The Scientology Money Project

Have You Been Harmed by Scientology? Reach Out for Legal Help Now!

The Scientology Money Project has long awaited the day when a high-powered, expert, and aggressive legal team would take on the sinister, corrupt, and exploitative Church of Scientology.

That day has come and we fully support the efforts undertaken by this superb legal team to bring Scientology to justice in the civil courts.

Don’t be afraid of Scientology: Fight back! Reclaim your power.

Contact information for the legal team:


The next goal is to see US law enforcement bring criminal charges against the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige personally. RICO charges would be optimal.

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  1. Really getting exciting. I would suggest that they watch out for DM to flee the country instead of standing any kind of trial. Does a ship cruise come to mind and LRH.

  2. I too am loving this. Scientology news has been pretty boring lately. Valerie Haney is the perfect plaintiff since her experiences involved close interaction with Dave and Shelly. I’m not sure how either gets out of being called as a witness without forking over a ton of cash. Hopefully Valerie is the first of many new multi-millionaires to come.

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