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Scientology Crime Watch: The Spina Brothers $80 Million Medicare Fraud Case — All Defendants Plead Guilty

Scientology OT’s Jeffrey and Jay Spina have pleaded guilty along with their Scientologist co-defendants in an $80 million Medicare fraud case. They are looking at long prison sentences and the forfeiture of all their assets. So much for the two being “ethical” Scientologists.

From the Times-Herald Record Online:

The last two of five defendants recently pleaded guilty, a year after their federal indictment for what prosecutors have described as a “widespread,” six-year, $80 million health insurance-fraud scheme driven by “greed.”

The Spina brothers were chiropractors who ran a systematic criminal conspiracy to defraud US taxpayers of $80 million dollars. The other defendants who have plead guilty are Kimberly Spina, Andrea Grossman, and Dr. Charles Bagley who was charged separately.

This Scientologist-perpetrated crime spree has come to an end. The defendants have had their crime-related assets seized under US Forfeiture laws and all will be given lengthy prison sentences. This is outstanding work by the US Justice Department in safeguarding the American taxpayer from white collar criminals.

Now we will watch to see how much of the stolen money the Feds claw back from the Church of Scientology.

US Attorney Geoffrey Berman had charged the Spina brothers and the other defendants with three felonies:

1. Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud.

2. Health Care Fraud

3. Obstruction of a Federal Audit

The original indictment:

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