims into Scientology’s self-serving binding arbitration — a process inherently designed to deny justice.

Scientology’s call for religious arbitration arises from clauses 6.d-f of its bad faith contract entitled “Religious Services Enrollment Application, Agreement, and General Release:

d. In accordance with the discipline, faith, internal organization, and ecclesiastical rule, custom, and law of the Scientology religion. and in accordance with the constitutional prohibitions which forbid governmental interference with religious services or dispute resolution procedures, should any dispute, claim or controversy arise between me and the Church, any other Scientology church, any other organization which espouses, presents, propagates or practices the Scientology religion, or any person employed by any such entity, which cannot be resolved informally by direct communication, I will pursue resolution of that dispute, claim or controversy solely and exclusively through Scientology’s internal Ethics, justice and binding religious arbitration procedures, which include application to senior ecclesiastical bodies, including, as necessary, final submission of the dispute to the International justice Chief of the Mother Church of the Scientology religion, Church of Scientology International (“ljC”) or his or her designee.

e. Any dispute, claim or controversy which still remains unresolved after review by the IJC shall be submitted to binding religious arbitration in accordance with the arbitration procedures of Church of Scientology International, which provide that:

I. I will submit a request for arbitration to the IJC and to the person or entity with whom I have the dispute, claim or controversy;

II. in my request for arbitration, I will designate one arbitrator to hear and resolve the matter;

Ill. within fifteen (t 5) days after receiving my request for arbitration, the person or entity with whom I have the dispute, claim or controversy will designate an arbitrator to hear and resolve the matter. If the person or entity with whom I have the dispute, claim or controversy does not designate an arbitrator within that fifteen (15) day period, then the IJC will designate the second arbitrator:

Iv. the two arbitrators so designated will select a third arbitrator within fifteen (15) days after the designation of the second arbitrator. If the arbitrators are unable to designate a third arbitrator within the fifteen (15) day period, then the IJC will choose the third arbitrator:

v. consistent with my intention that the arbitration be conducted in accordance with Scientology principles, and consistent with the ecclesiastical nature of the procedures and the dispute, claim or controversy to which those procedures relate, it is my specific intention that all such arbitrators be Scientologists in good standing with the Mother Church.

f. The Church and all other Scientology churches and organizations which espouse, present, propagate or practice the Scientology religion are each separate, distinct legal corporations, and each such entity is independently responsible for its own management and is independently responsible for its own corporate and ecclesiastical affairs.

Under Scientology’s bogus arbitration scheme, the Scientology rapist or child molester gets to pick an arbitrator. A rapist or child molester would obviously pick a family member or a friend who would support them. The victim would pick an arbitrator. The two arbitrators would pick the third arbitrator.

If the two arbitrators cannot agree on a third, Scientology’s “IJC” (International Justice Chief) makes the selection. However, the IJC is a Sea Org member who has signed a billion year contract. The IJC is in for life. As such, the IJC will pick an arbitrator who is not going to go against the Church by voting that another Scientologist is a rapist or a child molester.

In Scientology’s twisted thinking there are no victims. Anyone who has had anything happen to them is asked what they did to “pull it in.” Thus, the young lady who was molested as a child would be asked what she did to pull in being sexually molested.

The entire Scientology arbitration process is a sham.

The Scientology arbitration process begs the question of sanity: Who belongs to a group that protects pedophiles at the expense of the child victims?

2020: The Scientology Cult’s defensive perimeter has contracted down to asserting its bad faith contracts that call for arbitration and invoking its First Amendment protections as a religion.

Scientology’s only other concern is to keep David Miscavige out of court at all costs.

That’s what your donations pay for my Scientology friends. Nothing else matters and everything else is window dressing and magic shows.

Below: The Scientology contract at the root of all evil. Note: Hover your cursor over the document to invoke the page up/page down controls at the bottom of the page frame.

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  1. Wow. What a fund of arguments! Per scientologists logic, a stupid opinion, repeated as often it is possible has an hypnotic impact. True if you see how media works. But good arguments can destroy stupid bullshit.

  2. As Scientology continues to intimidate criminal prosecutors to do nothing, the cult can literally get away with murder, provided they force their victims to sign an arbitration waiver first.

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