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Jane Doe Sues David Miscavige & The Church of Scientology

Scientology Sea Org Captain David Miscavige in his War Room

Jane Doe has sued the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige. The inhumane, corrupt, greedy, exploitative and soul-killing system of Scientology has been addressed within the initial filing by Jane Doe’s incredible legal team.

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  1. Jeff, I would be interested in hearing your view on the labor code violations named in the suit and how this relates to the contracts of employment that are signed by staff members when they are hired.

  2. Ruby, the Sea Org has absolutely no form of existence and therefore does not exist. So I first throw out the Sea Org as meaningless in court. The Church of Scientology Int’l has no members as it is a non-membership corporation. The separately legal Orgs (CSI sub-licensees) have no employees and classify staff as religious volunteers who work for free and have no expectation of financial recompense, pension, retirement, etc. IMO, the Cult’s opening gambit will be to argue for the ministerial exemption. However, I think this will be easy to defeat as minors cannot sign contracts; there was no informed consent given to Jane Doe as an adult; Jane Doe was trafficked, etc. There is fraud and even alleged criminal conduct which can easily be proven. In my opinion, Shelly Miscavige will be deposed by the plaintiff.

  3. Ah! Thank you, Jeff.
    Yes, I am also thinking that Shelly will have to be deposed.
    This will be an interesting time indeed!

  4. So I finally got around to reading it and I’m curious about the libel/slander — it’s Scientology, is anyone going to believe the smear sites outside of its own members? Isn’t it the case that since generally nobody outside of the cult bubble would believe this stuff that it’s just being assholes and not libeling her?

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