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Annual New Year’s Day Podcast with Mike Rinder

Time again for Mike Rinder look back at Scientology 2019 and make predictions for 2020.
Topics covered:

1. The powerful and effective work of attorney Graham Berry in exposing and getting justice for the elderly victims of Scientology credit card and bank loan frauds. Graham stood out as a true hero in 2019.

2. Rizza Islam et. al. to stand trial in 2020 for ripping off $3.8 million in a California Medicare fraud based on running high school students through the Scientology-Narconon Purification Rundown. Jeffrey comments on his observations of the preliminary criminal trial at which the Islam family defendants used a bizarre sovereign citizen argument.

3. Mike Rinder explains why he sees an inevitable divorce between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology occurring very soon. Alfreddie Johnson, Tony Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan are discussed. We asked in a previous article why the NOI’s Tony Muhammad is so involved in recruiting people into the Church of Scientology in places like Ireland:

4. Mike and Jeff discuss Scientologists and crime: The Spina Brothers $80 million Medicare fraud for which the brothers will be sentenced in February 2020.

Jay Spina with David Miscavige:

In the Church of Scientology monied criminals are celebrated until they are arrested. Then they become nonpersons and are declared SP’s.

5. The $1.8 billion Ponzi scheme known as GPB Capital Holdings that is owned and operated by Scientologist David Gentile. GPB’s ties to Russian organized crime have been alleged in a recent lawsuit. We found ties between David Gentile and the Chernaya sisters, the daughters of the Russian-Israeli mobster Michael Cherney. This goes back to a 2012 partnership between Gentile and the Chernaya sisters in the online gaming company Seaniemac. The partnership was held by RDRD Holdings II, a Gentile-Cherneya owned entity.

David Gentile and company at Jeffry Schneider’s home in 2017:

2017: Photo from Jeffry Schneider’s blog. Names of key GPB officials (current and former) tagged by the Scientology Money Project.

6. Jeffrey asks why the Church of Scientology is defending alleged serial rapist Danny Masterson even as Sea Org member Taryn Teutsch cynically used the #MeToo movement and the rape survivors in Denim Day in an attempt to get her father Mike Rinder fired from Scientology and the Aftermath.

Taryn Teutsch confronted over her fraudulent and cynical attempt to use Denim Day rape survivors in order to attack Leah Remini’s show. This was reprehensible conduct on the part of Scientology and Taryn Teutsch.

7. Taryn Teutsch and Scientology’s utterly cynical attempt to use rape survivor groups and the #MeToo movement to attack Leah Remini’s show Scientology and the Aftermath is discussed. Taryn’s real goal was to get her father Mike Rinder fired from the show. Taryn Teutsch was called out at the last Denim Day event by several of the woman who are suing Danny Masterson for alleged sexual assault and the consequent cover-up by the Church. Taryn looked like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights when she was confronted:

8. Jeffrey mentions that Curacao, the home port of the Freewinds, is an island engaged in sex trafficking of women from Venezuela and other countries. Curacao is home to the largest open air brothel in the world, the notorious Campo Alegre. Scientology has never once protested sex trafficking or the other human rights abuses on Curacao despite the Church’s claimed commitment the UN Human Rights charter. See our article on this:

Scientology’s Freewinds: Home Port is Curacao,
an Island Engaged
in Sex Trafficking & Forced Human Labor

9. Mike offers an update on Scientology and the Aftermath.

20. Mike makes a prediction about what the Church of Scientology faces in 2020.

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  1. I just finished the podcast with Mike, it was great – I always learn so much from both of you.
    I wish you and Karen a wonderful new year, I love you both!

  2. I listened to the interview with Mike Rinder; very good info. Next time, however, please get a better mike for your guest, I could barely understand what Mike Rinder was saying as he seemed to be speaking into a speaker phone

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