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Podcast with Joy Villa’s Former Political Adviser Robbie Olson

GOP Political Consultant Robbie Olson and Jeffrey Augustine discuss Joy Villa’s exploratory run for the US Congress. Robbie describes the way in which Joy represented herself as a Christian and how the Church of Scientology meddled in things.

The big news is that Joy Villa apparently wanted to delay her Congressional run until 2020 when Scientology Media Productions would be broadcasting shows designed to “normalize” Scientology. Was Villa’s alleged Congressional run merely a placeholder designed to buy time and PR for her Church to launch Scientology Media Productions?

Vinnie James has a collection of tweets Joy Villa has erased in her attempts to conceal her Scientology background.

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  1. Jeff, that’s a great “get” for your YouTube channel. Great to hear more from Robbie Olson about the shambling train wreck that is Joy Villa.

    Yeah, waiting until 2020 will for sure mean that SMP is on the air and broadcasting tons of content. By then, they will have way more viewers than Fox News. So Joy’s a shoo-in to win wherever she decides to run in 2020 all because of David Miscavige’s brilliant media policy.

  2. Jeffrey, what an excellent interview. I’m just dictating this into my iPhone. The problem is you used a lot of Scientology terms and that guy Rob he did not know what you were talking about. But still the interview was so wonderful and to hear you interview someone who is not a Scientologist was just a very excellent interview really appreciate it and thank you for it

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